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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 93 - It’s Impossible
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Chapter 93: It’s Impossible

Although the Fiery Phoenix spell was Gandulf’s signature move, it was unchallenging compared to Fiery Curtain and Air Blast Spell. The latter was also known as the nightmare of a mage’s cultivation.

Lin Ming lowered his head and answered truthfully, “I have no more questions, Master.” He had already maxed out his proficiency level, and he was now no more inferior than Gandulf’s mastery. In terms of details, Lin Ming might have outdone Gandulf—the system itself would fix some of the flaws in the cultivation technique, after all.

“No more questions? Are you sure you remember everything?” Gandulf thought he could be a mentor for once. But he least expected Lin Ming would be able to remember such complicated spells—no questions even.

“Yes, Master.” Lin Ming nodded. It was true he didn’t have any questions.

“Alright, continue your cultivation for the day. Come and find me if you have any questions.” Gandulf sighed. After taking in such a disciple, he felt a sense of defeat as his teacher.

“Yes.” Lin Ming nodded again. He was not planning to display his outcome in front of Gandulf. In just two days, Gandulf had taught him three spells. These three spells were powerful—surpassing any of them in Green Magic Academy—and three different domains. They filled up what Lin Ming had lacked.

Now that Lin Ming had learned a hovering spell that was rare to have obtained, he could soar into the sky before reaching the Sage Tier. The real reason why Gandulf had asked Lin Ming to continue his cultivation was that Gandulf didn’t believe Lin Ming could master either of these two spells within a day.

“Wait!” Gandulf, who was about to turn around, suddenly called. He thought his ideas could no longer apply to Lin Ming. A monster like Lin Ming didn’t play by the rules at all.

Lin Ming faced Gandulf. “What’s wrong, Master?”

Gandulf hesitated for seconds before speaking. “Cast the two spells I taught you yesterday.” It was forgivable if Lin Ming hadn’t mastered them yet—even if he managed to cast them, Gandulf could give him some pointers.

“Which one, Master?” Lin Ming asked.

“Which one? Did you…” Gandulf lost his words. “Let’s begin with the Fiery Curtain first.” He picked an uncomplicated spell.

“Okay.” As Lin Ming nodded, magic elements instantly gathered around his body, condensing rapidly to form a shield surrounding Lin Ming. It was sturdy and could withstand many attacks.

“What?” Gandulf was stunned. Lin Ming had cast the spell with ease. If Gandulf were to use it now, there would be no difference other than a more prominent effect. The distinct would arise from his status as a Sage Tier Mage.

“You…” Gandulf stuttered before recovering—Lin Ming was a monster, to begin with—and he rubbed his head as if to comfort himself.

“Master, is there anything that needs to be corrected?” As Lin Ming sensed the awkward atmosphere, he could not help but wanted to ease it.

Gandulf took a deep breath. “No. You performed well.” Was Lin Ming showing off? Looking at Lin Ming’s serious look, Gandulf knew he took it wrong—Lin Ming was seeking advice humbly.

“Thank you for your guidance, Master! You taught me well.” Lin Ming hurriedly bowed in case the atmosphere froze again.

Gandulf could no longer stand Lin Ming’s humble bragging and waved his hand. “All right, shut up.” He changed the topic. “How’s your Air Blast Spell?” No matter how insanely talented he was, using one day to master Fiery Curtain must have been Lin Ming’s limit, Gandulf thought.

“It’s overpowering. I’ve been practicing since yesterday,” Lin Ming answered—he didn’t feel like using the spell now. He was worried it would be too much for Gandulf.

Gandulf collected himself before asking again, “I asked you how your cultivation is going.”

“It’s going well.” It was the best answer Lin Ming could come up with for now.

“Well?” Gandulf had no idea why Lin Ming’s answer had made his heart pounded. He depicted Lin Ming’s words this way—he was almost done with his cultivation, perfecting his mastery.

“Come, show me how it goes,” Gandulf encouraged. He wanted to witness Lin Ming’s improvement and see how well he claimed to have “grasped” the spell.

“Of course.” Lin Ming inhaled a deep breath and flew into the air. There was no point hiding from Gandulf anymore—although such insanity would only attract jealousy, Gandulf would never be one of them.

“What is going on? It’s impossible!” With his eyes stuck to Lin Ming in the air, Gandulf was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe Lin Ming had picked up two complex spells in one day, mastering them to the highest level—only reaching the highest level of the Air Blast Spell could the user hover in the air. And now that Lin Ming was floating in the air with complete control, it meant his cultivation had maxed out, and his command was perfect.

That was impossible—a Sage Tier Mage like Gandulf would never be able to master it in such a short period. He couldn’t even catch up to half of Lin Ming.

“Master!” Lin Ming had already landed. Looking at Gandulf, he cupped his fists.

Gandulf was at a loss for words. Someone took two days to become an expert in using his signature spell, his trump card. If he hadn’t taken Lin Ming in, he would’ve believed Lin Ming was here to trash him. Gandulf stared at him in seriousness. “How did you do it?”

“After you taught me the two spells, I felt a special connection with them. So it took me little time to cultivate them.” Lin Ming made up a reason.

Gandulf was magnanimous—he would never be jealous of Lin Ming for his insane talent. Even if Lin Ming owned the Divine Artifact, Borobudur, Gandulf did not have any devious thoughts. However, if Lin Ming confessed about the system, then everything would change. It was every man for himself.

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