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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 33
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Chapter 33: Ernest Lin’s Hatred!

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Their gazes were extremely cold…

Like devils that had walked out of hell, they looked at the corpses around them.

When the Tier 5 Warrior named Colin saw that someone was still breathing, he did not hesitate to chop off the person’s head without leaving any chance of survival!

There were no ripples in his eyes!

Indeed, in this world where the strong preyed on the weak, being soft-hearted to the enemy was undoubtedly cruel to oneself!

If you want to survive!

You have to become strong and cold-blooded!

“Kid, you’re very strong!”

“I underestimated you earlier!”

Under the quiet moonlight, Colin put away the knife in his hand and gave Lin Ming a thumbs up.

His entire body was stained with blood, only revealing a row of big white teeth!

Instantly, it caused a few people to laugh wildly.

But they were very surprised in their hearts.

The thirty-six fire wheel blades that Lin Ming had just unleashed shocked them beyond words!

A Tier 2 Mage!

He was actually able to cast such a terrifying move!

It had even surpassed a Tier 4 Magic!

More importantly, the young Lin Ming did not panic at all when his life was hanging by a thread!

This not only shocked the few of them.

It also made Colin and the others begin to admire this young mage from the bottom of their hearts!

Ernest was even more shocked!

Every time she met Lin Ming, he would change and become even stronger!

And this time, the strength that Lin Ming displayed, even as a Tier 6 Assassin, Ernest felt a sense of danger!

A moment later.

The few of them set up a tent by the lake.

After washing off the blood stains on their bodies, they sat around the bonfire with their legs crossed.

Ernest’s red lips moved slightly, and her eyes contained a trace of apology, “Those people are here to kill me today!”

Everyone looked over with bewildered gazes.

Ernest began to tell her story.

She was originally from Calais dukedom, the daughter of the Duke!

Because of the hatred of her family, she offended the important figures in the upper echelons, and the entire family was tortured and killed!

She was the only one who managed to survive!

However, the people in the upper echelons did not let her off and placed a bounty of hundreds of thousands of gold coins on her head.

The people who came today were precisely for her head.

After telling everything, Ernest also became relieved. Her eyes were no longer as cold as before. She smiled faintly and said, “If you want to leave, I won’t blame you!”

She had wanted to take revenge!

However, after experiencing today’s life-and-death battle, she knew that her existence would only bring danger to others!

Most importantly, she didn’t want Lin Ming to bear this danger for her!

“Boss, after following you for so many years, do you think that I, Colin, am someone who knows when to retreat?”

“I will only become braver as I fight!”

After Colin hearing the story, he did not hesitate at all. He tore at the roasted meat and said indifferently.

The other two people also echoed!

They had followed Ernest for many years. In fact, they had long sensed that her identity involved many large factions.

Ernest had done them a favor, and they were definitely not ungrateful people.

Hearing their answers, Ernest was very touched.

At this moment, Lin Ming asked calmly, “What is the name of the person who wants to kill you?”

“Arthur Randolph!”

When this name was mentioned, Ernest’s eyes were full of anger!

“When the time is right, kill him!”

Lin Ming said lightly.

He knew that the person who could force Ernest to such a degree was not simple.

However, Lin Ming also deeply appreciated the kindness Ernest had shown him.

He was not someone who would not repay kindness!

Hearing this.

Ernest was very touched in her heart, but she definitely did not want to see Lin Ming take the risk for her. “Lin Ming, thank you, but Arthur Randolph is very powerful, he is a Tier 9 Mage!”

Colin and the others could not help but tremble!

A Tier 9 Mage wasn’t someone they could kill!

They probably wouldn’t be able to touch him for the rest of their lives!

“So what if he’s a Tier 9 Mage? After I become a Sage Realm Mage, wouldn’t it be easy to kill him?” Lin Ming’s eyes were calm, after he met a Sage Realm Mage.

He had already made up his mind that one day, he would become a Sage Realm Mage.

If these words were spoken by another mage…

Colin and the others would definitely look at him with disdain!

A Sage Realm Mage was a supreme existence! His power and position was greater than that of the Dukedom’s King!

It was the goal of countless mages!

To truly become a Sage Realm Mage was nothing more than a wave in the ocean!

Lin Ming’s words!

However, it made Colin and the others’ hearts tremble!

It was as if they had already seen Lin Ming becoming a Sage Realm Mage!

That’s right!

After witnessing Lin Ming’s strength and terrifying talent, they firmly believed that the man in front of them would one day become a Sage Realm Mage!

The next day.

After buying a carriage, they set off again.

However, the journey was not as lifeless as it was yesterday.

Colin and the others were like little fanboys, listening to Ernest narrating Lin Ming’s deeds!


The carriage exploded in shock!

“What! Lin Ming was still a Tier 1 Mage a month ago!”

“Last night, the strength he displayed even scared me, and he was only a Tier 2 Mage!”

“Lin Ming, you’re probably a monster!”

Half a day later, they arrived at the edge of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts….

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