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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 31
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Chapter 31: The Genius Student

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Ever since Lin Ming casted the eighteen fire wheels.

The attitude of the entire school towards him had changed 180 degrees.

When the students saw Lin Ming, their eyes were filled with respect.

The people in Lin Ming’s dormitory even bragged that they were in the same dormitory as Lin Ming!

Even the teachers of the school talked about Lin Ming in their spare time.

This series of things happened because there was an extra name in the list of people who would be participating in the Magic Academy Competition in three months time — Lin Ming!

The school even arranged for a special tutor for him.

Tier 5 Fire Mage, Reg!

At the back of the mountain of the school.

“Lin Ming, do you have any magic that you want to learn in particular?” Wearing a Tier 5 Fire Mage’s robe and a black face, the bald magic teacher sized up Lin Ming.

Seeing that Lin Ming’s eyes did not have the arrogance of other talented youths, Reg was very satisfied.

At this moment, Lin Ming was a little nervous!

The bald teacher was known as the most terrifying and strict teacher.

Some students finished his class crying!

Anyone who did not complete the other party’s requirements within the stipulated time would receive strict punishment…

“Teacher, I want to learn a defensive spell,” Lin Ming replied. Tomorrow was the day he would enter the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, and he had already planned to learn a defensive spell.

Hearing Lin Ming’s words.

A trace of admiration appeared on Reg’s face.

One had to know.

Although a mage’s attacks were extremely powerful, their defensive power was their fatal weakness.

Reg had also taught many mages who were known as geniuses.

Those so-called geniuses wanted to learn all kinds of offensive spells right from the start, which made Reg very angry.

However, Lin Ming’s answer made him very satisfied.

“Watch closely the Fire-controlling spell!”

“Condense the flames to form a spherical protective cover! Condense the illusion into reality…”

Reg quickly cast it once, and his words from the beginning were still unusually cold, without any praise for Lin Ming’s words.


The name of the Fire-controlling Spell appeared in Lin Ming’s mind.

He clicked on the plus sign.

“Ding, your Fire-controlling Spell proficiency has increased. Current level is beginner (Level 1)!”

A mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

Lin Ming also began to mobilize his magic power, and waves of flames burst out from his palm.

Like a swimming dragon, they coiled around Lin Ming’s body.

In a flash.

A layer of faint flames condensed into a sphere, enveloping Lin Ming within!

Seeing this scene.

Reg was greatly shocked!

He didn’t even mention the essentials, but this kid already knew?

Even when he was cultivating back then, it took him several days to condense into a sphere!

Moreover, at that time, he didn’t grasp the essentials.

After suffering the backlash from the internal temperature of the fireball, his own hair was also a perfect piece of work from that time!

He was bewildered for a long time!

Only then did Reg understand why the principal would suddenly fill in a person.

This Lin Ming’s cultivation speed was absolutely a genius among geniuses. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was a monster!

Regaining his composure, Reg coughed lightly and said, “Not bad, slightly interesting. It’s just that you are lacking a little in mastery. Cultivate for half a month first before I teach you other spells!”

“If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me!”

Reg felt that he shouldn’t be in a hurry to train his spells.

For a talented person like Lin Ming, if he were to learn all kinds of spells in a short period of time, it would only cause his foundation to become unstable.

He had to slowly experience the essence of all kinds of spells!

“Yes, teacher!”

A moment later.

Reg still turned around and left with a very serious expression.

After Reg left.

Lin Ming released the little snake from his storage bag, “Ling, come out quickly!”

After spending a few days together, Lin Ming realized that the little snake was extremely intelligent, so he named it Ling.

Ling seemed to have not woken up, and it shook its head as it crawled out.

After Lin Ming placed a bottle of magic power recovery potion for it, he opened the skill panel in his mind and pressed the plus sign for the Fire-controlling Spell three times.

“Ding, your Fire-controlling Spell proficiency has been increased. Current level is beginner (Level 2)!”

“Ding, your Fire-controlling Spell proficiency has been increased. Current level is master (level 3)!”

“Ding, your Fire-controlling Spell proficiency has been increased. Current level is master (Level 4)!”

The reason why he had levelled up only one level earlier was because.

Lin Ming did not want to expose too much in front of his teacher.

Soon, Lin Ming began to perform.

This time!

The fireballs around him became more and more dazzling, like a new sun. Lin Ming also felt that the Fire-controlling Spell could at least resist the close-range attack of a Tier 4 Warrior!


Taking a deep breath.

The magic consumption in Lin Ming’s was also very large.

Then he sat beside Ling and took a bottle of magic power recovery potion.

At the moment when his magic power recovered.

Lin Ming was stunned. He stared at Ling in surprise.

He saw.

Ling’s green body turned red, and a wisp of smoke rose from the corner of its mouth.

A scorching flame spewed out from its mouth.

In the next moment, it became peeing…

Although it was peeing, Lin Ming was extremely happy, “My God! You can actually spew fire!”

Hearing Lin Ming’s words.

Ling became weak as it gently rubbed against Lin Ming’s body.

Then, it stared at the magic power recovery potion with eager eyes.

Lin Ming took out a bottle very happily…

However, he didn’t know that what Ling did just now was purely to swindle the magic power recovery potion.

In fact, the power in its body was very turbid!

Green Magic Academy, Fire Element Department office.

The always serious Reg had a smile on his lips today.

“What happy event happened that make you Reg smile? Looks like it’s not simple!”

“Yeah, I haven’t seen teacher Reg smile in a year!”

“Tell me about that, I remember the last time seeing Reg smiled was when he got married! Reg, are you getting married again?”

The teachers were teased with doubts.

“You know Lin Ming, right?” Reg became serious and said. The other teachers also nodded. They also knew that Reg was now Lin Ming’s tutor.

“That kid is really one in a million genius!”

“I only demonstrated the Fire-controlling Spell once and he learned it without any backlash!”

“I didn’t expect that I, Reg, would meet such a good student!”

Hearing that.

All the teachers looked at Reg in disbelief!

They were very surprised!

They had all practiced the Fire-controlling Spell before.

Although it wasn’t a high-tier spell, the control of magic power needed to be very meticulous.

When they practiced it, they had all suffered a slight backlash.

“Reg, is what you said true?”

“Of course!”

“Oh my God, it seems that our school has really produced a genius, and he is a student of our fire element. We must pay more attention to Lin Ming. We can’t let such a genius be destroyed by Reg’s hands!”

“If anyone tries to snatch my student, don’t blame me for turning hostile!”

The entire office was in an uproar.

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