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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 28
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Chapter 28: No One Was Around. Just This?

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With the incident where he defeated Melodeon.

Lin Ming was a well-known figure in the Green Magic Academy!

When they saw the cold woman smiling at Lin Ming,.

Many people felt that this scene was somewhat familiar.

That’s right!

Winnie was the same. She treated her male classmates with extreme indifference.

She treated Lin Ming in the opposite way!

Could it be that Lin Ming was born different?

Did he have a body that specialized in attracting women?

“I have to say, if I can be like Lin Ming, I would rather be called a half-baked for three and a half years!”

“Three years? I’d be willing to do it for ten years!”

“I feel the same way. Look at Winnie and then look at this woman. Which one of them isn’t a peerless beauty?”

“No, I have to change my name. I’ll be called Lin Ming from now on!”

“Wake up. Look at your pockmarked face. Do you have the right to be called Lin Ming?”

Under everyone’s envious eyes.

Lin Ming slowly walked with Ernest.

A moment later.

They arrived at the place where Lin Ming refined the spiritual herbs.

“Why are you so mysterious?” Ernest asked in puzzlement.

Just now, Lin Ming didn’t explain anything.

He just pulled Ernest to a place where there were few people.

This place could be described as a place where there were few people.

Could it be…

Lin Ming didn’t wait for Ernest’s imagination to run wild. He took out the storage bag and released the small snake inside.

Then, he motioned for Ernest to crouch down like him.

“Look, what’s different about this snake?”

Ernest asked doubtfully, “You brought me here to look at this?”

In her eyes, this was just an ordinary snake.

If there was anything that didn’t make sense…

Only one thing, that it was small.

“This snake absorbed several bottles of my magic power recovery potions, and its body temperature is very hot!”

Lin Ming stared at the snake and explained.

Although Ernest knew that Lin Ming wouldn’t lie to her.

But she still found it hard to believe that the little snake could absorb magic power recovery potions!

“Just as well, I brought you a lot of magic power recovery potions this time, let me try!” Ernest said in a little unconvinced way, and then she began to look for the magic power recovery potions.

These magic power recovery potions were prepared for Lin Ming by herself.

She came here today to inform Lin Ming to prepare as they were leaving in three days.

So, she prepared the things that Lin Ming needed in advance!


Ernest took out a bottle of magic power recovery potion, opened the bottle and put it on the ground.

An unbelievable scene appeared.

The small snake was greedily sucking the magic power recovery potion.

Before Ernest could regain her senses, the small bottle of potion had disappeared!

The little snake was also very active, rubbing against Lin Ming’s finger.

It seemed to be saying, more!

“How is this possible?”

“I’ve never seen a little snake that can absorb magic power recovery potions!”

“Could it be a magical beast?”

Ernest was extremely shocked.

She knew that some magical beasts also absorbed magic power recovery potions, but those magical beasts were all existences with high-tier bloodlines!

But this small snake!

It looked so ordinary that it couldn’t be any more ordinary!

“It seems that you don’t know either.” Lin Ming shrugged and shook his head helplessly.

He put the small snake into the storage bag again.

Hearing that.

Ernest deliberately pretended to be enigmatic, “This small snake is not ordinary, it’s also a fortuitous encounter for you to meet it! Keep it for now, wait for me to find a friend who understands magical beasts to take a look.”

Lin Ming nodded as well.

He agreed with Ernest’s view.

Meeting was fortuitous, and this little fellow was indeed not ordinary.

“Oh, right!”

“Did you came to inform me the departure time?”

Lin Ming pointed at the pile of things beside Ernest and asked.

“That’s right!”

“The time has been set. It’s in three days!”

“When the time comes, gather at the entrance of the black market. I’ll tell you in advance that the target this time is two Tier 5 Magical beasts. You have to be prepared!”

Ernest said with a smile.

Originally, the target this time was a Tier 6 Magical beast.

But for the sake of Lin Ming’s safety, she lowered the standard.

“Okay, see you in three days!”

Lin Ming replied somewhat excitedly.

Ever since he saw the battle between the Sage Realm experts, he had been more and more eager to improve his strength!

Although the strength of a Tier 5 Magical beast was powerful, he would definitely not let go of such an opportunity to gain experience.

After sending Ernest away.

Lin Ming returned to the school.

He was preparing to learn a Fire Magic to prepare for entering the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

Having many skills did not weigh him down, he was very clear about this principle.


At this moment, the topic of Lin Ming in the academy erupted in a small area!

Many people were discussing the relationship between Lin Ming and the cold and elegant woman.

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming!”

Lin Ming, who was walking on the road, was a little confused when he heard the familiar words.

It was Winnie’s voice.

However, there was no “Big Brother” behind it.

After a short conversation.

Winnie looked at Lin Ming in surprise, and then her eyes became worried. She took out a piece of spiritual jade from her pocket and said, “If you want to go to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, bring this piece of spiritual jade with you!”

“This is an amulet my grandfather gave me!”

Lin Ming gently stroked Winnie’s hair and refused, “Don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as you think.”

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