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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 120 - Lin Ming’s Background
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Chapter 120: Lin Ming’s Background

At this moment, in the middle-aged man’s residence.

Because of the investigation into Lin Ming, he did not sleep well the whole night.

The sky had just brightened when a servant entered his room and reported the details of Lin Ming to him.

“He’s just a first-year student of the Green Academy?”

The middle-aged man stood up and frowned.

He knew that things were far from being that simple.

A Tier 7 Mage and a Tier 7 monstrous mage who could instantly kill a Tier 9 Mage.

How could this be just an ordinary student of the Green Academy?

“Clan Leader, this person’s name is Lin Ming. Indeed, he just entered the Green Academy a few months ago.”

The servant of the investigation spoke with confidence.

As the number one family of the empire, they possessed an extremely mature intelligence system.

They didn’t dare to say that they didn’t make mistakes, but at most, it was just a few words of misinformation.

“Just entered Green Academy’s first year a few months ago? Isn’t Green Academy always ranked last in the academy ranking?”

One could always remember the first place and last place.

If it were any other academy, this middle-aged man really wouldn’t be able to remember.

But Green Academy was at the bottom every year, so he still had some impression.

“Wait, what did you say? Lin Ming just entered Green Academy a few months ago?”

This man suddenly reacted and directly stood up.


The investigator nodded. According to the information, Lin Ming had indeed just entered the Green Academy a few months ago.

“He’s just a new student. When he entered, what tier was he a mage?”

The middle-aged man frowned. A new student had the power of a Tier 7?

The principal of the Green Academy was probably just so-so.

“Tier 1 Mage.”

When the investigator spoke, he hesitated for a moment.

But no matter how he hesitated, the information should not be wrong.

“Tier 1 mage? Isn’t that bullsh*t? How could you leave in a few months’ time and become a Tier 7 mage from a Tier 1 mage?”

“And a Tier 7 mage with such monstrous power!”

The middle-aged man really wanted to slap the person who was investigating.

Was he trying to play a fool here?

Even a three-year-old child wouldn’t believe such a thing.

“Clan Leader, it’s absolutely true. We definitely don’t dare to hide anything.”

The person who was investigating was also very innocent.

“Then tell me, what kind of fortuitous encounter did this Lin Ming have?”

After the middle-aged man calmed down, he said.

“The information stops at the end of Lin Ming’s competition.”

The investigator gave the information to the middle-aged man.

“If you get first place, all the students of the academy will be eliminated!”

This was the last part of the information.

“What about the rest of the time? There are still two to three months until now. Why is this period of time blank?”

The middle-aged man asked.

Logically speaking, his family’s intelligence system could investigated everything clearly, even if it was the emperor.

Why did Lin Ming’s investigation information become blank two months ago?

“Clan Leader, during this period of time, we are unable to investigate Lin Ming’s location and actions.”

The investigator shook his head.

Wasn’t this obvious? After Gandulf accepted Lin Ming as a disciple, he directly brought him into the deep mountains.

And no matter who was investigating, it was impossible to find out anything about Gandulf.

And this matter of opportunity was the secret of a Sage Tier Mage.

Under such circumstances, it was simply not something that this clan could investigate.

“This kid is very difficult to deal with. Today, it’s best not to take the initiative to provoke him.”

The middle-aged man closed his eyes.

If even his clan could not investigate this matter clearly, then he must be carrying a huge secret.

And such a secret required him to consider it carefully.

“Clan Leader, should we tell the patriarch about this matter?”

At this moment, someone beside the middle-aged man asked.

“There’s no need. The patriarch doesn’t like to be disturbed. I’ll handle this matter.”

The middle-aged man waved his hand and said.

“Today, even if I don’t make a move, there will still be families that can’t be controlled. Now, one word, wait!”

The middle-aged man said.

If it was an ordinary person, as the patriarch of the empire’s number one family, he would naturally not put them in his eyes.

But this Lin Ming was definitely not an ordinary person. This made him feel uncertain!

“Eldest brother, second brother, if anyone dares to provoke, kill them immediately.”

Lin Ming instructed the eldest brother and second brother who were outside.

And on that day, the eldest brother and second brother had killed more than ten people!

Lin Ming knew that these were just appetisers.

Since the big fish did not take the bait, then he would not make a move.

Now, it was time to compete in patience. Lin Ming did not believe that such a big bait being here, the big fish could endure and not take the bait.

“Lin Ming, today…”

Ernest Lin looked at the sky that was about to turn dark and could not help but speak.

Lin Ming and her had not left this place for a whole day. This made the already anxious Ernest Lin unable to sit still.

“I originally thought that the big fish would take the bait today, but now it seems that this big fish probably knows something and isn’t in a hurry.”

Lin Ming smiled and said.

“The bait is here, the big fish will take the bait sooner or later. Even if this fish doesn’t take the bait, there will be other big fish taking the bait.”

Lin Ming continued to speak, indicating for Ernest Lin to calm down.

“If they don’t come, it will be more peaceful.”

Lin Ming said.

“But, this kind of thing will come sooner or later. It’s better to resolve it earlier… the heart won’t be in suspense forever.”

Ernest Lin lowered her head and spoke.

“At most three days, there will definitely be a fish that will take the bait.”

Lin Ming made a promise.


Ernest Lin nodded.

She trusted Lin Ming.

At this moment.

The middle-aged man was restless.

“For an entire day, there was no movement?”

The middle-aged man could not help but speak.

“Yes, Clan Leader.”

The person beside him nodded and spoke.

“The other clans didn’t send anyone over either?”

The middle-aged man asked.

“Yes, today, more than ten people entered Lin Ming’s location, but… after entering, there was no news at all.”

The person beside him replied.

Today, he was under orders to supervise Lin Ming’s location for an entire day.

“This kid is really ruthless. Doesn’t he know how to give face to anyone?”

The middle-aged man said after hearing the answer.

He wasn’t a simple person. He knew that anyone who entered would definitely be killed by Lin Ming.

“Is there any sound of fighting?”

The middle-aged man asked.

“No, there’s no movement at all.”

The person beside him shook his head.

“What’s the highest tier that entered?”

The middle-aged man asked again.

“Tier 8 Assassin.”

The person beside him replied.

After all, Ernest Lin was only a Tier 8 Assassin.

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