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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 122 - The Last Day
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Chapter 122: The Last Day

After all, that was a Tier 10 Mage!

There weren’t many in the entire empire.

Although there weren’t many Tier 9 Mages in the empire, there were a few in every family.

However, other than the heads of a few large families, no one else had reached Tier 10 Mage.

“No worries, it’s just a Tier 10 Mage.”

Lin Ming waved his hand, not taking it to heart.

Ernest Lin’s words were right.

If a Sage Tier Mage attacked, Lin Ming would also be hard to deal with.

However, Lin Ming’s confidence came from a Sage Tier Mage.

With Lin Ming’s current status, the more a Sage Tier Mage saw him, the more one respected him.

If one was a Tier 10 Mage, Lin Ming could deal with him!

Lin Ming wasn’t just a fire element mage!

Lin Ming was a dual-element mage!

In his body, he still had the dark element of the Demon King!

The dark element that was passed down from the Demon King, whether in terms of purity or foundation, was unspeakable.

Using the dark element to defeat a Tier 10 Mage, there was no pressure at all.

“And it’s not like no one attacked us. They are just being got rid.”

Lin Ming spoke again.

He could tell that Ernest Lin was really worried.

In the past few days, Ernest Lin had not fallen asleep at all.

Lin Ming understood her feelings, so he told Ernest Lin about the attacks that she had received in the past two days.

“We were being attacked?”

When the two of them attacked, it could be said that they were instantly killed.

Moreover, the dark element was already mysterious and unpredictable, so even Ernest Lin, who had been in the Fantasy Valley, did not hear any movement.

This was also what Lin Ming wanted. He originally wanted Ernest Lin to rest well, but he did not expect it to backfire.

Ernest Lin thought that they were planning something big.

“Eldest brother, second brother.”

Lin Ming spoke.


The two of them entered the room.

The two of them had been guarding around Lin Ming’s room.

No matter what happened, they would immediately act.

“All the assassins that came were all killed by the two of them. That’s why there wasn’t any movement.”

“So many families are eyeing your family covetously. They must be itching to make a move.”

Lin Ming spoke.

“These two…”

Ernest Lin looked at the two unattractive men.

In addition, their tier was much higher than Ernest Lin’s. If they hid, Ernest Lin wouldn’t be able to detect them at all.


Their auras exploded.

“Dark element mages!”

Ernest Lin could not help but cover her mouth.

One had to know that dark element mage was a symbol of evil in this world.

“Lin Ming, you… Did you join some organization?”

Ernest Lin looked at Lin Ming and asked.

“What organization?”

Lin Ming smiled. Ernest Lin was really too sensitive right now.

“A dark element mage is not a bad person. A mage from another element may not be a good person. The awakened magic element is not something that can be controlled by oneself.”

“There is nothing wrong with possessing powerful strength. However, if someone possesses such strength to kill people, and think that this is pwoer, it is also wrong.”

Lin Ming spoke.

If it was someone else, Lin Ming wouldn’t have bothered to explain so much.

However, Ernest Lin was different.

“I understand. Thank you for your protection day and night.”

Ernest Lin wasn’t a rigid person.

What she was worried about was that Lin Ming had joined some bad organization.

Although Lin Ming didn’t explain this problem, it made her feel relieved.

“Madam, you don’t have to be so polite. This is what we should do!”

The eldest brother and the second brother quickly said.

In their eyes, protecting their Master was their duty.

“What Madam, I…”

But that wasn’t what Ernest Lin thought of.

What she thought of was the word “Madam”, which made her blush again.

“You two have worked hard these past few days.”

Lin Ming also spoke.

Lin Ming naturally would not mistreat the two of them. He taught the two of them one of the Demon King’s dark magic.

After all, these two would definitely follow him for a long time.

If they became stronger, it would also be beneficial to Lin Ming.

However, the speed at which the two of them learned could not be compared to Lin Ming.

Even if they remembered these two spells, they would still have some difficulties.

As Lin Ming continued to repeat, they finally remembered this spell in their hearts.

“Thank you, Master!”

The two of them were so grateful that they did not know what to say.

After all, this was the dark magic of the Demon King.

It was just like how as a fire element mage, suddenly sensed the appearing Lin Ming’s fire magic!

The growth that this had brought to the two of them was immeasurable.

“I have obtained the Demon King’s inheritance, all sorts of dark cultivation, offensive and defensive spells, and many more. Don’t worry, I won’t mistreat the two of you.”

Lin Ming nodded.

Although the two of them didn’t have any complaints now.

As time passed, there would definitely be some contradictions.

Now that Lin Ming had done this, the two of them were completely devoted to him.

“Lin Ming, how many more secrets do you have?”

After the two of them left, Ernest Lin held Lin Ming’s face and muttered.

“There are many more secrets, but the secret hidden in the deepest part of my heart is to love you.”

Lin Ming picked up Ernest Lin and kissed her.


The third day passed in a hurry.

The fourth day was the last day that Lin Ming expected.

“Ernest Lin, are you done being a coward in your Fantasy Valley? Get out here!”

A loud voice sounded in the Fantasy Valley.


Lin Ming chuckled and walked out of the room.

Ernest Lin nervously followed behind Lin Ming.


After Lin Ming walked out of the room, the two of them quickly led the way.

“You two don’t have to do anything yet.”

Lin Ming ordered.

“Yes, we will wait for Master’s order!”

The two of them nodded.

“Who do you think you are, coming here to curse!”

Although Ernest Lin was nervous, she didn’t lose out.

“Tsk tsk, you found a wild man. Don’t you know your surname?”

“That’s right. Open your dog eyes and see what kind of existence you have provoked this time!”

Another voice quickly followed.

Ernest Lin came to her senses and looked around.

“Lin Ming!”

Ernest Lin grabbed the corner of Lin Ming’s clothes tightly. All the families in the capital that could be named had actually come here!

The momentum was so great that even the King of the empire was alarmed!

“Everyone, please come in! I’ll treat everyone to tea!”

Lin Ming made an inviting gesture.

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