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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 89 - Fiery Phoenix Spell!
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Chapter 89: Fiery Phoenix Spell!

After all, even at the current level of the Spiritual Pool, it was enough for him to cultivate.

Even if the Stupa was damaged, the Spiritual Pool in it was rare in this world.

Lin Ming closed his eyes in the Spiritual Pool.

And as he closed his eyes, his body once again crazily absorbed magic elements.

Although he didn’t use magic power during the day, as his physical potential was fully stimulated.

The liquid magic that was already saturated in his body couldn’t fill his body now.

A night passed quickly.

When Lin Ming stood up in the Spiritual Pool, his aura changed again.

The magic elements in his body were no longer liquid.

The magic elements in his body had also become granular!

This proved that Lin Ming’s body contained a terrifying amount of magic!

Lin Ming left the Stupa and went to GanDULF’s room to greet him again.


Gandulf saw Lin Ming’s aura change again, and he wanted to say something but stopped.

This kid’s growth speed was so fast?

Moreover, he could feel that although Lin Ming had just broken through to a Tier 5 Mage, Lin Ming had already reached the peak of Tier 5.

This kind of growth speed could only be described as terrifying.

“Master, what are we practing today?”

Lin Ming looked at Gandulf and asked.

Although he didn’t want Gandulf to be so shocked all the time, Lin Ming wouldn’t tell Gandulf about the matter of the Stupa.

Regardless of whether GanDULF was sincere to him or not, there were some secrets that couldn’t be revealed.

“Today, I will teach you a spell. What spell do you want to practice?”

Gandulf spoke directly. Last night, he did not sleep at all. He was also thinking, if he were to teach this monstrous Lin Ming, what should he teach next?

“Attack spell.”

Lin Ming spoke. Now, he did not need defensive spells that much.

After all, a Fire-controlling Spell was enough for him to use as a Tier 5 Mage.

In addition, the magic elements in Lin Ming’s body were granulated, so even if it was a Fire-controlling Spell, it provided Lin Ming with an extremely strong defense.

“Okay, let me see your Dazzling Dragon Spell first.”

Gandulf nodded and said to Lin Ming.


Lin Ming nodded, and a strong flame spell appeared behind him.

Now that Lin Ming had cast a Dazzling Dragon Spell, he didn’t feel anything at all.

In the beginning, Lin Ming could only cast two Dazzling Dragon Spells at most, and he needed magic potions to replenish his magic.

And now, a Dazzling Dragon Spell had covered the whole area!

“Are you sure that your Dazzling Dragon Spell is an offensive spell that you used when you were at Tier 3?”

Looking at the Dazzling Dragon Spell that Lin Ming was casting, Gandulf smacked his lips and asked.

This Dazzling Dragon Spell was a little too powerful.

“Master, this was indeed learned at Tier 3.”

Lin Ming nodded. However, this Dazzling Dragon Spell was not simple. After the system’s repair, it became even more powerful. After levelling up, it had reached Tier 8!

In addition to Lin Ming’s current granulation of magic elements, this Dazzling Dragon Spell looked particularly powerful.

“Today, I will teach you my famous ultimate skill, the Fiery Phoenix Spell!”

Gandulf said.

He also realized that ordinary magic could not be satisfied with a monster like Lin Ming.

Therefore, at this time, he directly taught his famous ultimate skill to Lin Ming.

“Fiery Phoenix Spell?”

Hearing this name, Lin Ming felt a little familiar.

After all, this spell was recorded in the records. Of course, in the records of Green Academy, there was only one name.

“Remember, before using the Fiery Phoenix Spell, you must crazily compress the magic in your body.”

“Of course, after crazily compression, when you first learn and release it, you will easily hurt yourself.”

“Alright, you have to remember this well.”

After Gandulf finished his instructions, he began to teach.

“Ding! Host has learned the Fiery Phoenix Spell. Do you want to level up?”

As Gandulf taught, the system’s voice sounded.

“Level pp!”

Lin Ming levelled up immediately, but he didn’t release it immediately.

After all, to Lin Ming, the process still needed to be pretentious.

Otherwise, Gandulf was already so old, and he wouldn’t be like Reg, who could withstand all kinds of blows.

“How do you feel?”

After careful teaching and explaining every detail, Gandulf asked.

“It’s almost done.”

Lin Ming nodded and said.


Gandulf thought that Lin Ming wouldn’t remember after saying so much. He was already prepared to explain it a second time.

But Lin Ming actually said that he remembered it at this time?

“When you practice later, you must remember to be careful. This spell took me more than half a year of cultivation before I was able to release a rough outline.”

“So you mustn’t be too hasty, lest you hurt yourself.”

Although it was Gandulf’s first time as a teacher, he was careful enough.

“Yes, I understand.”

Lin Ming nodded.

“Try practicing today. I will check it tomorrow. Then, I will guide you to the next step.”

After saying that, Gandulf turned around and left.

Meanwhile, Lin Ming opened the skill panel.

“Ding, your Fiery Phoenix Spell has been upgraded. Your current level is beginner (Level 1) !”

“Ding, your proficiency in the Fiery Phoenix Spell has increased. Current level is beginner (Level 2) !”

“Ding, your proficiency in the Fiery Phoenix Spell has increased. Current level is beginner (level 3) !”

[ ding, your… ]

With Lin Ming’s constant tapping, his proficiency in the Fiery Phoenix Spell had actually reached Tier 9!

One had to know that the Dazzling Dragon Spell was only Tir 8.

It was powerful enough to allow Lin Ming to kill someone who was two tiers higher than him!

Now, the upper limit of the Fiery Phoenix Spell was even higher.

The higher the upper limit, the greater the potential!

However, as a Sage Tier Mage, Gandulf’s famous technique would definitely surpass that of Green Academy.

Lin Ming walked some distance and released the Fiery Phoenix Spell.

He didn’t want to disturb Gandulf now. Otherwise, Gandulf wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight.

If he could release theFiery Phoenix Spell so quickly, he didn’t even know what he was going to teach.


Lin Ming felt the power of the Fiery Phoenix Spell. He could even feel the aura of life coming from the Fiery Phoenix!

Lin Ming extinguished the fire magic and returned to his room.

Gandulf seemed to feel something in his room, but he shook his head.


Gandulf muttered to himself and entered a meditative state.

“I’d better familiarize myself with the Fiery Phoenix Spell tomorrow.”

Lin Ming didn’t want to practice it directly today.

Otherwise, this kind of speed was somewhat unrealistic.

After all, Gandulf himself had said that he had cultivated for more than half a year.

Lin Ming once again entered the Stupa and began to break through!

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