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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: These Actions?

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“Such bad luck?”

Lin Ming muttered faintly.

He did not expect to encounter such a situation when he entered the auction house for the first time.

However, compared to the other mages whose faces were full of anger…

Lin Ming appeared more indifferent.

He took a glance at the other auction products.

There were no items that he cared about, so he simply left the auction house.

In the VIP loft of the auction house.

The person in charge of the auction house, Johannes, looked at the gorgeous woman beside him in confusion.

He reminded her, “You are a Tier 6 Assassin. You spent ten times the amount of money to buy the magic enhancement potion. Now you don’t have the chance to regret.”

The gorgeous woman didn’t explain much.

She threw a Magic Crystal Card, picked up the magic enhancement potion, and walked out of the auction house.

Lin Ming left the auction.

He didn’t return to the hostel where he stayed.

He had been wandering in the black market.

After seeing the different high prices of the spiritual herbs sold in the auction, he became even more determined to become an alchemist!


He just wanted to find a book about alchemy in the black market.

But things always backfired.

This kind of book was very rare, and he couldn’t find it even in the black market.

“Sigh, looks like today’s luck is indeed not good!”

Lin Ming sighed softly.

His eyes could not help but look not far away.

He saw…

A graceful, beautiful and moving woman with a cold temperament appeared.

Such a woman, even Lin Ming could not help but take a few more glances at her.

The next moment!

Lin Ming was a little dumbfounded!

Logically speaking, when such a beauty appeared, all the men nearby should be staring straight at her!

Even if one wanted to strike up a conversation with her, it wouldn’t be too much to ask for her contact details.

However, everywhere she passed…

The men around her seemed to wither.

They subconsciously lowered their heads.

Could it be that the men in this world weren’t confident?

“That’s not right!”

Lin Ming quickly noticed the atmosphere around. It wasn’t that they weren’t confident, but that they was afraid!

Following that, the beautiful woman slowly walked over.

He also felt a powerful pressure!

He also saw the badge on her body: Six-star Assassin!

“As expected, the more attractive one is, the more dangerous one is!”

Lin Ming no longer stared at the beautiful woman. He turned around and prepared to continue searching for the books on alchemy.

But in the next second.

A cold and melodious voice sounded.


Lin Ming stopped walking.

He turned around, pointed at the tip of his nose and asked, “Are you calling for me?”

Seeing this scene.

The surrounding men could not help but break out in a cold sweat for Lin Ming!

That woman was Ernest Lin!

Who in the entire black market did not know this name?

The man who had stared at her like that last time, the grass on the grave was at least 30 centimetres long.

Moreover, that man was a Tier 4 Warrior.

“It’s over, it’s over. Although that young man is quite handsome, I reckon the end result will be death!”

“Nonsense, even if I had eight guts, I wouldn’t dare to stare at Ernest like he did!”

“It’s probably his first time coming to the black market. It’s his bad luck to meet a female devil!”

Many people discussed in low voices.

In their opinion, Lin Ming’s casual glance was just staring straight at her!

But in the next second.

Everyone was stunned.

It wasn’t like what they thought, which was death!

A smile appeared on Ernest’s cold face…

That smile made her even more attractive.

Ernest nodded at Lin Ming and asked, “Do you have time? Can we talk in private?”

Her nice attitude towards Lin Ming…

There were two reasons.

First, Ernest knew that the man in front of her was contestant number 101 of the fighting arena. The magic talent he displayed was very terrifying, and his future was bound to be bright.

She wanted to pull this talent into her team.

Secondly, Ernest also did not expect that the man in front of her would be so handsome!

Even though she never looked straight at men.

An inexplicable feeling rose in her heart.

Ernest’s words caused the people nearby to involuntarily tremble.

Talk in private?

Could it be that the female devil now paid attention to the situation when killing people?

“No, no, no!”

“I’ve never seen Ernest smile before. Could it be that her heart, which had been cold for several years, has been aroused?”


“Just you wait and see. In a moment, that man will become a dead corpse!”


The people nearby secretly watched this scene.

As they discussed in low voices, they were all sweating for Lin Ming.

There were even people who kept signalling Lin Ming with their eyes.

Telling him to run!


Of course.

Lin Ming also noticed the strange scene around him, but he was even more dumbfounded.

He had never even heard of Ernest Lin, let alone knew about her deeds.

Lin Ming looked at the beautiful woman in front of him.

He thought that he still had a fighting competition to participate in tomorrow.

He shook his head and refused, “I’m sorry, I don’t have the time!”

He wasn’t someone who would be walked over whenever he saw a beautiful woman.

Upon hearing Lin Ming’s words.

The surrounding men were dumbfounded!

It was unbelievable!

Rejecting Ernest Lin on the street, in their opinion, Lin Ming’s actions were definitely the actions of causing his own death on the street.

There were even quite a number of people who shook their heads and shut their eyes tightly.

It was as if they couldn’t bear to see his head fell to the ground!

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