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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 42 - Tier 8 Mage!
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Chapter 42: Tier 8 Mage!

“If Lin Ming goes to the fighting arena to ask for my whereabouts, you can just say that I went back!”

When the old man left the black market center, Ernest specially reminded him!

After experiencing the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, Ernest had a full understanding of Lin Ming!

She was very clear that if she told Lin Ming what she had encountered in the black market center…

Lin Ming would definitely not hesitate to go straight to the black market center to help her.

However, Ernest did not want to put Lin Ming in such a dangerous situation.

Therefore, when the old man left, Ernest repeatedly instructed him not tell Lin Ming about what she was facing now.

Although the old man belonged to the fighting arena and had to listen to Ernest’s orders…

However, the old man was unwilling to let Ernest take the risk alone.

That was why he only revealed that Ernest was currently in the black market center and did not tell Lin Ming the details.

“Alright! I won’t make things difficult for you!”

Lin Ming heard what the old man said and turned around to look at the fighting arena. Then, he quietly left.

Lin Ming knew that this was what Ernest wanted. Otherwise, the old man would definitely tell him everything that had happened.

But there was one thing that Lin Ming was sure of.

That was that Ernest was definitely in an extremely dangerous environment.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have hidden it from him.

“The center of the black market, right?”

“At worst, I’ll just find it!”

“But this black market isn’t big, it’s not small too. For a moment…”

Just when Lin Ming was in a difficult position, Qing suddenly jumped out and circled around Lin Ming’s body.

“Qing, can you help me see where the magic power in the black market is denser?”

Because Qing could absorb magic power recovery potions, it was naturally able to sense magic power.

And now, in the black market, the place where the mana was denser, the more likely it was to be the center of the entire black market.

When Qing heard Lin Ming’s words, it seemed to have understood. It hurriedly leaped up, rose into the air, and widened its eyes.

It was searching for a place in the black market where the mana was denser.

A moment later.

Qing landed in Lin Ming’s hand and kept pointing in two directions,

“There are two places in the black market that are releasing magic power now?”

Lin Ming saw Qing shaking non-stop and said immediately.

“Which place is more concentrated?”

Lin Ming asked again.

This time, Qing tilted its head and looked as if it was stunned. Then, it crouched down and didn’t have any reaction.

“Forget it! This is the direction I just came from. I’ll go to the other side!”

Seeing Qing like this, he put Qing back and walked in the direction that it pointed out.

The center of the black market!

At this moment, several forces that were originally entrenched in the black market were sitting among them.

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t say a word.

“Since everyone has no objections, then it’s decided?”

On a round platform, a person stood in front of several people, a black robe draped over his body.

The sunlight slanted down slightly. The badge under the black robe was illuminated by the sunlight, revealing a faint luster.

That was the badge of a Tier 8 Mage!

The Tier 8 Mage walked back and forth, as if he was asking for everyone’s opinion.

However, no one spoke!

“That’s right!”

“If that’s the case, the black market will belong to me from now on! And you guys have to manage my place well every day!”

“Do you understand?”

The Tier 8 Mage said this…

“On what basis? We’ve worked so hard to build this business, and you’re just going to join us so easily?”

While everyone was silent, Ernest stood up first and spoke to the Tier 8 Mage in front of her.

Although Ernest was only a Tier 6 Assassin, but to a Tier 8 Mage…

It was like an egg hitting a rock. She could not even withstand a single blow.

However, she was still unwilling to give up the entire fighting arena just like that!

“Since that’s the case, let’s talk about strength!”

“I, Matthew, will accompany you to the end!”

When Matthew heard Ernest’s words, a hint of displeasure flashed across his face,

He immediately walked towards Ernest.

“Falling Star!”

As he spoke, monstrous magic power instantly surrounded Matthew’s body,

The pressure of the magic power was being exerted on everyone present.

And just the pressure exerted by a Tier 8 Mage was enough to make them unable to breathe.

Not to mention, facing an attack from a Tier 8 Mage?

However, Ernest was not resigned at all.

“I’d rather die than suffer such humiliation!”

At this moment, beads of sweat were already dripping down Ernest’s face, but she still did not want to give up.

Even if there was only a sliver of a chance!

She wanted to give it a try…

“Young fellow, you’re still too naive!”

Matthew looked at Ernest and laughed contemptuously. Then, he waved his hand…

The surroundings were immediately filled with explosive fire elements, condensing endlessly…

It felt as if their lives were in the hands of the Tier 8 Mage.


Matthew retreated, and the explosive fire elements gathered together, turning into meteors filled with flames.

they shot towards Ernest…

in an instant, Ernest was about to lose her ability to withstand the attack of the Tier 8 Mage.

“No, I have to hold on!”

“I still have my revenge, I cannot give up just like that!”

Before Ernest could launch any attack, she was already kneeling on the ground with her hands on the ground…

She desperately wanted to find an opportunity to counterattack.

However, she couldn’t hold on any longer!

“Ernest, I’m coming!”

Suddenly, a familiar voice entered her ears,

However, her consciousness was on the verge of collapse. She really couldn’t hold on any longer.

Then, when she was unconscious, she said this calmly!

“I must have hallucinated. Otherwise, how could I have seen Lin Ming!”

With that, Ernest immediately fainted on the ground.

“Is this kid crazy? He actually dared to come and save Ernest?”

“From the looks of it, he’s only a Tier 3 Mage. How dare he fight against a Tier 8 Mage?”

“Another one who came to court death!”

When Lin Ming came to Ernest’s side, the crowd immediately began to discuss.

After all, a Tier 3 Mage would never be able to deal with a Tier 8 Mage!

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