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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: Dual-element Mage?

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A few days later.

Almost everyone in the Magic Academy had heard about the news, which the second grade genius Melodeon had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Lin Ming!

During this period, Melodeon paid Lin Ming 10,000 gold coins and directly suspended his studies.

His body condition, without two to three years of rest, he could not cultivate at all!

Regarding this.

Melodeon’s family was furious. They even brought several high-tier mages to look for Lin Ming to take revenge.

The school only told Lin Ming not to go out to protect his safety.


In her anger, Winnie told her grandfather the news. She said that someone from the school bullied her, and Lin Ming injured the person on the opposite side to protect her.

The old man directly taught Melodeon’s family a lesson.

Afterwards, they even gave Lin Ming 20,000 gold coins to express their gratitude!

In the library.

After settling the recent trivial matters, Lin Ming calmed alot.

He began to seriously study the art of alchemy.

The alchemy manual given by Ernest was very unique.

It recorded the art of alchemy on all kinds of spiritual herbs and elixirs, ranging from the minor injuries to the major injuries to the marrow cleansing pill.

It was very comprehensive!

However, the requirements for alchemy were very high.

Not only did it need to be supported by powerful magic power, it also needed all kinds of mystical medicinal ingredients.

Lin Ming’s brows slightly twitched. He was prepared to choose a spiritual herb that was suitable for him to practice first…

Looking at Lin Ming, who was a little hesitant.

Winnie, who was sitting at the side, couldn’t help but say, “Lin Ming, you want to become an alchemist?”

Lin Ming nodded in affirmation.

In this world, there were many alchemists.

However, only a few people stood at the top of the pyramid.

Moreover, if one wanted to become a high-tier alchemist, the necessary condition was to know how to use magic.

This was because high-tier spiritual herbs could only be refined through adjusting the elemental factors.

Therefore, ordinary spiritual herbs like magic power recovery potion were only worth a few thousand silver coins, but high-tier spiritual herbs were worth tens of thousands of gold coins.

Some spiritual herbs were even difficult to buy, even if one had the money.

Lin Ming’s response was received.

Winnie firmly believed, “Lin Ming, you will definitely succeed!”

Lin Ming smiled.

Then, he stared at the alchemy manual.

Healing potion, Tier 2 Spiritual herb.

It could recover minor injuries in a short time. Even if one’s bones and tendons were torn, they could recover within a few days.

Looking at the refining method, the skill panel in Lin Ming’s mind also appeared.

There was an additional skill on it — Healing potion refining method.

Looking at the plus sign that appeared later, Lin Ming was overjoyed.

As expected, his guess was right. The skill panel could also level up the alchemy skill.

“Ding, your healing potion refining skill proficiency has been increased. Current level is beginner (Level 1) !”

“Ding, your healing potion proficiency has increased. Your current level is beginner (Level 2) !”

After two hits, Lin Ming stopped his operation.

Refining this kind of medicine would also consume magic power. After all, he had never tried before, so he did not dare to raise it too high.

A moment later.

He closed the book in satisfaction and looked at the time. It was almost time.

Lin Ming said softly, “I promised to accompany you to class this afternoon. It’s almost time. Let’s go!”


Winnie pulled Lin Ming to the Wind Faculty Building with a blissful expression.

Under the envious gazes of many people, the two of them walked into Winnie’s class.

The Magic Academy was divided into Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Thunder and Lightning, Darkness, and Light different houses.

Each faculty had five grades, corresponding to five tier.

The current Lin Ming was still in the first grade. After all, in the past three years, his magic level had never risen.

But Winnie was different.

In the past three years, she didn’t just advance once a year.

She was also one of the best in the same grade.

Soon, it would be the grade examination.

Lin Ming made up his mind to become a Tier 3 Mage at that time!

Sitting in the classroom.

The combination of the two attracted everyone’s attention. Even the teacher in the classroom couldn’t help but look at Lin Ming and Winnie.

After all, during this period of time.

The whole school was talking about Lin Ming.

“Lin Ming, you are also interested in Wind Magic?”

On the stage, the teacher named Phil poked his glasses and asked very amiably.

“Ah, right.”

Lin Ming hurriedly nodded in response.

He had originally come to accompany Winnie. Just now, he had been thinking about refining the spiritual herbs.

“Listen carefully. Maybe you’ll become a Dual-element Mage too.”

Phil said with a faint smile. Then he began to explain his lesson.

Dual-element Mage?

Lin Ming thought about it.

There were indeed many Dual-element, or even Three-element Mages among mages.

In other words, they could practice several other types of magic.

Even so, there were also a few Dual-element Mages in the Green Magic Academy.

However, on the day he entered the academy.

Lin Ming had tested that he could only perceive the fire element.

In other words, he was only a Single-element Mage.

Looking at Lin Ming who was deep in thought, Winnie hissed, “Teacher Phil once said that there are some strange ways to awaken dual elements.”

“Strange ways?”

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