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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 22
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Chapter 22: Tier 4 Alchemist?

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The black market.

Black Norland auction.

Ernest Lin, who had changed into a gorgeous outfit.

She sat in the VIP box, waiting for the senior appraiser at the auction.

Ordinary people had to make an appointment in advance to come here to appraise.

It was even more difficult to meet a senior appraiser!

As a top-tier member, it was much more convenient for Ernest Lin. She only needed to tell them.

They were already in the same black market, so they knew each other.


An old man with a hunched back and a little malnutrition walked in.

As soon as he came in, he laughed and said, “Miss Ernest Lin, it’s my honor to be invited by you!”

“Giniro, don’t talk nonsense!”

“Look at these bottles of spiritual herbs and give me a price as soon as possible!”

Ernest didn’t look nice and continued to say coldly.

This old man was incomparably strange!

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked like he was malnourished.

“Okay, okay, okay!”

Giniro hurriedly replied. He didn’t dare to joke with this female devil. After all, she was a Tier-6 Assassin!

Who knew, one day, he would die.

He still wanted to live for another two years.

Soon, Giniro began to observe the spiritual medicines.

When he opened the bottle, his originally relaxed face furrowed tightly, “Miss Ernest, who refined this spiritual medicine?”

Looking at Giniro’s expression, Ernest asked in puzzlement, “This was refined by a little brother of mine. Could it be that the quality isn’t high enough?”

Although she recognized the healing potion, but she could not determine its quality.

Hearing this.

Giniro was very puzzled!

It was not strange that Ernest knew an alchemist.

But to be able to refine a Tier 2 spiritual medicine to such a quality, it was at least a Tier 4 Alchemist!

Or even higher!

But an alchemist of this level basically would not refine a Tier 2 spiritual medicine!

Giniro clicked his tongue and said, “This is something that can only be refined by a Tier 4 Alchemist at the very least. Your little brother is a little strange. Can you introduce him to me?”

If it was really what Ernest said, this medicine was refined by a little brother.

He really wanted to get to know him!

A person with such talent was definitely from an alchemist family.

To be able to have a relationship with such a person was also a great blessing!

“A Tier 4 Alchemist!”

“How is that possible?”

Ernest could not help but exclaim.

Lin Ming was only a Tier 2 Mage. It was absolutely impossible for him to be a Tier 4 Mage.

However, the expectant look in Giniro’s eyes definitely did not seem to be a lie!

This made Ernest secretly think that the magic strength that Lin Ming displayed was also beyond expectations!

Could it be that his alchemy skills were also like this?

Looking at Ernest’s thoughtful expression, Giniro softly asked, “Ernest, can you recommend him to me? I’m willing to offer a lot of rewards!”


Being able to get to know such a young genius, it would greatly benefit!


Ernest’s gaze turned cold, “Quickly arrange the auction for the medicines. There’s no need for recommendation. It’s not convenient!”

She rejected very decisively.

Lin Ming was someone she had found with great difficulty!

How could she let such a crafty old fellow know such a talented genius?

She was rejected.

Giniro shook the head in disappointment, “An ordinary Tier 2 spiritual medicine can be sold for 25 gold coins.”

“But the quality of this spiritual medicine is very good. Its efficacy is probably comparable to a Tier 3 spiritual medicine!”

“Let’s set it at a starting bid of 100 gold coins. What do you think?”

Ernest nodded without hesitation, “As soon as possible!”

This money was not important to her.

She kept thinking about Lin Ming’s terrifying talent.

That kind of talent that far surpassed those of the same tier!

A moment later!

Ernest received more than 2,600 gold coins from the auction. She immediately took out her own money and pooled it up!

She had raised 4,000 gold coins!

On the other side.

Lin Ming was sitting in the VIP box of the fighting arena.

He was chatting with two elders from the management.

From their conversation, Lin Ming also knew that the two of them were called, Boaz and Guy Newman.

When he left the fighting arena, he was in a hurry.

Therefore, he didn’t know much about the two of them.

“Lin Ming, are you saying that Lady Ernest went to sell the spiritual medicines that you refined?”

Boaz asked with some doubt.

Just now, the two of them also learned that this was Lin Ming’s first time refining medicines!

In his opinion, Lin Ming, who had just become a Tier 2 Mage, could not refine any good spiritual medicines.

It was not that he underestimated Lin Ming.

Which alchemist did not succeed after years of hard work and countless failures?

Lin Ming nodded. His gaze remained fixated on the fiery match below.

However, Boaz and Guy Newman looked at Lin Ming in disbelief.

After that, the two of them looked at each other.

They revealed an extremely envious expression!

They had never received such treatment after following Ernest Lin for so many years!

The only feeling that Ernest Lin gave them was icy-cold! Coldness! Coldness!

Making Ernest work for them?

They had never even thought of such an idea!

Perhaps Lin Ming was the only person in the world who could make Ernest do this!

Just as the two of them were shocked and envious.

That cold figure walked in!

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