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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 9
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Chapter 9: The Auction in the Black Market

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In the VIP box.

A beautiful woman with a cold expression appeared.

She was wearing gorgeous clothes, and her blue eyes were emitting a chill..

As long as one was a regular in the fighting arena, they would naturally recognize this cold and elegant woman.

She was the real owner of the fighting arena — Ernest Lin.

“Not bad, it’s quite interesting.”

“I hope to see him in the intermediate fighting arena.”

Looking at the mysterious contestant number 101 in the fighting arena, Ernest’s red lips moved slightly, and her beautiful eyes curved like crescent moons, making her looked even colder and more alluring.

Behind her, the two managers of the fighting arena covered their chests with their right hands and leaned over. They replied in unison, “Don’t worry, it won’t be long before he enters the intermediate fighting arena.”


As the two of them looked up, Ernest Lin walked out of the VIP box.

As Tier 4 Warriors, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Not only was Ernest the owner of the fighting arena, but she was also a Tier 6 Assassin. She was very powerful.

There were even several professionals of the same realm who had died under her hands…

The two of them knew clearly that Ernest’s words were to recruit this mysterious mage.

On the field.

Lin Ming had consumed a bottle of magic power recovery potion, and the magic power in his body had almost recovered in an instant.

Until now, there was still no one who dared to enter the field.

“The tenth contestant, forfeits!”

“Today’s match ends here!”

The referee announced loudly.

The audience on the field was silent. No one left as usual.

The terrifying power displayed by the mage on the field had long surpassed their understanding.

They looked at Lin Ming with doubt and anticipation.

Some people even began to urge the referee anxiously.

“Referee, have you forgotten the rules?”

“That’s right, what are you waiting for?”

“Hurry up and ask him if he will continue to participate in the intermediate fighting arena?”

Only then did the referee come back to his senses.

There was indeed such a rule in the fighting arena.

All the contestants who had won ten consecutive matches would be asked if they would like to continue in the next level fighting arena, in order to arrange the competition in advance.

After all, the difference between each fighting arena was very big.

At least half of the contestants would choose to give up the competition after winning ten consecutive matches.

Perhaps in the low-level fighting arena, one could completely crush others.

But in the intermediate fighting arena, one would be the target to kill.

The intermediate fighting arena was the world of all kinds of professionals!

“Dear Mage, do you choose to participate in the intermediate fighting arena?”

“If you choose to participate, the fighting arena will give you 500 gold coins.”

The referee quickly bowed and said. He had just received an order from the management that the man in front of him must participate in the intermediate fighting arena.

Of course, this 500 gold coins was specially given to Lin Ming.

The other contestants did not receive such treatment.

The corners of Lin Ming’s mouth rose slightly. He had wanted to continue participating, but he did not expect the arena to give him an additional 500 gold coins?

“I will.”

Lin Ming nodded and replied.

“Dear Mage, where do you live? The intermediate fighting arena’s competition will be arranged for tomorrow.”

“When the time comes, I will send someone specially to pick you up.”

The referee felt slightly relax, and he quickly asked happily.

When the audience heard Lin Ming’s answer, they became excited.

In their opinion, Lin Ming’s strength could completely run amok in the intermediate fighting arena. They were very much looking forward to the mage’s gorgeous ‘performance’.

After rejecting the referee.

Lin Ming took his Magic Crystal Card and disappeared from the fighting arena.

He did not want too many people to understand him.

After leaving the fighting arena, Lin Ming found a place with no one around and took off his mask.

He prepared to walk around the huge black market.

Although the black market here was not the largest black market in the Yan Lan Dukedom.

There were all kinds of things.


Lin Ming’s gaze was attracted by a few shouts.

He saw hundreds of people gathered not far away.

In the center, there was a kind-looking old man with two Tier 3 Warriors protecting him.

“Next, it’s the muscle-strengthening pill!”

“You only need to take one pill to recover from your muscles and bones injuries in a week. The price isn’t very high. You only need 10 gold coins!”

“Of course, the rule is still that the highest bidder geta it!”

The kind-looking old man raised the bottle in his hand and introduced.

A hint of arrogance appeared on his face.

“I bid 11 gold coins!”


“20 gold coins!”


Very soon, there were people who scrambled to bid.

In the end, it was bought by a two-star Swordsman for 25 gold coins.


Lin Ming sized up the kind-looking old man. From the badge on his chest, he recognized that he was a Tier 2 Alchemist.

Lin Ming was slightly shocked.

One had to know.

The tier of an alchemist was similar to other professions.

A Tier 2 Alchemist could sell the medicine he refined for 25 gold coins?

If one was a Tier 4 or Tier 5 Alchemist, the medicine one refined would probably be worth 100 gold coins!

“Looks like I have to give it a try in the future to see if I can become an alchemist.”

Lin Ming muttered and disappeared into the black market.

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