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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: Back to School, Winnie Suddenly Left School!

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Lin Ming woke up after hearing a few low moans.

He looked at a few red furry cubs and fell asleep beside him.

“This is?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, Colin rushed in from outside the carriage with a piece of barbecue in his hand.

“You’ve been unconscious for two days. Hurry up and eat!”

Lin Ming did not stand on ceremony either. He picked up the roasted meat and started eating. He even tore some pieces and handed them to the few young pups.

From their appearances, one could tell that they were fire wolf pups.

After eating for a while, Lin Ming asked in puzzlement, “Is there anyone else?”

He could sense that there was no aura of Ernest and the others around him.

Colin explained, “There’s something urgent in the fighting arena. They’ve already rushed back. Boss asked me to send you back to school.”

Lin Ming nodded thoughtfully.

Seeing Lin Ming caressing the wolf cub, Colin smiled and said, “If you like it, you can take one back!”

“Forget it, I can’t even feed myself!”

As for the other matters, Lin Ming didn’t ask much.

At dusk, the carriage arrived at the school.

After Colin left, Lin Ming walked into the school gate naturally.

However, the surrounding students looked at Lin Ming strangely.

Some of the students started whispering.

“Lin Ming is finally back. I wonder what he’s done these past few days. Teacher Reg has been looking for him!”

“Didn’t you see Teacher Reg’s furious look? I’m a little worried for Lin Ming!”

Almost all the teachers and students in the school knew about Lin Ming’s disappearance.

That was because Teacher Reg was loudly looking for Lin Ming every day.

He even sent people to Lin Ming’s hometown.

But in the end, there was no sign of him.

At this moment, in the fire department office, many teachers were preparing to get off work.

Reg, who usually got off work the earliest, sat motionlessly in front of his desk.

“Say, Reg, you’re usually not like this!”

“I also didn’t think that Lin Ming could make you worry so much. Maybe he went somewhere to cultivate himself!”

“That’s right, pack up and get off work!”

Several teachers saw Reg’s appearance and tried to persuade him helplessly.

Learning in the Magic Academy was very self-directed.

Students could choose to go out and train themselves. There were even students who wouldn’t return to the school for a year or so.

Hearing the other teachers’ persuasions, Reg turned a deaf ear.

In his opinion, the other teachers hadn’t seen Lin Ming’s talent, so they naturally wouldn’t understand his feelings!

As a teacher, who wouldn’t want to teach a student who would become famous in the future?

If the student became a saint-level mage in the future, then he would have some face!

“Sigh, was my first day of teaching too cold for him?”

“Or was the strength I displayed not strong enough?”

Reg muttered to himself, even doubting himself deeply.

After all, according to what the other teachers had said, Lin Ming had chosen to train himself!

On the other hand, wasn’t it the other party who looked down on his teaching?

At this moment, a student rushed in.

Reg was suddenly shocked, his brows tightly knitted together as he prepared to teach him a few words.

But in the next second, his brows relaxed.

The student panted and said, “Teacher Reg, Lin Ming is back!”

“Lin Ming is back?”



On the other side, Lin Ming had just returned to the dormitory.

He chatted with his roommates for a while.

But suddenly, Lin Ming asked in surprise, “What? Winnie dropped out of school?”

Mogue answered stupidly, “Brother, don’t you know? Winnie dropped out of school two days ago!”

“We saw with our own eyes that she was picked up by a few men in armor!”

“Yes, yes, yes, there were several carriages!”

“At that time, I seemed to have seen a few high-level magi!”

The few of them spoke one sentence after another.

They recalled the great momentum at that time!

Lin Ming’s heart was slightly undulating.

The sudden drop out of school must have been due to something big happening.

Thinking about it carefully, Winnie’s family background wasn’t simple. According to Winnie, her grandfather was a tier eight mage.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, the tightly shut dormitory door burst open.

A bald man walked in.

The moment he saw the bald man, Mogue couldn’t help but stand up. He was a little dumbfounded.

Out of reflex, he shouted, “Hello, teacher Reg!”

Lin Ming shouted stiffly, “Hello… Teacher Reg!”

He had just heard that Reg had been looking for him during this period of time.

Day and night!

Asking Mogue and the others every day had even frightened them to the point of sequelae.

At the mention of Reg’s name, their gazes became a little fearful.

Reg, who was originally aggressive, turned his gaze to Lin Ming and became gentle.

“Lin Ming, start class on time tomorrow morning!”

With that said, he calmly turned around and left, leaving behind the dumbfounded crowd.

After a long time, Mogue guessed, “Big Brother, do you think that he likes… Bah, is it because his daughter likes you that he values you so much?”

They had been racking their brains over this matter for the past few days.

After thinking about it, this was the only reasonable reason.

The other two looked at Lin Ming in the same way.

“His… daughter?” Lin Ming said in a daze.

“Big Brother, don’t you know his daughter?”

“Her beauty is on par with Miss Winnie’s…”


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