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Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points
Chapter 95 - Increase By 30%
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Chapter 95: Increase By 30%

Three spells in two days—though Lin Ming was learning at an incredulous speed, perfecting his skills, Gandulf was oblivious about the system. He was more worried that Lin Ming would bite off more than he could chew. All the spells he had learned so far were sufficient, surpassing any other Tier 6 Mage.

“Yes, Master.” Lin Ming nodded.

With his Fiery Phoenix Spell being an attack spell with a Level 9 proficiency, he had no problems in battle, not forgetting mastering defense spell and speed buff. Lin Ming did not plan to advance further but remained at Tier 6 in the coming month—he needed to strengthen his foundation. Of course, he had his plans.

“Bai Han.” After entering his room, Lin Ming spoke.

“Yes, Master.” Bai Han showed up and stood respectfully in front of him.

“The previous master of the Stupa had exceeded the Sage Tier, am I correct?” Lin Ming asked—Bai Han might provide more insight into the Juncture and its mystery.

“Yes, Master.” Was Lin Ming finally approaching that level? Bai Han wondered. Although Lin Ming was only a Tier 6 mage, he was unmistakably qualified.

As Lin Ming guessed it right, he continued to probe, “Could you tell me why the strongest tier for mages in this world is only Sage Tier?”

“It’s because the azure and earth have been damaged and could no longer breed a more powerful existence.” Bai Han had been around for a long time, his knowledge vast.

“The azure and earth have been damaged?” Lin Ming frowned. They looked all the same to him.

“The Holy War between the Gods and Demons has damaged the azure and earth,” Bai Han explained.

“So, do you know about the Juncture that would lead to the answer of the Sage Tier Mage’s breakthrough?”

“Master, I have been trapped in the tower for a long time. After acknowledging you as my lord, I could only leave the inner part of the Stupa. Therefore, there are certain things that I am not too clear about.” Bai Han scratched his head.

“I understand.” So far, the information was enough—Lin Ming knew he couldn’t find every answer to his doubts from Bai Han. If so, it would mean nothing to travel to the Juncture.

Bai Han did not return, but instead, he spoke again. “According to my guess, Master, it should be related to fate.”

“Fate?” Lin Ming’s brows furrowed. As expected, Sage Tier-related issues weren’t as easy as they seemed.

“As for the rest, I have no idea.”

As Bai Han returned to the Stupa, Lin Ming followed behind. “Forget it. I’ll need to search for the answers in the Juncture.” He stepped into the Lightning Pool. Feeling the sharp pain and numbness in his body, he entered a meditative state—though difficult for commoners. It required high endurance and concentration.

Time passed quickly, and Lin Ming spent every day in the Lightning Pool. On the seventh day, when Lin Ming approached the pool center, he could absorb the lightning energy inside. It was a discovery for him! While he refined his body, he absorbed the lightning energy ravingly. In the process, his bone structure began to change.

During the final few days, traces of lightning flashed across Lin Ming’s warm, jade-like skin. And on the last day, every cell in his bones, flesh, and blood was charged with lightning powers. Even after he left the pool, his body continued to take in more lightning elements. And the spells he cast—they contained lightning magic, too.

Lin Ming now had a certain degree of resistance to lightning attacks.

At night before the day of their departure, Gandulf called, “Lin Ming!”

“Master!” Lin Ming had just finished his training in the Lightning Pool.

“We will set off tomorrow. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready.” Lin Ming had nothing to prepare.

When Gandulf studied Lin Ming, his brows pulled together. “Did your realm not change in the past month?” He had advised Lin Ming to slow down, but now Lin Ming had no improvements.

“I didn’t want to rush it, Master. So I didn’t breakthrough.” To Lin Ming, tiers weren’t everything. But his growth was tremendous—it was better than staying in the Spirit Pool for a month.

“Mm-hmm. I believe in you.” Ganfuld nodded. He sensed that Lin Ming’s foundation was even more solid—Lin Ming had improved in other areas. “You have a good rest for the night. Prepare what you need to prepare. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

“Also, this spiritual treasure is for you as a reward for entering the Juncture on behalf of me.” Gandulf pulled out a magic staff from his ring and handed it to Lin Ming. Lin Ming took it without hesitation.

Holding the staff in his hand, Lin Ming felt as if his breathing had become smoother. A system notification appeared. “Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Staff of Blazing Power. With this magic staff, you will be able to release fire magic. The magic effects will increase by 30%!”

30%! Lin Ming gasped internally. He wasn’t disappointed with Gandulf’s gifts. The 30% buff he received was a qualitative improvement to his powers.

“Thank you, Master!” Lin Ming bowed in excitement.

“No thanks needed. Do not leave me behind if you ever found the clues in the Juncture.” Gandulf waved his hand, speaking his mind. He had another motive in giving his precious spiritual treasure to Lin Ming.

While Lin Ming saw through him, he didn’t mind at all.

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