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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 130 - Strange Lake
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Chapter 130: Strange Lake

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“It is indeed the Auspicious Desert, full of unknown and encounters.”

Lin Ming could not help but speak.

He had just experienced what the guard said when he first entered.

Of course, these two Suns had a great impact on the desert.

Especially the temperature of the desert.

When he first entered the desert, Lin Ming thought it was because of the desert itself. Now, he knew that there were actually two Suns in the sky.

The impact was not limited to this.

It caused the desert to evaporate very quickly, and the temperature difference between day and night would also be large.

Moreover, there was probably no water source in this desert.

This also caused the magical beasts here to undergo a mutation!

The magical beasts that were able to survive in this desert probably surpassed ordinary magical beasts.


As expected, after taking two steps, an incomparably huge Python appeared.

This was only at the very edge of the desert, so the level of this Python was not high.

Lin Ming did not even make a move and the Python was dealt by the Headman.

Here, they did not need to hide at all.

“I’d like to see what’s at the center of this desert.”

Lin Ming opened his mouth and led the two of them forward.

“Master, how about using the spiritual sail?”

At this moment, the Second-in-command opened his mouth and said.


Lin Ming nodded. In any case, there was not any value worth investigating at the edge of the desert, using the spiritual sail would save time.

Lin Ming took out the spiritual sail and activated it with magic.

However, the spiritual sail was actually on the ground and could not float at all.


Lin Ming frowned. The spiritual sail could not be used on this desert?

Could it be that the gravity was too strong?

However, Lin Ming felt that the gravity here was no different.

Lin Ming took out the highest-tier travelling-type spiritual weapon again. He thought that it should be enough this time.

However, this numinous treasure could not float too, let alone bringing Lin Ming to the center of the desert.

“This desert is a travelling-type spiritual weapon, so I cannot used them?”

Lin Ming finally understood some of the rules of this desert.

And for the highest-tier travelling-type spiritual weapon, Lin Ming felt a suppressive force.

The highest-tier travelling-type spiritual weapon was suppressed by some kind of force, causing it not able to float.

“It looks like we can only walk.”

Lin Ming said.

This made Lin Ming even more interested in this desert.

This was also why the people guarding the edges of the desert could always kill and steal.

In this place, traveling-type spiritual treasures could not be used. If one wanted to escape, the desert was so big that one could not even escape!

As he continued to advance, Lin Ming encountered more magical beasts.

Moreover, the level of the magical beasts became more terrifying.

In the end, there were even magical beasts of high tier that lived in groups.

Lin Ming could naturally take care of these magical beasts.

But the number of magical beasts was too many.

This made Lin Ming not make a move if he could.

After all, Lin Ming could use the Air Blast Spell to reach the sky.

However, the Headman and Second-in-command could not.

With Lin Ming’s current Air Blast Spell, it would be difficult to hold on for a long time if he were to bring the two of them along.

“Desert Wolf!”

The Headman frowned.

He had just encountered a magical beast whose tier was higher than the Desert Wolf, but the intelligence of those magical beasts was inferior to the Desert Wolf.

The Desert Wolves had extremely high agility, and they always lived in groups.

When the Desert Wolves fought together, their numbers were astonishing.

In addition, this desert had two suns, causing the magical beasts here to mutate. These Desert Wolves would probably be even stronger.

“This number is really terrifying.”

Lin Ming looked at the Desert Wolves surrounding him, could not help but speak.

These Desert Wolves even made this place feel as if it was covered.

“Master, do you want to take action?”

The Headman looked at Lin Ming and asked.

“It’s fine if we kill one, but killing all of them takes time and effort.”

Lin Ming spoke.

Lin Ming could casually kill these Desert Wolves.

But it was like letting one to pick up the money, and it was all around, one would be annoyed as one kept picking.

Lin Ming felt the same way when facing so many Desert Wolves.

“Master, leave this matter to the two of us.”

The Headman quickly said.

“No need.”

Lin Ming waved his hand. His current destination was a valuable place in the desert, not to fight with these Desert Wolves.

“Then we…”

Before the Headman and the Second-in-command could react, they felt their bodies rise into the air.

They were shocked. When they saw that it was Lin Ming who had brought them away, they were even more stunned.

They knew that only a Sage Tier Mage could fly without relying on anything!

Lin Ming did not explain to them. After leaving the Desert Wolves’ encirclement, he landed on the ground.

Bringing the two of them into the air consumed too much energy!

This was also the reason why Lin Ming chose to walk.

Of course, although the two of them looked like a burden now, they definitely had their own values.

Otherwise, Lin Ming would not have brought the two of them.

“In front, is it actually a lake?”

The Headman pointed ahead and asked in astonishment.

There were two suns in the air.

The high temperature here, coupled with the terrifying rate of evaporation, there was actually such a large lake here!

And around the lake, there were no magical beasts.

One had to know that no matter where it was, a place with a source of water was definitely the place with the most vitality.

But the place where this lake was located at, was exceptionally quiet.

It was so quiet that it gave people a feeling of not wanting to get close to it.

Of course, Lin Ming did not have such a feeling.

He was curious and led the two of them closer to the lake.

“This lake can actually be transparent to such an extent!”

Lin Ming looked at the huge lake. The water in the lake did not seem to have any impurities.

There were no creatures in the water!

Lin Ming could not help but reach out his palm to the lake.

However, Lin Ming held back at the last moment. He used magic to condense the sand in the desert and threw it into the lake, wanting to test it out.


Unexpectedly, a rock was directly thrown out!

At this time, Lin Ming also knew why the lake looked so clean.

Because nothing could enter this lake!

This made Lin Ming’s interest rise again.

“This isn’t a lake, and also not a water source.”

Lin Ming’s magic power burst out and directly attacked this strange lake.


Lin Ming’s magic was actually rebounded at this moment!

And this transparent lake actually did not have any traces of being hit by the Fire Magic!

“The two of you try.”

Lin Ming turned his head and said to the two of them.

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