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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 30
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Chapter 30: Eighteen Fire Wheels

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“Ding, your Fire Wheel Blade Technique proficiency has been increased. Current level is beginner (Level 1)!”

“Ding, your Fire Wheel Blade Technique proficiency has been increased. Current level is beginner (Level 2)!”

After two consecutive plus points.

Lin Ming began to mobilize the magic power in his body.

Waves of scorching flames burst out from his hands.

In an instant, five fire wheels condensed in the air, and those fire wheels were even more dazzling than Maud’s…

The onlookers took a closer look and were extremely shocked!

“He’s actually more powerful than Maud!”

“It seems to be Lin Ming, that person is Lin Ming!”

“Why is it him again? He probably can’t control the technique. That magic is a great test of control!”

“Indeed, condensing is simple while controlling is very difficult!”

After many people found out that it was Lin Ming, they were filled with doubt and disdain.

During this period of time, Lin Ming had stolen too many of their shares, causing many people to be envious to the point of hatred…

When Maud heard the doubts around him, he retorted angrily, “Condensing is simple? Let me see you condense one!”

He had cultivated for half a year and was very clear about the difficulty.

Just condensing four fire wheel blades had taken him a month!

Lin Ming had just learned it.

Maud stared at the fire wheels in the sky in shock!

Those five rapidly spinning fire wheels!

The power contained in each of them was even more terrifying than his own!

Lin Ming felt that the magic power consumption in his body was not very large.

During the recent alchemy process, his magic power had been overdrawn and replenished again and again, causing his magic power to increase by a lot.

Then, he pressed the plus sign twice.

A mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

“Ding, your Fire Wheel Blade Technique proficiency has increased. Current level is master (Level 2)!”

“Ding, your Fire Wheel Blade Technique proficiency has increased. Current level is master (Level 4)!”

Just as the voice fell.

The corner of Lin Ming’s mouth was muttering a magic incantation.

In the next moment.

Thirteen flames shot out from his palm and twisted in the air.

At an extremely fast speed, they turned into fire wheels!

“Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen!”

“Eighteen fire wheels? How is that possible!!!”

Maud exclaimed in disbelief. He stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

He was known as a fire-element genius, let alone controlling.

Just condensing eight wheels was already his limit.

But Lin Ming had condensed eighteen wheels, and he was able to control them with ease.

This made him extremely shocked!

Beck and Riley were also in disbelief as their eyes turned white from shock…

“Eighteen fire wheels!”

“As expected of Lin…Ming!”

The two of them cried out in shock while trembling.

Those who were originally belittling Lin Ming were even more shocked.

All of them had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

“How… how is this possible!”

“Even a Tier 3 Mage wouldn’t be able to maintain eighteen fire wheels!”

“That fire wheel consumes a lot of energy! How did Lin Ming do it?”

Everyone exclaimed in shock.

They silently counted how many seconds Lin Ming could last.

The fire wheels in the air showed no sign of weakening, like a formation, hovering around Lin Ming…

Maintaining the fire wheels, although it did not consume any magic power.

Could be able to control eighteen fire wheels at the same time, for Lin Ming was still a challenge.

That’s why.

Lin Ming closed his eyes, feeling the existence of the eighteen fire wheels.

Time was of the essence.

Everyone stared at the motionless Lin Ming.

Even Bond, the person in charge of the practice hall, frowned and looked at Lin Ming in shock, who was in the midst of the eighteen fire wheels.

Bond was a Tier 5 Mage!

He was extremely clear about the consumption of the Fire Wheel Blade Technique.

The youth below, with the strength of a Tier 2 Mage, could actually maintain eighteen fire wheels for 100 seconds.

The most terrifying thing was that the fire wheels in the 100 seconds didn’t weaken at all!

“Lin Ming, isn’t he just a half baked?”

“But why is the talent he displayed now so terrifying!”

Bond was very surprised. He had been managing the Magic Practice Hall for decades!

Two years ago, the small flame Lin Ming condensed was still fresh in his memory!

But the talent he displayed now was the most terrifying he had ever seen. He even felt that Lin Ming had the talent to become a Sage Realm Mage!

As time goes by…

In all the eyes of horror, Lin Ming moved.

He controlled the eighteen fire wheels and smashed towards the energy shield ruthlessly.

All of a sudden.

Boom, boom, boom, boom.

Groups of terrifying fireballs bombarded the energy shield.




That sound, again and again impacted on the hearts of the people.

A moment later.

The flames dispersed and everyone’s eyes focused on the energy shield.

During the bombardment just now, many people saw the energy shield shattered…

“Three layers!”

“The energy shield actually shattered three layers!”

Someone shouted loudly.

It made everyone’s eyes focus on it!

In the next moment, everyone was dumbfounded!

“How is this possible!”

Bond looked at the shattered energy shield in disbelief.

As the person in charge of the training hall, he was very clear about the power of the energy shield.

It was a type of Tier 4 Magic array!

It was constructed with a lot of energy crystals. Even if it had been operating for several years, the strength of the energy shield was not something that ordinary magic could shatter!

And Lin Ming had actually shattered three layers!


Lin Ming let out a deep breath, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. The eighteen fire wheels just now were the limit for him.

Seeing this.

Beck, Riley, and Maud came back to their senses and hurriedly helped Lin Ming up.

“Lin Ming, awe…some!”

“Eighteen wheels, even if I cultivate for another two years, I probably won’t be able to reach it!”

“Stop talking, I think Lin Ming is too tired to speak. Send him back as soon as possible!”

The three people didn’t care whether Lin Ming could speak or not. They directly lifted Lin Ming up.

In their opinion, just those eighteen fire wheels alone could empty a person, let alone maintain it for such a long time!

“Put me down!”

“I am fine!”

Lin Ming said helplessly, and then walked out under the incredulous gazes of all the magic students present.

Left behind, Beck and the other two looked at each other in shock.


Green Magic Academy.

The principal’s office!

“Is what you said true? A Tier 2 Mage casted eighteen fire wheels?”

The stern-faced principal Duru suddenly stood up.

“I was standing right next to him at that time. It’s absolutely true! His name is Lin Ming!” Bond said very seriously.

After a short exchange of words!

Duru’s eyes were filled with joy. He said happily, “It seems that in this year’s Magic Academy Competition, Our Green Magic Academy is no longer at the bottom of the Dukedom!”


The entire office building was filled with laughter that had not been heard for several years.

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