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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 100 - Joy in Helping Others
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Chapter 100: Joy in Helping Others

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After successfully absorbing the five-inch-long True Breath into his dantian, Wang Baole was in high spirits. That was especially so as he could now find a quiet place in seclusion and enter the True Breath realm as and when he desired.

This feeling was akin to knowing that he had secured his stakes in a bet. In his happiness, he took out a bag of snacks and began munching on them as he walked.

As he thought about the facial expressions of the youth from White Deer Branch College who was about to explode with anger, he was even more delighted.

That chap’s actually pretty pitiful—he could have provoked anyone, but he chose to provoke me! If he was as handsome as me, he will definitely meet another five-inch Spirit Root that is fated with him!

What comes next is the six-inch and then the seven-inch Spirit Root!

Wang Baole loitered happily in the Spirit Breath Village. Since he already possessed the five inches foundation, the Spirit Roots that had morphed into him previously would not come to annoy him if they were not at least six inches long.

This way, Wang Baole was even more relieved. He no longer needed to hide himself as he charged, picking up speed in his search. As time passed, several days later, Wang Baole stood on the mountain peak, dispersing the seven-inch Spirit Root with a heavy punch and absorbing the green fog as he laughed heartily.

I’ve finally achieved the seven-inch Spirit Root! Now, I shall look for the eight-inch Spirit Root!

Once I find and absorb it, I will no longer have to suppress it. I will be able to break through the Ancient Martial Arts and step into the True Breath realm!

Knowing that there would be no difficulty for him in entering the Upper Academy Island, Wang Baole was filled with excitement as he began his journey in search of the eight-inch Spirit Root within the Spirit Breath Village.

The area covered by the Spirit Breath Village was big. As Wang Baole had been pursued by the Spirit Roots previously, he did not notice much. Furthermore, he had to hide his tracks and proceed cautiously for a while. Right now, he had no restrains and began bumping into the students from the four major Dao Colleges as he combed the area.

Most of the students were either chasing after or looking for four- or five-inch Spirit Roots. After they noticed Wang Baole, they grew alert as Wang Baole was extremely infamous throughout Spirit Breath Village.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that everyone had heard of him.

Day by day, time passed, and Wang Baole continuously increased the search area. Along the way, he met even more students from the four major Dao Colleges as well as more Spirit Roots, including the nine-inch-long one from afar. However, the eight-inch Spirit Root was nowhere in sight!

Gradually, Wang Baole realized that the number of eight-inch Spirit Roots was extremely small. He had once met with Wu Fen from Holy River Dao College and sensed that the Spirit Root suppressive force given off by his body was actually similar to his, which meant that he had also reached seven inches.

Noticing Wang Baole, Wu Fen’s eyes constricted slightly. After nodding at Wang Baole, he quickly avoided him, dashing toward another area.

Seeing Wu Fen leave, Wang Baole also grew serious.

It seems like there aren’t many who attained seven inches, but there are definitely some, all of whom are looking for an eight-inch Spirit Root. The eight-inch Spirit Root is also widely considered a versatile Spirit Root. When it appears, regardless of whether it is fated or not, everyone who has reached seven inches can fight for it!

Therefore, whoever finds it first will have the greatest advantage!

As Wang Baole went over what he knew, he also picked up speed and widened his search area.

Over time, he came across many schoolmates from Ethereal Dao College. Those who could help all did so willingly. Wang Baole came to know from them that during the period of time when he was hiding, there had been some from the four major Dao Colleges who were not as famous as him but managed to achieve amazing feats.

“Zhuo Yixian from White Deer Dao College is rumored to have attained the seven-inch Spirit Root and is now searching for the eight-inch Spirit Root!”

“There’s also the girl called Li Yi. As a natural Spirit Body, she is well-loved by the True Breaths and has attained seven inches as well!”

“Wu Fen from Holy River Dao College was previously seen battling with a seven-inch Spirit Root fated with him, and he has probably absorbed it by now!”

“There’s also Zhao Yameng from our Dao College. The attention on her is comparable to that on you, Head Prefect. In reality, her attractiveness toward the True Breath as a Spirit Body far exceeds that of Li Yi. I heard that she attained seven inches a week ago!”

Hearing the news from the students of Ethereal Dao College, Wang Baole gained an understanding of his competitors. His stress level inevitably soared. He left hastily, continuing his search.

However, the eight-inch-long was apparently too rare. Three days passed, and Wang Baole had not come across a single one. Instead, he met someone familiar.

That person was Du Min.

Du Min was panting heavily to catch her breath. She was battling a six-inch Spirit Root that was identical to her while drenched in sweat, but even her sweat smelled pleasant. Her cultivation had already reached the Physical Seal stage, but her foundation was fundamentally rooted in the Alchemy faculty, giving her a disadvantage in combat. As of now, she had already exhausted many of her Spirit Pills.

Therefore, even though she had managed to find a six-inch Spirit Root fated to her, she could not battle as she usually would and had to exert all her strength. She was so beaten that she looked as if she could not win the fight.

She grew increasingly anxious and had wanted to seek help using the jade slip when Wang Baole passed by. After noticing her, his eyes lit up, and he changed his surroundings quickly, running toward Du Min. Before he reached her, he began speaking.

“Washboard, do you want some help from the handsome me?”

Du Min also noticed Wang Baole. She was usually annoyed at him, but now that Wang Baole appeared when she most needed assistance, she was immediately surprised. Before she could speak, she heard the nickname that Wang Baole used to address himself and her, and she was immediately irritated.

“Stupid Fatty, go! I don’t need any of your help!” Du Min stared fiercely at Wang Baole before continuing her battle with the six-inch Spirit Root.

Seeing how hard headed Du Min was even in such circumstances, Wang Baole was full of amazement.

“Washboard, I admire this quality of you most! All the best! I’ll help watch your surroundings as a guardian.” Excitedly, Wang Baole sat by the side, retrieved his snacks, and munched on them while watching the battle.

With Wang Baole seemingly wanting to enjoy the show with his snacks, Du Min grew irritated. As she fought the six-inch Spirit Root, she seemed to be unable to perform. It was only after a while that she managed to suppress the irritation welling up in her heart, and she gritted her teeth, determined to overcome the Spirit Root.

However, the illusory figure that morphed from the six-inch Spirit Root was relatively strong in combat. In her anxiousness, Du Min found it difficult to suppress it.

As he watched the show, Wang Baole’s eyes lit up, as he began speaking loudly. “Washboard, address me as brother, and I’ll help you. Deal?”

Du Min grew even more furious, hearing Wang Baole’s words. However, she was extremely stubborn, and despite being physically weak, she refused to obey and reply.

Witnessing everything, Wang Baole sighed again.

“Forget it, your fault is in being too stubborn. Why get angry over a simple joke?” Wang Baole put his snacks away and cleaned his fingers before rushing out. His speed far exceeded that of Du Min’s, and in the blink of an eye, he had appeared before her, raising his left hand and launching it toward the space between Du Min and the figure of the True Breath, resulting in the True Breath being forced several steps back.

Thereafter, his right fist landed with a loud bang, and the six-inch Spirit Root trembled wildly. As it retreated, Wang Baole dashed behind it, striking it again as he growled!


He used all his strength for the punch, breaking the sound barrier, and was extremely impressive. The punch landed directly on the six-inch Spirit Root’s back, causing it to vibrate and stumble toward Du Min while its body began breaking down. As it neared her, it could no longer support itself and imploded, transforming into a large cloud of green fog that was absorbed into Du Min’s body.

Du Min was agitated, and with a slight tremble, the five-inch Spirit Root within her was replaced by the six-inch Spirit Root!

Noticing that Du Min’s absorption was complete, Wang Baole shook his body slightly and continued his search for the eight-inch Spirit Root. Before he left, he insulted her jokingly again.

“Washboard, you don’t have to thank me. I’ll take my leave first, alright?”

Finishing his sentence, Wang Baole immediately disappeared. Du Min stared at Wang Baole with her eyes wide open and hummed. However, her eyes were filled with a tinge of happiness.

“This stupid fatty… seems like he still has likable points. It’s just that he has a vicious tongue, and he likes to offend others!”

In reality, Du Min was not the first person that Wang Baole had helped. Along the way, as long as he met schoolmates from Ethereal Dao College, he would lend a helping hand so that they could successfully absorb the True Breath Spirit Root.

All that was different was that he and Du Min shared a unique relationship, as even before they both entered the Dao College, they had been bickering for many years. That was why he had insulted her a little. Right now, as he continued his search, it was already evening, and the skies transformed into beautiful, dark colors.

Looking at the sky, Wang Baole had wanted to continue his search in another direction, but at that moment, he lowered his head to look at his storage bracelet and retrieved a jade slip glowing bright red and vibrating rapidly!

That object had been given by the Dao College and was an object that was used when students were in distress!

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