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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 133 - The Power of Energy and Blood
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Chapter 133: The Power of Energy and Blood

“Energy and blood are divided into different tiers?”

This was the first time Lin Ming had heard of the energy and blood.

He had seen it a few times in the records.

However, it was only recorded that the energy and blood were vigorous.

He did not expect that the energy and blood could be cultivated.

Moreover, they were divided into different tiers.

“Yes, Master. Previously, some practitioners could crush their opponents into a bloody mist just by using their energy and blood!”

Bai Han nodded.

As long as one cultivated in one aspect, after reaching the pinnacle, it would be extremely terrifying.

Even a Sage Tier Mage would be crushed into a bloody mist by this power of energy and blood!

“However, Master’s body is already extremely powerful. With the addition of the dual element magic, until Master breaks through to become a Sage Tier Mage, you won’t need to cultivate the energy and blood,” Bai Han spoke.

“After absorbing the power of energy and blood, Master’s physical body will undergo a huge change.”

“Master, your physical body will absorb faster! Your physical body will also become bigger!”

“When you cultivate the energy and blood to the end, you can support the heavens and earth.”

Bai Han recalled the practitioners who had cultivated their energy and blood to the extreme. They could be said to be able to support the heavens and earth.

“It’s actually so terrifying?”

After hearing Bai Han’s introduction, Lin Ming became interested in energy and blood cultivation.

Lin Ming followed the cultivation method that Bai Han had described and closed his eyes.

Lin Ming and the energy and blood in the Sea of Blood started to communicate.

Soon, the energy and blood from the Sea of Blood slowly entered Lin Ming’s body.

Lin Ming only felt a warm current enter his body and his spirit was also becoming more abundant.

During the day, no magical beast dared to approach this lake.

After all, a slight carelessness would directly become nutrients.

As Lin Ming absorbed, time also flew by quickly.

And the speed of Lin Ming’s absorption also became faster and faster!

As time passed, the sky immediately turned dark.

Suddenly, the Sea of Blood turned into a lake.

Lin Ming opened his eyes and stopped absorbing.

“Bai Han.”

Lin Ming opened his mouth.

“Why did this Sea of Blood turn into a real lake at night?”

Lin Ming asked.

“Master, after the power of energy and blood was condensed, it would be like this.”

“And the Wheels of Wrath turned the Sea of Blood into a lake and let many magical beasts come over to replenish their life force. It’s just controlling them and sending them to their deaths in this lake regularly!”

“Then, it will devour their flesh and blood! It will make the Sea of Blood even stronger,” Bai Han spoke.

He was well aware of the Wheels of Wrath’s methods.

“It’s actually so cruel.”

Lin Ming couldn’t help but be speechless.

These magical beasts would be controlled after drinking the lake water!

“Master, no matter what state this Sea of Blood is in, you just need to relax and absorb it. It’s just that the state has changed,” Bai Han said.

“I got it.”

Lin Ming continued to close his eyes and began to absorb.

With such a huge Sea of Blood, Lin Ming’s absorption speed would probably take a long time.

However, Bai Han had said before that the power of energy and blood was also divided into different tiers. In the end, the absorption speed was extremely fast.

“Ding! The system has detected that Host is absorbing the power of energy and blood! Do you wish to enter the Crazy Devouring Mode?”

At this moment, the system’s voice suddenly appeared.


Lin Ming nodded without any hesitation.

This kind of absorption speed would increase even if his energy and blood tier broke through.

However, Lin Ming could not tolerate this kind of absorption speed.

“Ding! The system has activated the Crazy Devouring Mode, and has removed the negative effects of the energy and blood for Host, activating the Heart Cleansing Effect!”

As Lin Ming activated the Crazy Devouring Mode, a lotus-like pattern instantly appeared around Lin Ming.

The system also automatically activated the Heart Cleansing Mode, so that Lin Ming would not enter a state of energy deviation while crazily absorbing the power of energy and blood.

Why was there no one cultivating the power of energy and blood at this moment?

It was because it was too easy to enter a state of energy deviation if one cultivated the power of energy and blood!

Moreover, faced with such a huge amount of the power of energy and blood, the probability of entering a state of energy deviation was very high!

However, with the Heart Cleansing Mode activated, Lin Ming did not have to worry about entering a state of energy deviation at all!


The Lotus suddenly crazily absorbed the power of energy and blood in the Sea of Blood.

The absorbed power of energy and blood was poured on Lin Ming’s body and absorbed by Lin Ming.

When Lin Ming absorbed it himself just now, the power of energy and blood that was absorbed into his body was like a warm current.

But at this moment, with the Crazy Devouring Mode activated, Lin Ming entered the lava normally.

And not only was he surrounded by the scorching heat, but there were also all kinds of pain and so on. All of them appeared.

Lin Ming even felt as if his capillaries had exploded!

The Lotus gave off a green glow as it landed on Lin Ming’s body.

This gave Lin Ming a cool feeling and prevented Lin Ming’s blood vessels from bursting!

So much power of energy and blood was crazily poured into Lin Ming’s body.

An ordinary person’s body would have probably exploded.

At this moment, Bai Han, who was beside Lin Ming, was also stunned.

He didn’t expect that Lin Ming could actually absorb it at such a speed!

One had to know that Lin Ming had never cultivated the power of energy and blood before.

Just from the beginning, he already had such a speed. Then what would happen next?

“Master is indeed a person who can break through the seal of this world.”

Bai Han looked at Lin Ming and couldn’t help but say.

Lin Ming’s various talents filled him with anticipation.


Lin Ming suddenly roared. He could feel his body about to explode!

His bones also started to squeak at this moment.

Suddenly, Lin Ming stood up.


Under the incredulous gazes of the Headman and Second-in-command, Lin Ming’s body suddenly grew several times larger!

Lin Ming’s physical body had already exceeded four meters!

Lin Ming exhaled and felt the changes in his body.

As his body expanded explosively, Lin Ming felt his body become lighter.

At this moment, the Lotus pattern around Lin Ming’s body also became even larger.

At this moment, Lin Ming understood what Bai Han meant when he said that when he cultivated to the extreme, he could support the heavens and earth.

The Headman and Second-in-command felt the pressure coming from Lin Ming’s body.

This was the pressure of energy and blood!

As Lin Ming’s body expanded, the speed of absorption became even more terrifying!

However, this speed of absorption was still not enough for such a huge Sea of Blood.

Of course, if this Sea of Blood could be absorbed so quickly, Bai Han would not raise this suggestion.

He wanted Lin Ming to use this Sea of Blood to raise his energy and blood by several tiers!

As he crazily absorbed the power of energy and blood, Lin Ming’s body expanded once again before the night arrived!

At this moment, Lin Ming’s body had already reached a terrifying ten meters!

The Lotus around Lin Ming’s body became even larger!

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