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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 84 - The Focus of Everyone
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Chapter 84: The Focus of Everyone

He had been in Green Academy for such a long time. If the academy produced such a student, then his position as principal would be worth it.

Thus, he didn’t feel any heartache about gifting the Spiritual Sail.

In any case, he had obtained this Spiritual Sail. Among all the principals, he didn’t have much face to speak of.

But Lin Ming’s appearance made him the focus of everyone.

It also made all the academies understand that Green Academy could not be bullied.

“Lin Ming, remember, you must learn magic from Senior Gandulf. You must know that Senior Gandulf still accepted you as his first disciple after your performance in the secret realm. He is also under a lot of pressure.”

The principal looked at Lin Ming and said seriously.

The pressure that Gandulf brought when he accepted Lin Ming was not Lin Ming’s monstrous.

After all, Lin Ming had advanced and become a Tier 5 Mage. As a Sage Tier Mage, he had no problem teaching him.

The pressure he faced came from the pressure of the various empires.

It could be said that Gandulf accepting Lin Ming was the same as accepting all the trouble Lin Ming had caused after his performance in the competition.

Lin Ming naturally understood this point.

“Principal, you don’t have to say much. I naturally understand. Please help me thank my teacher for teaching me for so long.”

Lin Ming said.

“Thank you too.”

Lin Ming bowed deeply.

“You mean you don’t intend to say goodbye to them?”

Hearing Lin Ming’s words, Principal Green understood what Lin Ming meant.

“A man doesn’t need to say much. When I return, I will hold up the sky!”

Lin Ming nodded. He didn’t like the sadness of parting.

“Okay, I believe in you!”

Principal Green nodded vigorously. He was afraid that he was no longer a match for Lin Ming’s performance now.

“In the future, our Green Academy will be relying on you.”

Principal Green smiled and said.

Although this sentence sounded like a joke, it was also Principal Green’s heartfelt words.

“Principal, I’m leaving!”

Lin Ming said goodbye again and left the principal’s office.

“Are you ready?”

At this time, Gandulf appeared beside Lin Ming.

“Yes, Master. Let’s set off.”

Lin Ming nodded and said.


Gandulf didn’t dawdle. The two of them were surrounded by magic and quickly left Green Academy.

“Today, you rest first. Tomorrow, we’ll continue our cultivation.”

Gandulf brought Lin Ming to a deep mountain.

Although this place looked remote, it had everything.

This was the place where Gandulf had previously cultivated.

For so many years, he had been guarding the castle.

Now that the Stupa had recognized Lin Ming as its Master, including the secret realm castle, all of them had fused into Lin Ming’s body.

So now, he brought Lin Ming back to this place.


Lin Ming nodded. In the past few days, Lin Ming had also felt tired.

“Bai Han.”

Lin Ming entered his room and called out to Bai Han.

“Yes, Master.”

Bai Han’s figure appeared in front of Lin Ming.

“When we were in the Spiritual Pool, you said that there was a Spiritual Pool in the Stupa?”

Lin Ming remembered this matter, but he didn’t have the time to communicate with Bai Han.

“Yes, Master. When you reach Tier 6, you can open the second level of the secret realm according to the strength of your magic.”

“In the second level of the secret realm, there is a Spiritual Pool.”

“And the Spiritual Pool in the Stupa, whether in terms of purity or capacity, is far superior to the Spiritual Pool where Master was just now.”

Bai Han, who was at the side, said repeatedly.

He did not say that if one wanted to open the secret realm, an ordinary mage would need to be at least at Tier 8 to have this ability and qualification.

Now, Lin Ming was only at Tier 5, but he already had the liquefying magic elements that only mages above the Tier 8 had.

If he broke through to the Tier 6, it would be even more terrifying.

Therefore, he guessed that Lin Ming would be able to break through the second level of the secret realm when he reached Tier 6!

“I understand.”

Lin Ming nodded.

Just one more level and he would be able to break through the second level of the secret realm.

Moreover, the Spiritual Pool that Bai Han mentioned far surpassed the Spiritual Pool that he was in just now.

If he could cultivate in the second level of the secret realm’s Spiritual Pool, that would be extremely fast. Reaching the Sage Tier would only be a matter of time.

“I’m going to enter a meditative state. You should enter the Stupa first.”

Lin Ming glanced at Bai Han and said.

“Master, I don’t have any dormant state. When you have a breakthrough in your meditation, I can protect you. Of course, I’ll listen to your orders.”

Bai Han didn’t immediately enter the Stupa. Instead, he spoke again.

“You’re just a spirit body. What kind of power can you release?”

Lin Ming heard Bai Han’s words and asked.

If he was in an unstable environment and had a breakthrough in cultivation, he would indeed need someone to protect him.

“The power that I can release depends on your power, Master. Now that you are a Tier 5 Mage, I am also a Tier 5 Mage.”

“But if you are really in danger, you can summon the Stupa to suppress it.”

Bai Han explained.

“Is it the same as my power?”

A Tier 5 Mage was not very strong. Lin Ming’s question was the main point.

Lin Ming’s Tier 2 Magic could defeat a Tier 4 Mage. It still depended on the person.

“Yes, it’s exactly the same as Master. However, as your slave, I can’t do other secrets on you.”

Bai Han nodded and said.

“I don’t have any other secrets, just look the same as I do on the surface.”

Lin Ming didn’t say anything else.

What? Was he trying to get the black flame for himself?

“Yes, Master! It’s Bai Han who’s talking too much.”

Bai Han quickly said.

He firmly believed that Lin Ming could walk to the same step as his original Master.

Therefore, he was extremely loyal to Lin Ming now.

Otherwise, as the spiritual artefact, he wouldn’t have explained everything so clearly.

“It’s fine. If you don’t feel tired, you can stay by my side and protect me.”

Lin Ming waved his hand. Now, the Stupa belonged to him completely.

Therefore, even if there were some secrets, he didn’t mind being seen by Bai Han, the spiritual artefact.

Moreover, Lin Ming could also feel Bai Han’s loyalty.

“Yes, Master.”

Bai Han nodded and was able to protect his Master. This was a great honor for the spiritual artefact.

Lin Ming closed his eyes and immediately entered a meditative state.

The magic elements in Lin Ming’s body were still saturated.

Lin Ming closed his eyes. After a while, he lay on the bed and fell asleep.

Bai Han watched Lin Ming’s actions from the side and continued to guard Lin Ming.

The next day.


Lin Ming woke up early in the morning and stood in front of Gandulf’s room to greet him.

Although there weren’t so many formalities, Lin Ming still had to show this kind of respect.


Gandulf walked out of the room.

“Let’s go into the deep mountains.”

Gandulf walked in front and didn’t use his magic power. Instead, he strode forward.

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