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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 142 - The Battle
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Chapter 142: The Battle

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Cruelty filled the battlefield. Apart from those who were fleeing, passionate warriors were guarding their worlds with their lives. Those who had managed to survive were the strongest of them all, and Lin Ming was to become one of the guardians—he would kill whichever intruder who was trying to trespass.

“A Tier 7 Mage?” Lin Ming’s appearance attracted a lot of attention. Yes, there were other Tier 7 here, but most of them were rookies. Yet, Lin Ming had a unique identity—he was the disciple of the Sage Tier Mage, Gandulf, and all eyes were on him.

A voice appeared. “We’ve just wiped out the last wave of monsters. We now have a break time before the next one comes.”

Lin Ming turned to the source—it was a Tier 10 Berserker, rare in existence outside. But in here, they were all over the place.

“You can still leave in this gap. Though you won’t become a burden, your life is in danger!” Though the berserker looked rough, he was non-judgmental as someone who had long participated in the war.

“Thank you for the warning. Since I am here, I won’t leave. Sure, my level is low, but it is my pleasure serving the humans.” Lin Ming smiled and shrugged. A battle like this was what he had long awaited—especially when everyone inside was disregarding their lives. It was the only way Lin Ming could grow fast.

“All right, I respect you. However, I won’t have time to look out for you in the next battle. You should be careful.” He sighed—it seemed to him that Lin Ming might not survive the next wave, after all.


Following the noise, everyone tensed up. It was the signal for the next battle. This time around, a gigantic magical beast appeared among the Underworld creatures—it was a Tier 9 Demonic Beast, a troublesome opponent even for the berserker as Underworld beasts were much more resilient.

“Thunderstorm!” A Tier 10 Mage cast a spell and initiated the battle. The melee warriors on the frontline swiftly blocked the beast, buying time for the mages behind them. Extremely well-coordinated, one could tell they served long in the war.

Meanwhile, Lin Ming engaged in battle. When he locked his eyes at an Underworld minion charging towards him, he cast Fire Magic. “Dazzling Dragon Spell!”

Lin Ming’s opponent was a Tier 8 Mage. He had thought Lin Ming was a rookie, and he looked down on him—no Tier 8 from the human’s side was worthy of a match, not to mention a Tier 7 Mage. Yet, he would soon suffer from his contempt.

The Dazzling Dragon Spell almost burned his head. He reached and touched his bald spot, instantly flying into a rage.

Lin Ming let out a sneer, releasing the Fiery Phoenix Spell. “Explode!” He had no regard for whether his opponents could suppress him—anyone before him was the same. He could bypass their levels, slaying them in the process with ease as his magic was at top-tier. Even with his powers compressed, a Tier 10 Mage would’ve felt his superiority.

“Indeed, he is stronger.” Lin Ming’s opponent had blocked his spell with Dark Magic. He continued to summon a few more Fiery Phoenix Spell and detonated them. “Fiery Phoenix Spell! Go!”

The fire was effective against the dark element. Plus, Lin Ming’s magic power was original, strong, and pure. With the massive explosion, it blasted off half of his opponent’s torso.

A Tier 8 Mage next to Lin Ming gasped as he saw Lin Ming’s astounding performance. Another mage from the Underworld of the same level had almost killed him, and he couldn’t believe his eyes when Lin Ming killed a Tier 8 opponent in a few blows.

Seeing the comrade next to him was suffering, Lin Ming aided in his battle. The opponent saw everything, and of course, he had wanted to bail.

“Not so fast.” Lin Ming grunted and activated his Dark Magic. He chanted, “Nightfall!”

The spell instantly enshrouded the escaping mage—he had no way of dodging Lin Ming’s Tier 9 Dark Magic. When the black veil wore off, it had burned into the mage’s flesh and even part of his bones.

“You’re a Dark Mage too?” Lin Ming’s comrade had his jaw dropped. He knew what he saw—Lin Ming casting Fire Magic and Dark Magic next. With his broadened knowledge on the battlefield, the realization hit him—Lin Ming was one of the legendary Dual-element Mages.

“Watch out!”

Before Lin Ming could answer, a pitch-black monster had pounced on him from behind. Without budging, he sneered. “Bloodseeker!” The body of the Tier 8 Magical Beast ambushing him dried out in an instant.

“You’re… You’re a monster! Who are you?”

“Less talk, more fighting. Save the conversation till our battle ends.” Lin Ming turned away from him—this wasn’t a place for chit-chatting.

In Gandulf’s room—

“What in the world are you thinking, Gandulf?” an angry voice exclaimed.

“He is right. We know Lin Ming’s identity, and you know it too. Why did you let him participate in the battle?” another voice echoed.

“Should anything happen to him, all our hopes would be gone!”

The three Sage Tier Mages argued nonstop, fiercely.

“The kid wanted in. What could I have done?” Gandulf shrugged.

“What?” To them, Gandulf seemed like a rogue unwilling to take responsibility for his actions.. They remained in exasperation, unable to calm down.

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