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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 18 - Physical Seal Realm
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Chapter 18: Physical Seal Realm

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

While the entire Lower Academy Island had become rapturous and Zhuo Yifan along with his friends were burning with fury, Wang Baole, who had lasted two days and nights in the Lava Chamber, was completely covered in sweat. He was even seeing stars.

He found breathing difficult and was almost at his limits. The Lava Chamber’s interior was at a very high temperature, evaporating Wang Baole’s sweat. This made clouds linger inside the Lava Chamber.

I feel like… I’m almost cooked. Wang Baole was shuddering with fear. He was really worried about being cooked alive. That would be quite a huge joke!

There was a certain group of people in this world who were especially stubborn and also very terrifying. These people were known as… dieters.

During the weight-loss process, they would feel a special kind of happiness that would intensify as the effects of the weight loss became more apparent. It would reach an astounding level.

Especially… if one could achieve stunning results in a very short amount of time. Wang Baole was clearly such a person. He was barely putting up with the worry that he would be cooked alive. However, when he saw how much his body had slimmed down over the past two days and nights, he suddenly felt very excited.

Screw it, I’ll either cook myself alive or unmistakably slim down! Wang Baole clenched his teeth as he raised his right hand to strike the array formation’s switch. Immediately, the Lava Chamber quaked once again as even higher temperatures immediately surrounded him.

The entire Lava Chamber appeared warped. Wang Baole’s body and even his breath were fiery hot. His body, both inside and out, felt like it was burning.

The reason he could endure for so long was that his body had accumulated large amounts of spirit fat. As he experienced the burning, his spirit fat melted and Spirit Qi spread across his body, constantly nourishing his flesh and blood.

Under this nourishment, his Blood Qi was also being enhanced, especially when the temperature was increased. Immediately, the Blood Qi within Wang Baole radiated out of his body as a red glow.

If anyone were to see the vibrant Blood Qi, they would definitely be alarmed. The mightiness of the Blood Qi that exuded violent intent far exceeded the level of other people in the same realm, perhaps due to the absorption of the fiery hot temperatures.

With him already nearly at the perfected Blood Qi level prior to this, after two full days of the sweltering heat, his Blood Qi had reached the limits of the human body.

He was only a little short of breaking through to the Physical Seal realm!

It could even be said that he could have broken through already, but Wang Baole had been forcefully repressing it, causing his body to barely maintain himself at the Blood Qi realm and not reach the Physical Seal realm. He knew very well that once he stepped into the Physical Seal realm, he would be insulated from the hot air, forming two different worlds inside and outside his body. Then, his weight loss plans… would end up ineffective.

Under this forced insistence, Wang Baole’s body began to tremble involuntarily as his fat gradually reduced. As he experienced his pain and excitement, there were more and more people gathering outside the Lava Chamber. The gasps and exclamations became more common.

“Three… Three days!”

“Could this Wang Baole have died inside…”

“That’s way too much. Heavens, is he doing it to break through?”

While many people engaged in discussion, Zhuo Yifan and company went from anger to depression. There were really no two ways about it. There had only been one instance of someone being capable of staying in the Lava Chamber for three days in Ethereal Dao College.

The discussion about Wang Baole on the Spirit Intranet turned more intense. Amid the discussion, someone even began accepting bets on whether Wang Baole would be able to break the former Federation President’s record.

Hence, under the close scrutiny and discussion among countless people, the day soon passed, and night came. There were still many people outside the Lava Chamber paying close attention to the matter.

There were even some students who looked very professional. They were even holding recording devices and live streaming. There was a long-faced youth whose hair was tied up into that of a Daoist’s hairstyle, and he had quite a number of freckles, but his eyes were very bright. He held his recording device high up and was speaking loudly in excitement.

“Thank you, ClearSky, for your Cave Abode. Thank you, Ash, for your Airship.

“Hey guys, I’m your host, Little Daoist, and your support is the greatest motivation for me. We are now beginning the countdown to the most exciting moment. After this night passes, Wang Baole will have broken the record!

“Send your gifts! As long as someone gives me, your host, Little Daoist, a Rocket today, I’ll dig up the secret as to how Wang Baole managed to endure for three days and three nights at the cost of my life!”

That night, as such live streams happened outside the Lava Chamber, the Spirit Intranet seemed to boil in excitement.

The youth, who called himself Little Daoist, even live streamed the entire night without succumbing to fatigue.

When the rays of dawn shone on everyone, Wang Baole’s body also reached its limit inside the Lava Chamber. He was bright red, and his entire body was swaying.

Losing weight is so miserable… Wang Baole realized that he could no longer repress his Blood Qi realm any further. With a lamenting cry, loud booms that sounded like drumbeats instantly emanated from his body.

The booms echoed and stirred up the devouring seed in him. Immediately, a stunning suction force began devouring all the heat in the Lava Chamber, causing an unprecedented level of heat to fill his body.

As the clouds swirled around him, his spirit fat shrank at a discernible pace, and all his sweat pores also closed rapidly in that instant. Finally, as though they were sealed, his body’s interior was insulated from his exterior completely!

At that moment, the fourth night passed outside the Combat faculty’s Lava Chamber. Countless students were already shocked to their very cores. At that moment, the amount of time that the indicator had remained alit for Lava Chamber Room 39 had surpassed Ethereal Dao College’s record!

There were even teachers paying close attention to the matter, and the talk on the Spirit Intranet also turned more intense.

“It’s been three days and four nights; Wang Baole has broken the record!”

“He has surpassed the former Federation President!”

Among the crowd, the shouts from the live streaming students came from everywhere, especially the long-faced youth. He held his recording device high and screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Guys, did you see it? Wang Baole has broken the record. Shouldn’t such a marvelous moment be a time when gifts are given?”

“I’m repeating. As long as I receive a Rocket, I will find out the secret!”

As a din erupted outside the Lava Chamber due to the cacophonous discussions by the students, Room 39’s indicator light suddenly went off.

Someone noticed it almost the instant the indicator light went off as he exclaimed, “Look, the indicator light has switched off!”

“Wang Baole is coming out!”

The live streaming Little Daoist was even more excited as he dashed through the crowd and stood right at the front. He did not forget his live stream and said loudly, “Wang Baole is about to appear. Guys, do you have any Rockets?”

At that moment, all eyes outside the Lava Chamber stared at the entrance simultaneously. Every student watching the live stream on the Spirit Intranet waited in anticipation.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, they immediately felt a surge of hot air billow out from the behemoth’s mouth, and it instantly spread in every direction, raising the temperature of the surroundings quite substantially.

“It’s so hot!”

“Room 39 must have opened. It’s the gust of hot air that came out of it!”

The hot air surrounded them, instantly filling the crowd with anticipation once again. Immediately following that, a figure slowly appeared in front of them. It looked like a little fatty. He was walking out one step at a time while leaning with one of his hands against the wall.

With his appearance and his figure becoming clear, a suppression more stunning than the Blood Qi realm spread out!

It was Wang Baole. He had thinned a lot more than when he first entered the Lava Chamber. However, he was a little pale and looked a little weak. Yet, the aura his body exuded was extremely keen; it had an indescribable, suppressive might that could acutely be felt!

This was precisely… the aura—a result of being insulated from the world—that one could clearly feel after the Physical Seal realm was broken through. Such an aura did not last very long and would typically become unobvious a few days after the breakthrough.

The instant Wang Baole appeared, the people outside the Lava Chamber let out incredulous exclamations.

“This aura… He has indeed broken through!”

“The Physical Seal realm!”

“His entire body is independent, as though he is isolated from the world. This… is the Physical Seal realm!”

Exclamations erupted, stunning Wang Baole, who had just come out. His mind was still abuzz. He was not only physically weak due to the rapid weight loss; the high temperatures had also made him mentally exhausted. So, he was somewhat dazed by the huge crowd in front of him.

At that moment, the live streaming students in the crowd rapidly approached, especially Little Daoist. He was the first to step forward and appear beside Wang Baole. He seemed to be extraordinarily excited as he raised the recording device high to include Wang Baole and himself. He was extremely passionate.

“Guys, look! This is our fellow student, Wang Baole. Although his face cannot be seen entirely on-screen because it is a little large, you should still send some gifts! Those without gifts can also subscribe to my channel!”

The long-faced Little Daoist looked excited as he looked at Wang Baole. He did not care about Wang Baole’s status or feelings. He knew very clearly that with him live streaming, even if Wang Baole was irritated by him, he would not act out since it was happening live.

Wang Baole was still somewhat in a daze as he took a glance at the long-faced Little Daoist and saw the number of people and gifts in the recording device that he was holding high in the sky. His exhausted face naturally suffused a look of disparagement.

“Is this how you live stream? With that bit of popularity, you won’t get many gifts. A total of just two Rockets? Did you give them yourself?”

Upon hearing that, Little Daoist turned a little embarrassed as he quickly changed the topic while facing his recording device.

“Guys, do you find Wang Baole handsome or not? If he’s handsome, reply 1, if not, reply 2.”

“Are you a newbie? How can you do that?” Wang Baole frowned and grabbed the recording device and aimed it at his face, shouting in the process.

“Brothers, if you find me handsome, reply 1. If you find me especially handsome, reply 2. Those that do not say a word are agreeing to the fact that I’m the most handsome person in the entire universe!”

Little Daoist was taken aback. Instantly, the screen was filled with unprecedented activity. The word ‘shameless’ filled the screen.

Wang Baole looked at the dazed Little Daoist with a smug look.

“See that? Look at the amount of activity. Guys, as long as you send a Rocket, Little Daoist over here will spend two hours in the Lava Chamber. The more Rockets he receives, the longer he will spend in there!”

In the span of a few seconds, the screen was filled with more than twenty Rockets, with them whistling across the screen.

Little Daoist was instantly dumbfounded as he widened his eyes in shock. He drew a gasp and felt his back turn cold. A cold sweat broke out as he was about to utter something as an explanation when Wang Baole threw the recording device back at him.

“Did you see that? This is how you get gifts!” Wang Baole held his hands behind his back, feeling pleased with himself. He thought to himself, How dare you say my face is huge!

With an inward snort, he left under the watchful gazes of the astounded crowd.

Little Daoist was left holding his recording device, with tears nearly streaming down his cheeks. He saw Rockets constantly whistling across his device’s screen.

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