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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 149 - Gave Up on the Marshal
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Chapter 149: Gave Up on the Marshal

Even this battlefield was smashed several meters away!

As for the cracks, even Sage Realm experts were unable to create them!

Such power was something that only existed in this world.

At the very least, no one in this world could achieve such power.

Not even Sage Realm experts!

“Lin Ming, is there anything that we can help you with?”

A Sage Realm expert asked Lin Ming.

He used the word “help”.

They wouldn’t use this word even against a sage!

They stood at the top of this world. No one was worthy of this word!

However, Lin Ming was worthy! And they were willing to do it.

“No, thank you, Seniors.”

Lin Ming shook his head, indicating that there was nothing for them to do at this moment.

“Where’s the spiritual treasure? Do you still need it?”

Another Sage Realm expert also asked.

However, his question made all the other mages, except Gandulf, curse in their hearts.

After all, they had just taken out two top-tier spiritual treasures and given them to Lin Ming. That was almost all of their assets!

And at this moment, this Sage Realm expert had actually asked this question again!

If Lin Ming had said that he needed them, they would have thrown everything they had at Lin Ming.

So at this moment, they couldn’t help but curse in their hearts.

“No need.”

Lin Ming shook his head.

Each of them had given him two high-tier spiritual treasures. If they took out another one at this moment, it would really cost a lot of money.

Moreover, Lin Ming had the Stupa, the head of the divine artifacts, and the Wheels of Wrath, which had the strongest attack power.

At this moment, no matter how high-tier the spiritual treasures were, they wouldn’t be of much use to him.

After all, no matter how strong the spiritual artifacts were, there was still a huge gap between them and the divine artifacts!

As Lin Ming said this, the Sage Realm experts heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Lin Ming wasn’t greedy!

“The underworld will probably behave themselves for a long time,” Gandulf said.

The underworld had suffered a great loss!

“Lin Ming, you’ve made a great contribution!”

Gandulf looked at Lin Ming and said.

Everyone nodded. Although he was Gandulf’s disciple, they definitely agreed with what Gandulf said.

“It’s my duty to guard this world,” Lin Ming waved his hand and said.

Lin Ming had gained a lot from this battle!

If it were anywhere else, Lin Ming wouldn’t have been able to absorb so much power of energy and blood!

“We have agreed to make you the Marshal. What do you think?”

Gandulf said.


Lin Ming frowned. He didn’t know anything about the positions here.

“That’s right. Only Sage Realm experts are qualified to be the Marshal. However, since you’ve made such contributions, we’ll make an exception and promote you to the Marshal position!”

Gandulf nodded and roughly explained the position of the Marshal.

“Forget it. There’s no use for me to take this position.”

Lin Ming shook his head. He had actually given up on this position.

One had to know that back then, many underground creatures had attacked the world in order to kill Lin Ming and obtain that position.

In their eyes, even the position of Marshal was satisfactory!

Although these were two different worlds, and they were still hostile worlds.

However, the treatment of the positions of the Marshals on both sides was the same!

“Do you know how great the benefits of the position of Marshal are?”

Gandulf quickly opened his mouth, wanting Lin Ming to take the position.

“You have the same rights as us!”

Gandulf continued to speak.

His reminder was very obvious. He could change from a chess piece to a chess player!

“Master, it’s useless for me to ask for these rights.”

Lin Ming rejected him again.

“As you wish.”

Gandulf looked at Lin Ming who continued to insist and sighed.

He understood Lin Ming’s personality. Since Lin Ming rejected him, there wouldn’t be any changes.

The reason why Lin Ming rejected this position was that he had his own thoughts.

First of all, it was true that this position had no effect on him.

Lin Ming didn’t need any treatment or anything like that.

After all, with his current status, even a Sage Realm expert would be dominated by him.

As for turning from a chess piece into a chess player, Lin Ming didn’t need it either.

The benefits gained from participating in a battle were more than the benefits gained from being a chess player!

Just this battle alone had increased Lin Ming’s power of energy and blood by several times!

One had to know that the Wheels of Wrath that Lin Ming had absorbed from the beginning had accumulated less than one-fifth of the amount of time he had spent in this battle!

“Master, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first and continue to recuperate,” Lin Ming said to Gandulf.


Gandulf nodded.

“Seniors, junior will take his leave first,” Lin Ming said to the remaining Sage Realm experts.

“You’re too kind, Little Friend!”

Although Lin Ming called them seniors, they didn’t care about this title.

They still called Lin Ming little friend!

After Lin Ming left, he directly entered his room.

Although Lin Ming didn’t accept the position of Marshal, because of his performance, some of the treatment was different.

Of course, the other guards of this place were also heroes. Their treatment was also very good.

Lin Ming sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes.

As he closed his eyes, Lin Ming felt the power of energy and blood in his body explode! It attacked Lin Ming’s body.


Lin Ming opened his mouth.


The Bloodseeker appeared beside Lin Ming.

“Do you have a method to cultivate the power of energy and blood?”

Lin Ming opened his mouth and asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know if Master is suitable to cultivate this method!”

Bloodseeker nodded and answered.

“Master, be careful of this kid, he has other thoughts!”

At this moment, Gandulf’s figure appeared.

Bloodseeker had devoured master many times and his reputation was extremely bad.

Therefore, Gandulf couldn’t help but remind Lin Ming once again.

“Gandulf, do you think I’m like you?! It’s all empty and petty!”

After Bloodseeker heard Gandulf’s words, he said coldly.

“It’s fine. If he has any petty intentions, I will directly purify him and turn him into the most primitive state!”

Lin Ming spoke.

“Master, don’t worry. I definitely won’t be like Gandulf.”

Bloodseeker hurriedly explained.

He could feel the Green Lotus around him tightening. He didn’t dare to have any petty thoughts.

After all, he could clearly feel the threat brought by the Green Lotus!

The Green Lotus could really purify him into the most primitive state!

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