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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 45 - A Monster!
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Chapter 45: A Monster!

This matter was so important that even he couldn’t bear it!

“Yes, I understand.”

Reg nodded. He naturally knew what was at stake.

The principal stood up. He wanted to investigate, but he didn’t want to get into trouble.

“You said you went to protect Lin Ming?”

The principal thought of the beginning of the topic.


Reg nodded. This kind of thing wasn’t worth hiding.

“Remember not to let Lin Ming spill the beans.”

After saying that, the principal let Reg left first.

When Reg left, he suddenly thought of Lin Ming, who was facing the death of a Tier 8 Mage, and how calm he was.

“Could that kid Lin Ming have witnessed the death of that Tier 8 Mage?”

Reg muttered to himself.

“Lin Ming, come with me.”

Reg brought Lin Ming to his office.

“What happened today…”

Reg went straight to the point.

“Don’t worry, Teacher. I won’t mention anything about what happened today, no matter who it is.”

Lin Ming understood Reg’s meaning and quickly promised.

Looking at Lin Ming who readily agreed, Reg didn’t ask the question in the end.

After all, it was still the same sentence. The gap between a Tier 3 and Tier 8 Mage was too big!

It was so big that it couldn’t even be described with words.

“You have already practiced the Fire-controlling Spell I taught you well, but remember not to be arrogant. You must practice it steadily. Do you understand?”

Reg looked at Lin Ming and began to instruct him.

The bald teacher, who had always been the most strict, actually became a little cautious when facing Lin Ming after today’s incident.

He couldn’t help but be cautious.

“Yes! Teacher, don’t worry, I will practice diligently!”

Lin Ming nodded.

Although Reg didn’t want to encourage Lin Ming, he wanted to teach Lin Ming all of his abilities.

“Today, I will teach you another attack spell.”

Reg looked at Lin Ming, who was extremely talented, and said.

Although he had told Lin Ming not to be proud, the Fire-controlling Spell that Lin Ming controlled was definitely one of the best among Tier 3 Mages.

Even he felt great pressure!

Now, he wanted to teach Lin Ming the most powerful attack spell that he was best at!

“Thank you, Teacher!”

Lin Ming said excitedly.

The offensive spell that Reg taught him would definitely be extremely powerful.

It would definitely surpass any attack magic that he had learned now.

“Have you heard of the Dazzling Dragon Spell?”

Reg looked at Lin Ming and spoke solemnly.

“Dazzling Dragon Spell?”

Lin Ming nodded. He knew of such a powerful attack magic.

Every academy had their own attack or defensive magic.

And the Dazzling Dragon Spell was Green Academy’s trump card!

Until now, in the entire academy, the only teacher who knew this spell was Reg!

“This attack spell is extremely overbearing. Moreover, if you practice it at the beginning, you might injure yourself. Are you willing to learn it?”

Reg looked at Lin Ming and asked.

“I’m willing!”

Lin Ming hurriedly nodded.

If it was someone else, they would definitely have to consider it.

After all, practicing the Dazzling Dragon Spell and setting fire to oneself wasn’t something that hadn’t happened before in Green Academy.

Lin Ming didn’t need to think so much.

He only needed to learn the system and add some points.


Looking at Lin Ming’s determined attitude, Reg nodded and brought Lin Ming to the practice field.

After all, if the overbearing Dazzling Dragon Spell was cast, the entire office building would probably be burned to ashes.

“The Dazzling Dragon Spell itself is extremely difficult to control, and the attack spell itself…”

Reg earnestly taught Lin Ming, and every single detail was extremely clear.

Looking at the bald teacher in front of him, Lin Ming felt waves of warmth.

After teaching all the details of the Dazzling Dragon Spell, Reg raised his hand, and in an instant, a streak of flame soared into the sky.

In a flash, an attack landed on the ground!

It was truly like a huge dragon smashing fiercely onto the ground.

And this was the effect of the attack that Reg had used only thirty percent of his strength to create!

“The most terrifying and troublesome part of the Dazzling Dragon Spell is that it can only dissipate after a few attacks.”

“If the magic power is extremely pure and the magic is rich, the number of times it can be stacked will reach a certain level. It can even reach the level of a fire dragon and end the whole battle!”

After Reg finished casting, he looked at Lin Ming and said.

At this moment, the name of the Dazzling Dragon Spell appeared in Lin Ming’s mind.

Lin Ming clicked the plus sign.

“Ding, your mastery of the Dazzling Dragon Spell has increased. Current level is beginner (Level 1)!”

The mechanical voice appeared again.

Lin Ming activated the magic, and a huge wave of heat burst out from his body!

This wave of heat even forced Reg back a few steps!

If Lin Ming had directly cast the Fire-controlling Spell last time, Reg would have been surprised and excited.

This time, Reg was only shocked!

Because under Reg’s nervous gaze, Lin Ming, who had cast the Dazzling Dragon Spell, showed no signs of suffering a backlash.

And the so-called self-immolation didn’t exist at all.

“This is simply monstrous!”

Reg stood still and didn’t move at all.

Now, Reg looked like he had suffered a great blow.

When he cultivated the Dazzling Dragon Spell, he almost burned himself on the spot.

If it weren’t for his strong willpower and his good talent, he probably wouldn’t have been able to learn the Dazzling Dragon Spell.

But now, Lin Ming, who had just learned it once, could actually cast it directly.

Moreover, the Dazzling Dragon Spell that Lin Ming cast was extremely pure!

“Teacher, is that so?”

Looking at Reg, who was a little stunned, Lin Ming opened his mouth to interrupt him in this state.


Reg took a deep breath and nodded.

No matter how monstrous this kid was, wasn’t he still his own student?

The teacher should be happy that the student surpassed the master, right?

When he first taught Lin Ming magic, he was worried that Lin Ming would be too hasty that caused his foundation to be unstable.

But now, it seemed that he was overthinking things.

A monster was not something an ordinary person could imagine.

And Lin Ming was that monster!

“No matter how talented you are, the Dazzling Dragon Spell is extremely difficult to control. You should practice it for a period of time. Remember, don’t be too hasty. If you have any questions, you must ask me immediately!”

Although he had suffered a huge blow, Reg still instructed him.

“Yes! Thank you, Teacher, for your guidance.”

Lin Ming nodded. Learning the Dazzling Dragon Spell had made him extremely happy.

With such an attack spell, he was confident that he could kill someone even if one was three tiers higher.

And now, Lin Ming naturally couldn’t wait to click on the plus sign of the Dazzling Dragon Spell.

“Today, you can practice the Dazzling Dragon Spell here.”

After saying that, Reg turned around and left.

Reg felt a sense of defeat.

This student didn’t need a teacher at all.

The Dazzling Dragon Spell was so difficult to learn, but Lin Ming could learn it after Reg taught him once.

Moreover, the first time Lin Ming cast it, it felt like he had practiced it for a long time.

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