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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 83 - The Spiritual Sail
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Chapter 83: The Spiritual Sail

Qingmeng was still there.

He was also trying his best to persevere.

Because Qingmeng was a Tier 5 Mage, his foundation was stronger than Mo Ran and the others.

Qingmeng was now looking for a chance to break through.

But he was not Lin Ming. Although he had broken through for a long time, he was still stuck at Tier 5 and could not improve.

And the way Lin Ming broke through was not suitable for him.

Fortunately, he did not rush things and bury himself here.

At this moment, Lin Ming was still liquefying the magic elements.

As the magic elements surged into his body crazily, Lin Ming could feel the changes in his body bit by bit.

Lin Ming’s meridians were already enlarged in the body tempering process.

In addition to Lin Ming’s forceful breakthrough just now, his meridians had become even thicker.

Therefore, at this moment, every corner of Lin Ming’s body was filled with liquefying magic elements.

The current Lin Ming was covered in magic elements. He was a human-shaped magic store.

As time passed, Qingmeng also stood up.

His realm had become Tier 6!

He was also a favored son of heaven and had his own path.

At this moment, only Lin Ming himself was still in the Spiritual Pool.

Other than the whirlpool around Lin Ming, there was no other movement.

Lin Ming’s head was also submerged in the Spiritual Pool.

Therefore, Gandulf could only determine Lin Ming’s current situation through Lin Ming’s aura and the whirlpool above.

“How can a Tier 5 Mage absorb so much? Moreover, Lin Ming’s absorption speed is also extremely fast.”

Gandulf looked at Lin Ming in the Spiritual Pool and frowned.

It was impossible for a Tier 5 Mage to absorb so much magic elements in his body?

But now, he also had no way to guess Lin Ming’s method.

After all, a Tier 5 Mage could not liquefy magic elements.

Time passed bit by bit.

Finally, Lin Ming felt the surging magic elements circulating in his body.

Lin Ming had finally completed the liquefaction of the magic elements!

Right now, the magic storages in Lin Ming’s body couldn’t be felt even if he cast the Dazzling Dragon Spell a few times.

This was the perverse aspect of the liquefaction of the magic elements. A drop of magic elements could cast a spell!

Lin Ming stood up in the Spiritual Pool.


Gandulf, who was sensing the magic in Lin Ming’s body, opened his mouth in surprise.

As for the Spiritual Pool, it had become much thinner with Lin Ming’s cultivation.

“Let’s go.”

Gandulf sighed and opened his mouth. No matter what happened, it was normal for Lin Ming.

Now that Lin Ming was his last disciple, he should be happy for Lin Ming.

“What level are you all at?”

As they broke through in the Spiritual Pool one after another, they all asked each other excitedly.

Only Lin Ming didn’t speak. After all, in his opinion, breaking through was a small matter.

Having so many magic elements, allowing him to absorb them at this speed and then compress them, this was the true meaning of coming to the Spiritual Pool.

Under normal circumstances, even if Lin Ming had this idea, the surrounding thin magic elements wouldn’t be able to support him to do so.

“I’ll send you all back to Green Academy.”

Gandulf spoke and led all of them out of the Spiritual Pool.

It didn’t take long before they arrived at Green Academy.

At this moment, the principal of Green Academy had been waiting for a long time.

Gandulf had just landed when Principal Green hurriedly came up to welcome him.

And he felt the changes in the magical aura of each student, and his heart was filled with excitement.

Especially his own grandson, who had also reached the Tier 6!

He was only a third-grade student, yet he already had such a cultivation level.

It could be said that surpassing him was just around the corner.

“Senior Gandulf, you’ve worked hard! The banquet has already been prepared for you.”

Principal Green hurriedly bowed to Gandulf.

“No need.”

Gandulf shook his head and directly rejected Principal Green’s good intentions.

“Lin Ming, I’ll give you three days. You’ll settle everything here. When the three days are over, you’ll follow me back to cultivate.”

Gandulf looked at Lin Ming and said.

“Yes. I understand.”

Lin Ming nodded.

As a Sage Tier Mage, Gandulf’s current actions were already very respectful.

“Lin Ming, you must come.”

Seeing Gandulf leave, Principal Green said to Lin Ming.

Principal Green was extremely grateful to Lin Ming.

Not only had he led his academy and defeated all the opponents, he had been able to hold his head high.

More importantly, all nine of them had levelled up.

Without Lin Ming’s leadership, it would have been impossible.

Of course, all nine of them were extremely grateful.

In the secret realm, they understood what it meant to have someone better than them.

In Green Academy, they were geniuses and the treasures of their teachers.

However, in so many academy competitions, they deeply felt despair.

Even if they were of the same level, it would be difficult for them to resist.

If it wasn’t for the monstrous Lin Ming, they would have been eliminated long ago.

How could they possibly become the first place!

“Let’s go.”

The principal stood beside Lin Ming and said.


Lin Ming nodded. These three days, they were going to resolve these matters around.

After all, there was no need for Lin Ming to be anxious in the field of magic.

After the dust washing banquet ended, Principal Green was clearly drunk.

He brought Lin Ming to his principal’s office.

“Lin Ming, it is our honor to be able to give birth to a talent like you in our Green Academy.”

Principal Green took a deep breath and said.

He knew that even he wouldn’t be able to follow Lin Ming’s footsteps in the future.

“Principal, don’t say that. My growth can not be separated from every bit of Green Academy.”

Lin Ming shook his head. One could not forget one’s roots.

Lin Ming’s magic started from learning in Green Academy.

Without Green Academy, Lin Ming would not have such a good cultivation environment.

“Here, this is for you.”

Principal Green took out an item from his hand.

“This is?”

Lin Ming looked at the item given by the principal and was stunned for a moment.

“Principal, I can’t take this.”

Lin Ming quickly waved his hand and didn’t accept it.

The thing the principal gave Lin Ming was the Spiritual Sail that he had brought them to during the competition.

This was the principal’s face. Now that it was given to Lin Ming, Lin Ming felt that he couldn’t bear it.

“Alright, before we set off, I swore in my heart that if our academy could get first place this time, I have nothin special in hands, only this Spiritual Sail can be considered decent. Today, I’ll give it to you. There’s no need to reject it.”

Principal Green opened his mouth and said.

Just as he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Lin Ming to reject and directly stuffed the Spiritual Sail into his hand.

“Principal, you’re a little drunk right now…”

The current Principal Green gave it to Lin Ming through the effects of alcohol.

Lin Ming had just obtained a divine artefact, so he actually didn’t have much need for the Spiritual Sail.

“Although I drank, I wasn’t drunk.”

Principal Green shook his head and still stuffed it into Lin Ming’s hand.

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