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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 138 - Trading Organization
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Chapter 138: Trading Organization

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“Tsk tsk, looks like they’re here to make a deal again.”

Lin Ming had a mocking expression on his face. He was born to hate such people the most.

“Brother, it’s not that I want to say this, but the people you brought are all older. Even though there seem to be quite a number of them, they’re not worth much.”

A trader walked forward. He was the one who had taken them away. Furthermore, he had already forgotten the appearance of the person who had made the deal.

He even ran to Lin Ming and talked to him.

This proved that in the hands of this trader, many innocent people had been traded to the Giant’s Kingdom!

Lin Ming looked at the trader coldly and pulled the Old Man out.

“Don’t you have any impression of him?”

Lin Ming said coldly.

“I don’t have any impression of him. Maybe he was lucky enough to escape from me. But in our industry, there is a rule that whoever has them will own them.”

“In our industry, we won’t fight over him. After all, there are plenty of humans.”

The trader laughed.

It seemed that he really thought Lin Ming was a trader.

After all, those who appeared here with so many humans were usually traders.

Therefore, he didn’t think too much about it.

“Tsk tsk, there are plenty of humans. Among the humans, there is plenty of scum like you, right?”

Lin Ming was so angry that he laughed and extended his arm.

“I’m not scum like you!”

“What are you doing!”

Seeing Lin Ming suddenly make a move, the trader panicked.

Could it be that he was going to kill people and steal their goods?

He was originally a person who bullied ordinary people. He did not have magic or ability.

At this moment, facing Lin Ming, he was simply not a match.

Lin Ming made a move and broke his neck.

“How dare you!”

The remaining three people rushed forward.

“Headman, leave one alive,” Lin Ming turned around and said.

“Yes, Master!”

The Headman moved forward. In the blink of an eye, only one person was left alive.

And at this moment, the only one who was still alive was terrified.

He didn’t expect to encounter such a situation at the entrance of Giant City!

“Do you want to live or die?”

Lin Ming looked at the trader coldly and said.

“No matter what, I should die.”

The trader also understood his situation.

“It’s different. There’s a big difference between a quick death and an unpleasant death.”

Lin Ming smiled.

The person who made the trade was very smart.

Lin Ming would never let these scum go!

As a human, he actually made a trade with an ordinary human. In Lin Ming’s eyes, this kind of action was even more hateful than a Giant!

“In any case, I’m going to die anyway. It doesn’t matter.”

At this moment, this person who made the trade looked down on it.

“Alright, I’ll let you live.”

Lin Ming had always loathed this kind of person, so he couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath on this kind of person.


A dark aura erupted from Lin Ming’s body.

Lin Ming made a move and actually directly extracted the soul of the person in charge of the transaction.

At this moment, the person in charge of the transaction finally understood the difference between a quick death and a painful death that Lin Ming had mentioned.


The soul that was extracted by Lin Ming screamed loudly.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk!”

The trader shouted.

“It’s too late.”

Lin Ming snorted.

Did he want to talk at this moment? Lin Ming didn’t want to hear it.

Lin Ming gently clenched his hand, and the trader’s soul directly exploded.

The information that Lin Ming wanted to ask for was instantly extracted by Lin Ming.

“I didn’t expect that they actually formed an industry alliance! And even their own organization appeared. It’s really disgusting!”

After Lin Ming extracted this information, he was so angry that his entire body trembled.

Shameless people, they actually reached such a number?

“These people are actually only working for the organization.”

Lin Ming snorted coldly.

“Now, I’ll destroy the organization first!”

Lin Ming moved forward.

To catch a thief, first catch the leader!

Lin Ming wanted to destroy the entire organization and kill the person in charge of the organization.

This was the only way to effectively intimidate these shameless people.

If Lin Ming killed these people one by one, the effect might not be ideal.

“Second-in-command, settle them down first and protect them well,” Lin Ming turned around and said to the Second-in-command.

“Yes, Master!”

Second-in-command nodded.

After Lin Ming finished his instructions, he led the Headman and quickly walked towards the location of the organization.

At this moment, Lin Ming had obtained the memories of the people who traded, Lin Ming had a clear understanding of the location and other information.

“Thank you, benefactor!”

All the humans who were saved in the back knelt one after another.

Lin Ming did not turn around.

These people should have lived happily at home.

However, it was because of these shameless people that they actually became trading items!

“Master, there should be high-tier mage or other professions in this organization,” the Headman opened his mouth and said.

“Moreover, there are definitely many of them,” the Headman continued to speak.

Lin Ming naturally understood what he meant. The Headman wanted him not to be so impulsive. It was better to plan.

“It doesn’t matter. Kill as many as they come. It’s best to kill all these shameless people,” Lin Ming said coldly.

Lin Ming had enough confidence to welcome these shameless people.


The Headman hurriedly nodded.

As the two of them moved forward, they found a desolate place that was similar to a guild.

And the people inside came and went in an endless stream.

This proved the number of shameless people.

“Who are you? Take out your token!”

Lin Ming had just approached, but because his figure was unfamiliar, he was quickly stopped by someone.

“The person who took your life.”

Lin Ming sneered and directly broke the necks of the two people.

Lin Ming was extremely fast and directly entered the door.

“I found a good place. There are many humans that the Giants like!”

Lin Ming said loudly.

At this time, Lin Ming was still holding two corpses in his hands!

These were the two people who had stopped Lin Ming just now!

With Lin Ming’s appearance, the entire organization became chaotic!

“Who is it!”

A figure appeared.

“If you want to die, you shouldn’t have picked a good place! You ran over here!”


Lin Ming smiled.

“Darkness is coming!”

Lin Ming’s dark magic surrounded the entire organization.

And Lin Ming’s power.

Everyone present was instantly shrouded in darkness and felt a sense of fear.

“Headman, seal all their magic so that they cannot use their own power.”

Lin Ming ordered.

“Yes, Master!”

The Headman hurriedly nodded.

In this organization, the strongest was only a level-8 mage, so Lin Ming’s attack was like killing a chicken.

In a short while, everyone’s power was sealed, whether it was a mage, a berserker, or a secret swordsman!

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