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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 63 - Tool Man
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Chapter 63: Tool Man

This was exactly what Lin Ming had expected.

For a Tier 7 Golden Bear, and a magical beast that was famous for its defense.

It was very difficult to break through its defense.

“Ten tokens!”

Of course, the first thing that attracted their attention was the ten floating tokens.

In one night, ten people had ambushed them.

However, Lin Ming had been prepared, so they had ambushed in the wrong place.

All of them had ambushed the golden bear and it had turned out bad.

They had not even seen Lin Ming.

The mage who had failed to ambush them last night and was slapped by the golden bear was cursing outside.

However, when they thought of the golden bear’s imposing manner, they were still frightened.

They could not understand why they had followed the location indicated by the token and arrived at a Tier 7 Magical Beast!

Could it be that the token made a mistake? Or was it just a lie?

Or could it be that Green Academy directly took a magical beast as a participant?

At this time, their principal had already shut himself off and couldn’t be bothered to explain to them.

“There were only ten people on the first night. Looks like there are still many truly intelligent people.”

Lin Ming placed all the tokens into his ring and spoke.

Truly intelligent people had absolute patience.

At this time, they would definitely not be in a hurry to make a move.

The last day was the day when the battle truly needed to be fought.

“Ten people. This is the number of participants in an academy.”

When Qingmeng heard Lin Ming’s words, he could not help but speak.

“Ten people, it’s not even one-tenth of the number of participants. is that too many?”

Lin Ming asked back.


Qingmeng was speechless. His own thoughts were fundamentally different from Lin Ming’s.

He thought that as long as he had a few tokens in his hands, he would be able to submit and not be eliminated in the end.

However, Lin Ming’s thoughts only wanted to kill all the students of the other academies.

Ten people, according to Lin Ming’s thoughts, were naturally not many.

“Lin Ming has more than thirty tokens in his hands.”

A principal of the academy couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Such a number was too terrifying!

This was the number of students from three academies participating in the competition!

Lin Ming had defeated all of them by himself, and the current Lin Ming didn’t have any injuries at all.

In fact, Lin Ming hadn’t been exhausted in the battle at all.

“This br*t won’t be holding all of the tokens in his hands in the end, right?”

If that was the case, all of their academies would lose face!

However, even if such an outcome really happened, they wouldn’t be surprised.

After all, this kind of monstrous genius that was hard to come by in a thousand years was something that even the prodigies of their academy couldn’t compare to.

At this moment, everyone in the secret realm exclaimed in shock.

“Why is this location turning blood red?”

As Lin Ming put all the tokens into his ring, the information on Lin Ming’s location was displayed in blood red!

This was the highest danger level notification.

Of course, Gandulf wouldn’t have thought that someone would be able to obtain so many tokens.

No matter how many tokens there were, an academy would be able to obtain more than 30 tokens, which was considered a lot.

However, Lin Ming himself had obtained so many tokens.

Therefore, in order to remind all the students in the secret realm and to prevent the other academies from losing face, Gandulf changed the location information to blood red.

He was thinking that there must be truly intelligent students in there.

Seeing the location information turn blood red, they would definitely think of something and would not act rashly.

Of course, Gandulf also underestimated the arrogance of the students inside.

Just as Lin Ming put the token into his ring, someone rushed out and attacked Lin Ming.

“Fire Wave Technique!”

Lin Ming did not even bother to turn his head. He cast the Fire Wave Technique and surrounded the person who attacked him.

If not for the teleportation crystal, he would have been roasted into meat jerky in no time.

This mage was not strong, but he delivered himself very steadily.

“Let’s go. Let’s go somewhere else.”

Lin Ming walked up to the golden bear and said.

The golden bear seemed to be resisting.

“The battle will end in the last two days. You will be free.”

Lin Ming knew the reason for the golden bear’s resistance.

If it had not been suppressed by Lin Ming’s Dazzling Dragon Spell, it would probably have started to resist now.

Lin Ming could understand. After all, the golden bear had entered hibernation and was beaten up by Lin Ming. Last night, it had been harassed for an entire night. It must have had some emotions.

However, although it had some emotions, it still had to continue to exert its strength.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it have been a waste of Lin Ming’s effort to subdue it back then?

Moreover, it was only two days. If the people delivered themselves quickly, the battle would end even earlier.

Hearing Lin Ming’s voice, the golden bear felt a little wronged as it carried Lin Ming on its back and changed its position.

“Captain, didn’t you say that it wouldn’t be easy to find students from other academies if you changed your position?”

Qingmeng had just finished setting up his residence, and with this change of location, he had to rebuild it again.

After all, the only purpose of his existence now was to do these menial tasks.

“Look at this place. If one is not really stupid, I’m afraid one is not willing to deliver themselves to you.”

Lin Ming said unhappily.

Right now, Qingmeng had too much trust in Lin Ming, so his thinking had become slow.

This place had been ambushed by eleven people. Although it was said to be a quick battle.

But this place had also become dilapidated. There were traces of battle everywhere.

“Let’s go to the top of the mountain in front.”

Lin Ming pointed to the front, and the golden bear quickly moved forward.

Qingmeng, who was at the back, could not help but grab the sleigh tightly to prevent himself from falling down.

Lin Ming chose the peak of the mountain. Not only did he have a wide field of vision, it was mainly at the peak of the mountain so they did not have to constantly change places.

In addition, even if the mages were to launch a sneak attack at night, climbing up the mountain would definitely consume a lot of energy.

The movement of climbing up the mountain was also a little louder than on flat ground. It was convenient for the golden bear to kill them.

The golden bear was extremely fast. In just a short while, it had reached the peak of the mountain.

The magical beasts that were originally occupying the top of the mountain were scared away by its own pressure.

After all, among the magical beasts, their bloodline suppression was stronger than other creatures.

“Let’s do it here.”

Lin Ming looked at a cave at the peak of the mountain and said.

The golden bear heard Lin Ming’s instructions and stopped.


Lin Ming turned around and looked at Qingmeng who was pitifully on the sleigh.

“Captain, what’s the matter?”

Qingmeng stood up and stretched his aching body.

“Have you ever lived in a stone house?”

Lin Ming asked.

“No, but tonight, I will definitely let you experience the comfortable style of a stone house, Captain.”

Qingmeng instantly understood what Lin Ming meant and quickly said.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Lin Ming nodded. This was not what he had asked Qingmeng to do.

This was the comfortable type of stone house that Qingmeng had insisted on letting him experience.

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