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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Incomparable Shock!

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Lin Ming moved!

The hands behind his back suddenly stretched out to the front.

“Fire Snake Spell!”

Accompanied by a furious roar, a scorching flame shot out from Lin Ming’s hands.


The powerful impact instantly sent Lin Ming flying several meters away..

This move was the only way Lin Ming could think of!

If he wanted to defeat a Tier 3 Warrior, he had to take a certain risk.

After all, he was only a Tier 1 Mage!

The magic power stored in his body was only enough for him to cast the powerful Fire Snake Spell once!

If he didn’t strike well, he would only lose!

The sudden appearance of the fireworks woke everyone up.

“He finally made his move!”

“My God, his life is hanging by a thread!”

“If he had been a second later, he would have turned into a corpse!”

“The only mage who can fight like this is probably the Flame King!”

The audience was extremely shocked!

The nervous scene just now made many people break out in cold sweat.

They once again realized how terrifying Lin Ming was!

On the field!

Joseph raised the sword in his hand and resisted the Fire Snake with all his might!

His eyes were filled with fear.

With his speed, he could easily dodge the magic attack from a far distance.

But at a close distance, there was no chance at all!

At this moment, he finally understood the strength of this mysterious mage!

It was not his magic, but this kind of powerful boldness that came from putting one’s life on the line..

“Not bad, interesting!”

Ernest’s lips moved slightly as she praised.

There was a hint of surprise in her eyes, and she heaved a sigh of relief innerly.

She had experienced thousands of battles, and she had faced all kinds of powerful mages!

She had even fought against a Tier 7 Mage!

Perhaps only Lin Ming could surprise her.

After all, most mages would only hide in a safe area to cast magic when they were fighting.

The two managers standing behind Ernest were also very surprised.

It was not just because of the battle on the field!

It was also because of the expression in Ernest’s eyes that had never appeared before.

In their impression, Ernest was an exceptionally cold woman. No matter what, she would not be moved in the slightest!

But now!

A mage had changed their minds!

On the field.

The Fire Snake was causing Joseph to tremble non-stop. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to escape.

After all, the current Fire Snake Spell that Lin Ming had casted, advanced to Tier 4!

Moreover, Lin Ming’s control of the Fire Snake would not consume any magic power at all.

Taking advantage of this gap.

Lin Ming had consumed a bottle of magic power recovery potion, and the magic power in his body had almost recovered.


He didn’t plan to attack again.

On the field, Joseph was already struggling with the Fire Snake.

He couldn’t move at all.

Looking at Joseph who was trapped by the Fire Snake on the field…

The audience exclaimed.

“Is the Fire Snake really so powerful? Even a Tier 3 Warrior can’t break it?”

“And Joseph seems to be exhausted!”

“Gulp… who is contestant number 101?”

“Could he be a Tier 3 Mage?”


Joseph roared in anger.

All the muscles in his body bulged.

Even the armor on his body creaked..


A deafening sound was heard.

The Fire Snake suddenly disappeared, and waves of heat spread out…

“Joseph shattered the fire snake!”

“He shattered the Fire Snake, and seems to be unharmed!”

“Look, his eyes have become more determined!”

“Joseph, continue!”

The gamblers who had placed bets on Joseph became very enthusiastic.

The gamblers who had placed bets on Lin Ming became dispirited.

“Ernest, my Lord, should we stop the match? Joseph won’t fall for that trick the second time. If he makes a move, contestant number 101 will definitely be in danger!”

The elder standing behind Ernest asked.

However, Ernest didn’t respond at all. She just stared at Lin Ming.

“Should we continue?”

Lin Ming stared at Joseph and asked calmly.

At this moment, Joseph’s body had consumed a lot of energy!

On the other hand, after Lin Ming had taken the magic power recovery potion, the energy in his body was already very abundant!

If he were to make a move…

Lin Ming was very confident that he could kill Joseph in one hit!


Ding, ding, ding…

The sword in Joseph’s hand fell to the ground.

Even the armor on his body was shattered into pieces, falling down one by one..

It collided with the marble on the ground, creating a clear sound.

“I admit defeat!”

Joseph said very frankly.

He no longer had the courage to continue fighting, because he knew that if he continued, the person who would die would be him.

And that Fire Snake!

It was even more terrifying than he had imagined!

His iron armor looked ordinary, but it was a genuine Tier 2 Treasure!

But under the attack of the Fire Snake, it turned into pieces!

As his words fell.

Joseph’s right hand covered his chest, and he walked toward Lin Ming with a sincere etiquette.

Then he walked out of the field.

He left everyone present in shock.

Even the cold and silent referee could not help but frown at Lin Ming, whom Joseph respected.

A Tier 1 Mage versus a Tier 3 Warrior!

As a Tier 2 Assassin, she was very clear about the gap between the two!

She thought that the mage would definitely lose!

But in the end, it was actually the Tier 1 Mage who won?

Shock, incomparable shock….

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