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Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Nana-ri no Kikōshi
Chapter 53 - Eduart Aurelia’s Investigation Record
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Chapter 53: Eduart Aurelia’s Investigation Record

■ Historia Electrum

Classification type      : Black

Class number              : 0004

Date                               : 1880/07/01

Place                              : Karkinos · Ignitia’s territory 〈City of Reconquest〉, Margrave Ode-Ignitia’s residence, Sanctuary Tower

The room made of stone was divided into two by iron bars.

The interior was dim, and couldn’t be determined whether it was day or night.

The surface of the floor was sandy and the air was dry.

There were two people in the room.

On the other side of the iron bars, Louis Ode-Ignitia was sitting on a simple chair.

On this side, a secretary wearing the emblem of the Ignitia royal family headed to the desk with a pen in hand and observed Louis.

The heavy iron door opened.

Three people consisted of Eduart Aurelia, Elric Actorius, and Klaus Harvan entered the room.

Louis gave a sidelong glance and confirmed the appearances of the people who just entered.

The secretary stood up and left the room passing by the three people.

Eduart put the chair where the secretary sat before in front of Louis and sat down.

Elric and Klaus were standing at the right rear and left rear, respectively, of Eduart.

Elric pressed a handkerchief on his sweaty forehead, and Klaus was also wiping the sweats that were dripping down his chin unpleasantly with his sleeve.

However, Eduart and Louis kept a calm expression without sweating.

“Hm, so today is you, huh. Eduart Aurelia.

I will tell you, even if you asked me many times, my argument will stay the same.”

“I’m sorry for betraying your expectations.

But today I’m not here to ask you about the crime you have committed.”

“What did you say?”

The expression of Louis became steep hearing the words of Eduart.

Klaus stared at Eduart with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Oi, Eduart—”

“Klaus-kun, you don’t need to worry.

You ought to do it as we have discussed.

It’s just that the content of the interrogation will change just a bit.”

Eduart handed one piece of amber with the size of a bean to Klaus.

Klaus swallowed the words he wanted to speak and started to cast a spell.

Spell cards were deployed throughout the room, and a magical light similar to the moonlight shone.

As the magic circle was completed, Historia Electrum was established.

After this, several types of magic observation results including Glam Sight were added to the record information.

Elric also prepared a staff and spell cards.

After preparing so he would be able to cast at any time, Elric made eye contact with Eduart.

“Today is awfully grandiose. What are you going to do to me?”

“It’s just a little chat. Please be at ease.

That’s right, for example……have you gotten used to your new life?”

“What, have you come to ridicule me? You sure have a lot of free time, Eduart.”

Louis glared at Eduart as he reclined on the shabby chair.

“Hm. How could I get used to this. This is the worst.

This room has a poor ventilation, it’s dusty, and it’s hot.

The meal is also unpleasant. And the bed is hard.

Who the heck do you think I am. In the first place, you guys are supposed to be charged for lese majeste.”

“Unfortunately, your ‘Kingdom’ is only limited to the inside of that iron bars.

Stop forcing your delusion into this side.”

Listening to Eduart’s response, Louis clicked his tongue.

“Delusion? What you see is the reality, Eduart.”

“Reality, huh…… Apparently, there seems to be a discrepancy between mine and your reality.

Can you explain about the ‘reality’ you think of?”

“That’s fine. Listen carefully.

And think carefully. Together with the hanger-on behind you.

It’s better for you to sit, I will explain it so that even fools can also understand it.”

Louis leaned forward in his chair and lowered his voice.

“Listen, I am the legitimate successor to the Ignitia’s throne.”

Eduart shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m tired of hearing that claim.”

“Because you don’t understand, it is getting repeated many times.

I feel a little sorry for you.

Today there is no that abominable foolish older brother of mine, and the secretary that Henry had handed over was taken away by you.

……I will add special, important judgment materials.”

“I see. I hope that this will not be a boring conversation.”

“Far from boring, it will shock you to the core.

What I’m going to do is to talk about the dark side of Ignitia.”

As Louis finished his words, he raised his lips in a form of a smile.

“I have a higher opinion of you, Eduart, than any of the other foolish people.

You are not as good as I am, but you are an excellent guy.

That’s why, after you listen to this story, you would want to get to this side.”

Eduart silently urged him to continue.

“My argument that the current King, Henry, is an usurper has a firm basis.

It is impossible to say these things in front of the people who have only breathed the present government.

Of course, there’s no need to say anything about what I said here.”

“Alright. I swear to God, that what you said here won’t leave this room.”

“You are someone who doesn’t believe a thing about something like God, do not spout oaths to God carelessly.

Swear to the most important thing to you.”

Then, Eduart was contemplating it for several seconds.

Eduart raised one hand and declared.

“I swear to my beloved sister, Erica Aurelia.”

“Yosh. The other two also have to do it.”

“Oi, us too?”

“Klaus-kun, Elric, I’m begging you. Please go along with me.”

Klaus and Elric, while being reluctant and shy respectively, were raising their hands.

“Then me too……no, I decided to swear to my sister. Is this OK?”

“I can swear to God normally, right?

I swear to never speak anything I’ve heard here.”

“Alright. I will talk. Be grateful.”

After he said that arrogantly, Louis leaned his body forward once again.

“The First Prince who was the Crown Prince died in a mysterious death in the period when the previous King was in his sickbed.

As you can expect, my father who was the Second Prince should have inherited the throne.

However, in fact it was Henry who was the Third Prince that had inherited the throne.

Don’t you think it is strange?”

Eduart didn’t answer.

Louis kept going without regard.

“This is the first fact. The First Prince was not the only one who died a mysterious death.

His twin sister, the First Princess was also dead at the same time.

Officially, the First Princess was supposed to have died a week earlier, but it was clearly a falsehood.

The First Prince was not present at the funeral of the First Princess due to some ‘illness’.

Also, there was no one who saw the inside of the coffin at the funeral of the First Prince.”

“At that time, you shouldn’t have been born yet.”

“It is the information I gained from reliable sources. The same testimony can be picked up from several other people.”

Louis kept going after a while.

“This is the second fact.

Just before the death of the First Princess was announced, a Count was invited to the Island of Messenger.

The Count was ordered to be the instructor of the newly constructed ground dragon unit and was given a mansion owned by the royal family.

Strangely, although the mansion was prepared the same day, it was only a few days after his arrival that the decree was issued.

Moreover, although the Countess said that she just gave birth to her son, she accompanied her husband to the Island of Messenger.”

“……What are you trying to say?”

“I want to say that the purpose of this sudden imperial command was his wife. Do you understand now?”

Louis glared at Eduart.

Eduart kept smiling and took Louis’ glare head on.

“Do not be stupid. You realized it by now, right?”

“I wonder.”

“The First Princess gave birth before she died.

Or, her child was taken from her womb right after she died.

The invited Countess secretly played the role of a nanny.”

“What did you—”

Klaus suddenly raised his voice.

Eduart looked back and held his forefinger in front of his lips.

Klaus held his mouth with the palm of his hand and retreated one step back.

“If we go by Ignitia’s custom, the firstborn inheritance is the principle.

Let’s assume that my father abandoned his inheritance right unwillingly.

However, if the firstborn of the First Princess had reached adulthood, Henry should return the throne to him.”

“If the child hasn’t abandoned his succession right to the throne, that’s correct.”

“I thought you would say so, Eduart.”

Louis stood up in a dramatic manner.

Looking down at Eduart who was sitting on the chair, Louis continued.

“This is the last piece, Eduart.

Before I was born, my father had abandoned the right to inherit because he didn’t have a child for so many years.

However, despite my father’s abandonment of his succession, I am still ranked third in the succession for the throne.

Have you understood it yet?

I am the First Princess’ child, the True King.”

Louis declared it loudly.

Eduart opened his mouth after being silent for a while.

“Is that your argument?”


“I have listened to your story until the end.

If you have nothing more to say, please sit down.

If it’s true that the throne is behind you.”

“Wha……you bastard……”

Louis’ face flushed in anger at the assertion, but sat down according to Eduart’s words.

“By the way, Louis Ode-Ignitia, how old will you be this year?”

“Why so sudden? How is this concern you?”

“I want to hear a clear answer from your mouth. Humor me.”

“I’m 14 years old. I will be 15 when October comes.”

“So, how many years has passed since His Majesty Henry enthroned?”

“Nineteen……no, it was about 20 years?”

“According to your survey, how many years ago was this incident—the death of the First Prince and the First Princess, happened?”

“It was……twenty years ago……, w-wait, wait a minute……

Eduart, wait, wait please……, I want to take a deep breath.”

Louis’ face was pale.

Eduart shrugged his shoulders and waited for Louis to compose himself.

For two minutes from this point on, only Louis’ breathing sounds were recorded.

“That’s weird. Why is it……I am……, I am supposed to be the First Princess’ secret child……”

“I also thought that it was strange.

You were talking with a smug air about something that was unlikely to have any connection with your legitimacy.”

“W-what did you say?”

“The secret son of the First Princess—I already know who it is.

As long as the person himself doesn’t come forward, I will carry the secret to my grave.

Perhaps, considering his character, he will not claim his position and birthright.”

Eduart turned his gaze to Elric for a moment.

Elric nodded in a miniscule way.

“I’m sure, no matter who asked him, he will never come forward.”

Louis raised his face.

On his forehead, sweats were forming densely.

“Now then, have you calmed down?

Don’t worry, Louis Ode-Ignitia.

Because there is no doubt that you have the blood of the royal family flowed within you.”

“That’s right. I am a legitimate prince of Ignitia……

I can ride a dragon better than anyone.

My dragons are stronger than any other dragons.

I’m different from that swindling bastard Auguste.”

“The swindling bastard here is you, traitor.”


“Nothing. It’s just your imagination. There may have been precedent that chant sounds like a slight curse.”

Klaus shrugged his shoulders, averted his eyes unnaturally, and flipped through his spell cards.

“Well, that’s right. I cannot believe that the ability of His Highness Auguste is fake.

I also used a variety of sensing magic at that time to observe it.”


“But, suppose that in the unlikely event he was faking it, then he had to have done that with unknown means of deceiving all existing sensing magic.

And, although it is an unlikely story, suppose that he had been removed from inheritance due to his lack of riding ability.

Still, there is the Second Prince, His Highness Jules.”

“Jules is only three years old. He is too young to carry the heavy responsibility as a King.”

“His Majesty Henry is still youthful and healthy. As the day when His Highness Jules enthroned came, don’t you think that he would still be young at that time?”


Louis’ breathing became unstable again.

He fell off the chair as if he collapsed and kneeled on the floor.

“That looks painful. Shall I call a doctor?”

“Haah……haah, leave me, alone…… You’re going to……poison me, right……?”

“I don’t care about you, but if you die, Sir Charles would grief.

No, in fact, I do not care about Sir Charles.

To put it the other way, there is no inconvenience even if you are alive. You should live with a peace of mind.”

“Fuguguh……, fuuh……, fuuh……”

Eduart looked back and made a sign to Klaus during the gap when Lois hung his head down.

After Klaus confirmed the numerical values that composed the magic circle, he shook his head slightly towards Eduart.

Eduart’s expression clouded for a moment.

However, Eduart immediately put on a mask of a calm smile and turned towards Louis.

“I, I am the only one who is thinking for the sake of the Kingdom.

Whether the war mania of Henry is enough to bring peace to Ignitia or not.

Charles’ fanaticism is the worst.

He is convinced that the people of the royal family are gods or something.

His tendency to find faults in me, and not once ever deem me acceptable.

His favorite phrase is, ‘By the way, those dirty Gigantia ought to be burned down to the ground by the Holy Flame’, and other careless remarks.”

“That sounds like what Sir Charles would say.

I will agree that he is crazy.

But, his severity for you is probably his expression of love towards you.”

“How foolish. What do you bastards know about that foolish older brother of mine!”

“When we entered Leandez, Charles Ode-Ignitia was the prefect.”

Louis who was beginning to become hysterical calmed down.

With a quiet tone of voice, Elric followed up Eduart’s words.

“Eduart was particularly indebted to Charles-senpai.”

How nostalgic. ‘Dirty Gigantia’—that’s still his favorite phrase, huh.”

“Elric too, you should meet him again.

If you wait in the chapel, you should be able to see his face three times a day.”

“Ahaha, I think I should hold back.”

Elric made a troubled expression while making excuses with a smile on his face.

Louis’ eyes swum between Eduart and Elric.

“You misunderstood a man named Charles Ode-Ignitia.

Ever since he received a report that you were caught, he went to the chapel everyday and prayed for your rehabilitation.

He also cut off alcohol and meat during the festival, and cut down his sleeping hours.

He’s a clumsy man.

Probably not in the form of the kind of favor you want.”

Louis kept kneeling and looked up to the air dazedly.

A wave of intense emotions had left, and a deep, quiet regret arose in his expression.

“Aah……why, why did I……

Eduart, please, tell me.

My dragons are……how are Camellia and Silvetica doing now?

Are they still alive?”

“They are still alive.

They can neither fly nor crawl, but they are alive.”

“It’s because of me……because of me, they are—!”

Camellia, Silvetica, I must apologize to them!

I have done something irreparable……!”

“That’s difficult.

They are on the Ichthyes continent.

For the current you, you will not get the permission to travel or visit them.”

“I see……that’s right……

Why……why, did it end up like this.

They are the dragons that my father had chosen for me……

They are my precious dragons……nevertheless……”

Tears overflowed from Louis’ eyes.

He was quietly crying at the beginning, but gradually his sobs changed into a wail.

“My father was telling me to be an able knight who could assist the King.

Even my stepbrother, he said that he would be the one who governs this land, while I would be the one who protect it.

Why did I……say that I would be the King? Said that I would steal the throne?

To leave this southern land, abandoned my job……

And struck Cursed Nails on my precious dragons……!

Impossible……it can’t be! Why, why!?”

Louis struck both of his fists against the stone floor.

After several times, his skin was torn, blood was bleeding out from his fists, but he didn’t stop.

“Louis Ode-Ignitia, now, can you hear my voice?”

“What, what more……are you going to ask of me……?”

For the first time on that day, Louis gazed straight at Eduart’s eyes.

Eduart also stared right back at Louis’ teary eyes.

“There was a man.

He was on the same grade as me, but he was not very friendly.

I hate that guy, and that guy should also hate me.

If he was asked of what he knows, he would hardly tell the truth.”

Louis listened to the words of Eduart without interrupting the story.

Elric’s expression became dark as he looked down.

“But, there is something definite.”

“What is it?”

“He was never a man who takes care of his family.

Furthermore, he was able to massacre his whole family, something that shouldn’t be possible.

Even if it contained infants in it.”

“Massacre……that, perhaps, you’re referring to the incident of Lucanrant last year, that incident?”

Towards Louis’ question, Eduart confirmed it.

“I didn’t know where he is. And I didn’t know whether he is alive or dead.

But, Louis, you are still here and alive.”


“To be honest, I despise you. In particular, I still hold grudge about Erica’s incident.

However, you shouldn’t be such a tragic person.

There should be some people trying to manipulate you by taking advantage of your ambitiousness and patriotism.

Tell me about the one who incited you.

It’s not too late yet.

If it’s not too late, I’d like you to return to this side.”

Eduart stood before Louis who was on his knees and lowered his back.

When they were facing each other at the same eye level across the iron bars, Eduart offered his hand.

Louis tried to grab the offered hand with his trembling hand.

“Eduart……please……, please help me……help me……”

On the verge of touching hands, Louis hand dropped suddenly.

Louis stood up in a wobbly manner as if he was being pulled up by invisible threads.

“Just kidding~”

A vacant smile showed on Louis’ face.

At the sudden change, Eduart and the other two had a wand each at the ready.

“Eduart Aurelia, your delusion is also large, huh.

Help me.

Nevertheless, at the end you were persuaded by my sob story.

Such a cheap play, it will not be popular even in the theater for general public these days.”

Louis spread his hands next to his face, and swung his body in a dancing-like movements that made him appear like a jester.

His expression still remained rigid in the shape of a smile that was separated from human beings.

“Oi, Eduart, this is—”

“Klaus-kun, is this a mental manipulation?”

“No. Neither Glam Sight nor Analytical Dweomer reacts.

The other sensing spells are the same.

There is no magic in this room except for the magic that we had cast.”

After he exclaimed that, Klaus put in additional spell cards.

A number of sensing spells were expanded and a more detailed analysis would be added.

However, all of them showed that Louis had not received any mental manipulation.

“Hahaha. Of course.

Did you think that I was a poor victim, who was being manipulated by someone?

That’s why, please help me.

What a foolish bunch.

Everything is done by my own will.”

“Louis, you sound as if there are two wills mixed with each other.”

“Hm? What are you talking about?

I was just speaking normally though?

Please help me.

“Elric, it may be useless, but just in case, please make a Protective Circle.”


Elric cast spells and expanded spell cards to surround Louis.

However, Klaus looked at it and raised a voice to stop him.

“No! Don’t use that spell!

Replace the control of the sensing magic, Actorius!”


Elric abandoned the spell that he was casting, and recast the sensing magic.

The performer of the sensing magic switched to Elric.

After this, the accuracy of the observation result slightly decreased.

Klaus deployed a Protective Circle that differs in detail from Elric’s on the whole room.

Louis was looking at the three of them moving about in confusion while smirking.

“Tch! Is it really not mental manipulation?”

“What if we use a spell of mental defense specialization……no, Klaus-kun, continue this way.

Even if only to prevent mental manipulations after this, this is sufficient.”

“As expected, Harvan’s noble son. What an excellent child.

There is no mental manipulation involved in this, I knew this better than anyone else.

Help me.

You are the purest one, the one with the most gaps.

If there is no scary guardian, I will strike you. Help.

Like what I did to Auguste, I will take my time and torment you little by little.”

“You bastard……!”

In response to Klaus’ anger, the magical power supplied to the Protective Circle temporarily increased.

Surplus magical power overflowed from the spell cards, it became phosphorescence and was revolving.

Klaus concentrated his consciousness to supress his emotion and stabilize the magic.

Things like legitimacy comes later.

It was not because the Founder King Guillaume was loved by God that he became the Conquest King.

It was because he was a conqueror, that there is the legend that he was chosen by God.

I am the same. Someone.

After I became the King of Ignitia, I can create a legend like that.

No matter how underhanded the method to take over the kingship was, it’s fine as long as I win.”

“You will sell your own country to the enemy country, Gigantia?”

“That’s right. Help.

To begin with, even today’s Ignitia is allying with enemy countries.

Help me, h e l

The barbarians of Lucanrant, the exclusionism of Harvan.

And the country of madmen, Aurelia.”

Klaus noticed something and trembled.

Several factors, including fear and distress, among the recorded Louis’ emotional components, had disappeared at some point.

“Good job interfering with my plan, Eduart.

But, you know that clashing with me is a mistake on your part.”

Louis lifted his right hand and pointed his finger at Eduart.

“I will predict it, Eduart Aurelia.

Six years after this, your sister—Erica Aurelia will have a horrid death more than anyone else.

At that time, you will be the same as me.”

Louis showed a particularly distorted smile.

Suddenly, power faded out of Louis’ body and he fell to the floor.

Observation results showed that Louis was completely unconscious.

“Elric, summon Charles and a doctor!

Klaus-kun, cast a powerful dispeller that you know!”

Eduart barked out his orders.

The other two started to move with a snap.

Almost at the same time with Elric ran to the door, Eduart also destroyed the iron bars with Disintegrate.

Klaus used Break Enchantment, but there was no change in Louis.

Because Elric had left, the observation by sensing magic had stopped.

The Ignitia’s secretary entered in exchange for Elric.

Eduart extracted medical equipment, wand, medicine, etc. from his own bag.

While briefly explaining the situation to the secretary, Eduart examined Louis.

Klaus used Arcane Disjunction.

It became involved in the magic effect, and the recording stopped.

■ Historia Electrum

Classification type      : Ash

Class number              : 0006

Date                              : 1880/07/01

Place                             : Karkinos · Ignitia’s territory 〈City of Reconquest〉, Margrave Ode-Ignitia’s residence

Klaus Harvan was sitting in a simple, small room.

Eduart Aurelia entered the room and locked the door.

Eduart took a seat in front of Klaus across the table.

“What. Eduart, are you also going to record my testimony?”

“Just to be sure. I don’t doubt you.”

“What about……well, I don’t mind which one it was.

To be honest, I don’t know exactly who I meant.”

Klaus shook his head.

Deep wrinkles were engraved between his eyebrows.

“Klaus-kun. I think that it was a much too severe incident for you who is only a 10-years-old to be involved with……”

“While you were talking with Actorius, I have calmed down a bit.

Your concern is unappreciated. To begin with, it feels unpleasant that you are being thoughtful to me.”

“That’s it, I’m hurt.

……Now then, from your perception, how was Louis like?”

“It is as the recording footage said. I don’t know anything except that.”

“I want a frank opinion about what you think.

Perhaps, you might be aware of what I overlooked.

If not, then it is still meaningful to organize known information.”

Eduart put a sealed amber with faintly shining magical characters that looked like a live charcoal—a Historia Electrum on the table.

Klaus looked into the amber for a while and checked the recorded information.

“As expected, there is no trace that he was being manipulated by mental manipulation nor magic.”

“Other than that?”

“The guy who made Louis like that seems to have a befitting evil-like personality.”

“What is your basis to think so?”

Klaus presented the information recorded in the amber to Eduart.

“Some emotional components were much stronger than ordinary humans.

From the beginning of the recording, they should have been almost the same condition as in normal times.”

“What kind of emotions were they?”

“Love, nostalgia, loneliness, regret, and sorrow.

It is similar to the pattern immediately after the death of a close relative.

Considering what Louis did, I also feel that the story didn’t mesh well.”

“It is a sufficient trigger for a person to break alone.”

Klaus thought deeply at the words of Eduart.

Eduart finished checking the record and handed the amber to Klaus again.

Klaus muttered while rolling the amber in his hand.

“When did Louis’ parents died?”

“It was four years ago. Both of them at once.

It was an unfortunate accident.

Charles and Louis wouldn’t have been prepared to do anything.”

“……I see.”

Klaus and Eduart fell silent.

After a while, Klaus opened his mouth to say something.

“However, as four years already passed……”

“Is it unnatural?”

“……How should I know? I have never lost my immediate family.

I merely know about the mental state that can be derived from the combination of the emotional components from a lecture.

I don’t know anything about raw emotions that are not entwined with magic.”

Klaus cut his words and looked at the palm of his hand.

“No, there was a moment when I thought that I have lost an important person.

Although that person was barely saved at the last minute.

If I had lost that person, I—”

Klaus looked at Eduart.

“Right, didn’t Louis say something similar?”

“The prediction……huh……”

“Is Erica okay?”

“If Louis really had something like a precognition ability, it seems to fluctuate so as not let us pick his mistake.”

“That’s true, but……”

Klaus seemed to be full of agony.

Eduart looked at Klaus and shrugged his shoulders.

“To tell the truth, I cannot keep my composure either.

When I heard Louis’ words, I was very frightened that I felt like all the blood in my whole body froze.”

“Even you felt like that, huh.”

“Hahaha, Klaus-kun, what do you think I am?”

Klaus kept silent while supporting a dark expression.

“I am the weak one in my heart.

For this reason, I can imagine how Louis was corrupted.

If I were Louis, what is the most painful thing for me?

And at the same time, ‘what would I do if I my mind broke?’”

“Wait. From the way you said it, it sounds as if Louis’ circumstances were set up by someone.”

“Aah, I believe that it was completely arranged.

Charles who was on bad terms with Louis graduated from the school and returned to his home.

The death of his parents that occurred shortly thereafter, the inheritance of Charles.

It was at the same time that the dragons of Auguste were supposed to hatch.

At this timing, if one or two uncertain factors occurred at the same time……”

The smile disappeared from Eduart’s face and he turned serious.

Klaus caught Eduart’s challenging gaze head on.

“You, do you laugh when you did too good?”

“I cannot laugh, I cannot laugh at all.

With someone who had corrupt and kill others is on the loose.

……I could have lost my sister at a critical time.”

“That’s right. Everyone can be in the same position as Louis.

Just a few mistakes in gears will cause destiny to roll in a completely different direction.”

Eduart finished his words.

Klaus kept thinking silently.

After a while, Klaus remembered the existence of amber in his hand and put it on the table.

Eduart took the amber from the table and operated it.

The playback of Historia Electrum stopped, the letters on the amber changed to indicate sealing.

Eduart put the amber, and took out two keys from his pocket and placed them in front of Klaus.

“I’m counting on you, so I will entrust this to you.”

“What are these keys?”

“The light of stars will gather in one place. When all the lights have disappeared from this world, that star will be the last light……maybe.”

“Where is the place?”

“You will know when the time comes.”


“For example, when I died and couldn’t protect Erica.”

Klaus stood up kicking the chair.

Eduart made an unfathomable smile on his face.

“Eduart, you……!”

“It’s only in case of an emergency. I will not entrust my precious little sister so easily to you.”

Eduart rose quietly and turned his back to Klaus.

“……Now then, I have kept talking with you this long.

We have to consult with Sir Charles on how to deal with Louis who didn’t wake up like this.”

“Wait, Eduart.”

Eduart who was stopped looked back at him.

Klaus took out one envelope from the inner pocket of his robe.

“Don’t say to anyone that I handed this to you.

It is supposed to only be shown to the people of Harvan.”

“What’s inside?”

“A copy of the spell that I found out when Louis fainted just now.

I couldn’t see the magic that caused his coma.

However, in case of multiple camouflaged magic, most of them could be analyzed.

Look at the name of the performer.”

Eduart opened the folded parchment and closed it immediately.

“Cain Grendell……the name of the last King of Cascadia.”

“Don’t say that name in front of the people of the East and North. I cannot guarantee your life.”

“Do you think it’s real?”

“Who knows. Whether it’s genuine or fake, he was supposed to be killed and buried secretly.”

“This, why me?”

“It’s not for your sake. I just don’t want to see the sad face of Erica. So, it’s for my own sake.”

Eduart put the envelope in the inner pocket of his outer jacket carefully.

“Thank you. This will help.”

“Be careful, Eduart.

It seems that the title ‘Lunatic King’ was corresponding to his skills.”

“Klaus-kun, you also need to be sufficiently careful.

The curse on the necklace that lured you siblings to the extremely dangerous place……the performer was also called Cain.”

Klaus opened his eyes wide and glared at the void.

The magical power which swelled up as if being dragged by his shaken emotion became a blue spark and scattered.

“Thank you, Eduart. For telling me this.”

Eduart returned an icy smile to Klaus who looked enraged against the invisible enemy.

Eduart turned his heel and left the room.

The Historia Electrum ended normally.

End of Arc 2

The plot thickens! What is Cain’s aim? How does he know about what will happen 6 years in the future?

Also, I tried to use a strikethrough for the words of the real Louis to make it seemed like it was a background noise and bold the dialogues when he was manipulated to show the duality. What do you think?

I will be honest, the part right after Louis’ interrogation, I’m not so sure about the translation. So confusing @[email protected]

And tomorrow, there will be an extra chapter from volume 1. So expect that! Read Daily Updated Light Novel, Web Novel, Chinese Novel, Japanese And Korean Novel Online. Novelfull online, Books online free.
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