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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 29
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Chapter 29: The Strongest Tier 2 Magic?

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“The Mountain Range of Magical Beasts is very dangerous. Quickly take this piece of spiritual jade with you. According to my grandfather, it can save a person’s life in times of danger!”

Winnie continued to say, forcing the spiritual jade to Lin Ming.

Seeing that Lin Ming did not accept it.

She pouted her small mouth and said very stubbornly, “If you don’t accept it, I will follow you to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts!”

Lin Ming smiled helplessly and had no choice but to accept the spiritual jade.

He knew that what Winnie said was true!

If he really didn’t accept it, she might really follow him to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

After sending Winnie away.

A light purple spiritual jade appeared in Lin Ming’s hand.

From the moment he held it in his hand, he felt as if there was some kind of powerful power sealed inside!

“Could it be that there is some kind of magic sealed within?”

Lin Ming raised his eyebrows and guessed.

After placing it on his waist, he no longer thought about it and walked towards the dormitory.

Just as he reached the door.

He saw a few of his roommates hurriedly walking out as if there was some joyous occasion.

“Why are you all so happy in the middle of the night?”

Lin Ming greeted the three of them.

“Big Brother?”

“You came at the right time. Maud has learned the strongest Tier 2 Fire Magic, Fire Wheel Blade Technique!”

“He insisted on showing off to us. Let’s go and take a look together!”

Beck and Riley quickly invited Lin Ming.

They were all students of the fire element. Among them, the most talented one was Maud.

In half a year, he had become a Tier 2 Mage!

He even received special care from the fire element teacher, and some teachers even gave Maud special lessons after class.

Maud smiled foolishly and rubbed his head.

He said modestly, “Lin Ming, I practiced for a few months before I had some small success. If you have the time, help me with some pointers.”

Ever since Lin Ming defeated the strongest genius of the second grade.

Maud was filled with incomparable admiration for Lin Ming!

He had even set Lin Ming as his target.

“Fire Wheel Blade Technique?”

Lin Ming thought carefully and knew that it was the strongest offensive skill among the Tier 2 Fire Magics. However, under normal circumstances, the teacher would not let the students practice it.

The Fire Wheel Blade Technique was extremely difficult to control.

If one was not careful, it might harm the mage himself.

“Let’s go, I want to experience it too.”

Lin Ming said happily with a smile.

Then, the four of them walked toward the practice hall while bragging.

“Lin Ming is now at Tier 3!”

“That’s natural. Otherwise, how could he defeat the second-year genius?”

“Don’t you see how hard Lin Ming usually works…”


The four of them arrived at the practice hall happily.

There was an extremely large empty space in the hall, separated by many magic energy barriers. This was also to prevent students from hurting others when they practiced.

Even at night.

There were still hundreds of students who were training hard inside.

After a while, there would be a grade examination. No one wanted to be a failure at that time.

Looking at the various kinds of magic energy overflowing around.

The corners of Lin Ming’s eyes slightly moved.

It had been two years since he had entered this place.

Remembering the various derisive and cold remarks in the practice hall at that time, Lin Ming shook his head helplessly.

After that.

The four of them found an empty space.

“This Fire Wheel Blade Technique is very dangerous. You guys have to be careful when I cast it!” Maud frowned and said seriously.

He was not joking.

Even though he had trained for more than half a year, he did not have much confidence.

“Alright, let’s begin!”

“I’m praising you, but you aren’t humble?”

Beck and Riley teased.

But the two did not dare to be careless and became especially vigilant.

Very soon.

Maud muttered a magic incantation and flames rose from his hands.

They turned into four rapidly rotating rings of fire!

Each ring of fire had a diameter of one meter and emitted a powerful force. It was extremely terrifying!

This scene.

Also attracted many students in the hall.

They all stopped their cultivation and looked at it.

They couldn’t help but click their tongues and praise.

“That’s the strongest second-grade fire element magic, Fire Wheel Blade Technique!”

“My God, he can actually cast four of them. He’s really a genius!”

“Maud, the user is Maud!”

“So it’s him. Although he’s a first-year student, his strength makes many second-year students blush with shame!”

Just as everyone was smacking their tongues in praise.

Maud shouted coldly.

He controlled the four fiery wheel blades to blast at the energy barrier.

In an instant, four deafening sounds spread throughout the entire practice hall…

Cracks spread across the energy barrier.

A moment later, although the Fire Wheel Blade Technique stopped…

It left an indelible shock in everyone’s hearts.

Beck and Riley were dumbstruck.

They were extremely shocked. Although they had heard of the might of the Fire Wheel Blade Technique, they couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw it with their own eyes.

“Ma…ud, how can this be called unfamiliarity?”

“I’m afraid that no one in the same year can compare to you!”

Hearing Beck and Riley’s praise.

Maud panted heavily, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and smiled. “This is the result of half a year of training. Only then can it be considered as preliminary mastery.”

“Preliminary mastery?”

Beck and Riley were extremely shocked!

The onlookers were the same.

They did not dare to imagine how powerful the Fire Wheel Blade Technique was!

“As expected of the strongest spell among Tier 2 Magics!”

“I wonder how terrifying it will be when it’s fully mastered. Eight fire wheels?”

“Don’t think about it. The most difficult part of this spell is the control of the fire wheels. Who can control eight fire wheels at the same time?”

Many people began to exclaim in admiration.

Some people were even very envious of Maud’s talent.

Condensing four fire wheels was not difficult, but to control it, not only did it require a large amount of magic power, but it was also the biggest test.

Maud looked at Lin Ming and said seriously, “Lin Ming, why don’t you try it too? Condensing this spell is not difficult, but it consumes a lot of magic power!”

Then, he told Lin Ming the magic spell in a faint voice.

It also made Beck and Riley envious.

They knew that Maud didn’t tell them for safety reasons.

For now, the two of them were not strong enough to control!

It might bring danger.

“Divide the power of the flame, divide the mind.”

“Rotate at speed, shape the blade?”

Lin Ming murmured.

Sure enough, the name of the Fire Wheel Blade Technique appeared on the panel in his mind.

“Tier 2 Magic?”

Lin Ming thought about it carefully. The biggest difficulty of the Fire Wheel Blade Technique was to use the magic power to control them.

But with the system in hand.

He only needed to condense a spell, and it didn’t cost any magic power to control it.


Lin Ming decisively put his attention on the plus sign on it.

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