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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 3 - Schoolmates, Count on Me!
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Chapter 3: Schoolmates, Count on Me!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Wang Baole still found himself inside the Hallucination Nexus when he woke up. A day had passed, and the snakes’ venom was not as potent as people imagined. Thanks to the schoolmates who were skilled in the treatment of snake venom, Wang Baole failed to have his beautiful wish fulfilled.

Thankfully, when he regained consciousness, Bunny, whose real name was Zhou Xiaoya, took care of him meticulously. For once, Du Min did not clash with him. This made Wang Baole feel at ease. He began recalling the rescue he had accomplished. The teachers must have seen it, and he must have gained quite a number of bonus points from the test.

The only thing that left him depressed was that while the group traversed the forest in search of their schoolmates over the following days, Liu Daobin seemed like a completely different person. Perhaps because he was feeling ashamed of what had happened, he would consistently choose to charge straight ahead to quickly resolve any problems whenever they encountered any danger along the way. It robbed the already frail Wang Baole of opportunities to showcase himself.

And worst of all, there were no more serious situations like the horde of snakes. It made Wang Baole feel like he was wasting the potential of his talents. While wallowing in depression, all he could do was watch Liu Daobin gain more points for the test.

If Liu Daobin continues like this, his score in this secret test might even be higher than mine! Wang Baole eventually turned anxious, but these emotions did not last too long. They had set up camp in a narrow passage between huge rocks, also known as a One-Line Sky, and late into the second night, they heard the ferocious howling of wolves.

The howls seemed able to penetrate rock, piercing straight into the ears of all present. People awoke shocked as they looked over. They immediately saw numerous pairs of blood-red eyes amid the boundless woods in front of them.

There were countless savage wolves, which had surrounded them in a fan-shaped formation. Some were running on the ground while others had leaped into the trees. They let out snarling howls with eyes filled with bloodlust. It was a shocking sight!

This scene seemed to form a repressive wind that changed the expressions of Liu Daobin and company. They were covered in sweat as their scalps turned numb.

“Quick, run! There’s a pack of wolves!”

“They are Nether Bone Wolves!”

After the encounter with the snake horde, Du Min appeared to have matured a lot more. She immediately shouted for everyone to enter the One-Line Sky and use the geological formation to ward off the pack of wolves.

Liu Daobin appeared ambivalent before he finally gritted his teeth. He did not immediately retreat when facing the pack of wolves. Instead, he called upon his schoolmates to fend off the wolves to stall for time.

Bunny helped Wang Baole up in a fluster. Although she trembled, she still managed to drag him toward the One-Line Sky with everyone else. However, Wang Baole was already filled with anxiety at that moment.

From his point of view, it was fine if he had yielded a few points to Liu Daobin before. Now that a huge opportunity had presented itself, how could he allow Liu Daobin to snatch it away? Instantly, a sacred fire seemed to blaze in his eyes. He regained his might once again as he stopped in his tracks.

“Xiaoya, leave first!”

After Wang Baole said that, he ran straight for where Liu Daobin was. He grabbed him, and while Liu Daobin was shocked, Wang Baole threw him toward the One-Line Sky, while shouting loudly, “Brother, retreat first. I’m here!”

Liu Daobin was completely confounded. Before he could react, he saw Wang Baole charge into the pack of wolves without any hesitation.

“Everyone, leave quickly. I’ll protect you!” At that moment, Wang Baole exuded righteousness and sacredness once more. A distance away, Bunny felt her heartstrings tremble once again as she looked at Wang Baole.

There were other male schoolmates who had already retreated back to the One-Line Sky. But stirred on by Wang Baole, they felt ardor and zeal course through their bodies. They turned around, and as they were about to follow in his footsteps, a red-eyed Wang Baole kicked all of them back.

Wang Baole had an awe-inspiring righteousness about him as he roared, “Brothers, leave first!”

He was very alert, afraid that others would vie with him for points!

From his point of view, the pack of wolves was still worth points even if they looked savage.

As for the students who had been kicked back to the One-Line Sky, they felt palpitations through them while their eyes filled with gratitude. They could not help but feel pumped when they saw Wang Baole’s selfless figure, his might, and his cause that was greater than himself. They attempted to charge forward once again.

Wang Baole instantly turned anxious as he rushed to push each and every one of them back. He was afraid that they would come back again, so he gritted his teeth and raised his hands up by the One-Line Sky’s entrance and pressed down on the rock walls, using his body as a meat shield.

He anxiously roared, “I’ve already been poisoned by the snakes. There’s no way for me to escape. Don’t worry about me. Leave quickly, all of you!”

Wang Baole’s every word was dripping with raw emotion. It left the people rushing forward quivering, and at that moment, the pack of wolves sped up. They swarmed over and snarled, their bloodlust being felt thoroughly. They pounced at Wang Baole crazily.

This scene shook the students, who had retreated into the One-Line Sky, to their very core.

“Wang Baole, come back quickly!”

“Heavens, he’s using his flesh and blood to block the pack of wolves to not be a burden on us!” Bunny, Du Min, and all the other students in the One-Line Sky were moved by his gesture. They only felt that the present Wang Baole and his rotund figure appeared like a majestic mountain, a picture that would be engraved in their memories for all eternity.

Liu Daobin was similarly moved. His breathing hastened, and his displeasure toward Wang Baole completely dissipated. All that was left was a deep sense of shock.

The scene of Wang Baole holding up his arms to the walls like a human blockade felt like he was holding up the collapsing sky!

Even Wang Baole was moved by his own actions. He felt that if he were a teacher, he would definitely be deeply moved after seeing all that he had done. But in order to gain more points, he secretly thought of sucking up to the college. He said firmly, “It is my honor to have been accepted by Ethereal Dao College even if I die here. I live and die as part of Ethereal Dao College!”

Wang Baole felt pleased, completely satisfied with his own words. He did not believe that the teachers would not be moved by his words and actions!

However, this sense of complacency did not last long. Wang Baole, who had only considered gaining more points in the test, had forgotten one thing. That was… he could feel pain!

Although he was hallucinating, the pain was no different from that of real life. As the howling wolves approached and clamped their jaws on him, he instantly seemed to drown amid the dozen or so wolves right in front of everyone.

It hurts! Wang Baole’s body quivered as his breathing turned heavy. All he could see were the jaws of the wolves, and he smelled the blood on them. The excruciating pain that ensued when their fangs bit at his flesh made him nearly forget that it was all an illusion.

But he was determined and had no intention to retreat!

His body turned into a bloody mess, exposing white bone in many spots. All he could hear was the shredding sounds and wolf howls mixed together like a death knell as his consciousness became haze. But despite such excruciating pain, he displayed the one outstanding quality he possessed amid all his flaws.

That was… grit!

It was not easy to encounter a situation worth so many points. I can’t waste it. I want to score past the maximum in this test by getting all the bonus points in one go!Wang Baole roared inwardly. Just as he wanted to hold on a little longer, a red-figure suddenly dashed past the weeping and retreating students from a distance away at a stunning speed!

The red-figure was a short-haired youth who looked about eighteen. He was handsome, and there was a coldness in his eyes and brows. He wore a red attire that only made it easier for him to do combat. He had a huge bow slung over his shoulder, and his body was like a flitting ape in the woods. As he approached, he drew his bow and released an unexpected barrage of arrows.

Nine arrows shot out instantly!

The arrows were just too fast as they whistled through the air and past the crowd. They whizzed through the One-Line Sky and whistled over Wang Baole’s head, beneath his crouch, and past his limbs. Nine ferocious wolves were struck as they let out sharp painful cries!

Not a single shot missed its target. The immense strength contained within sent the nine wolves flying upon impact!

This sudden turn of events made all the retreating students fall into a daze. Even Wang Baole was taken aback. The nine arrows had flown past him in such close proximity that he had been given quite a fright.

Before he could even react, the red-dressed youth moved even faster under the watchful eyes of everyone. As though his strength had suddenly surged, he followed closely behind the arrows and charged through the One-Line Sky, leaped above Wang Baole’s head, and shot another nine arrows!

With a few alarming thuds, which were accompanied by the tragic cries of nine wolves, the surrounding wolves were terrified. They instinctively retreated, and the red-dressed youth used this opportunity to land, grab Wang Baole, and retreat rapidly.

Wang Baole’s body jolted. He did not care about the pain; he was anxiously watching as the gap between him and the wolves widened.

“Brother, put me down. I can still last a little longer!”

The red-dressed youth was moved by Wang Baole’s words, even though he was quite an aloof person. Wang Baole’s body was mangled, as though it would crumble at any moment.

“You have already done very well. Leave the rest to me!”

Wang Baole turned more agitated when he heard that. He felt like the youth was taking his lines for himself. Just as he was about to say another word, the youth took a deep breath. He raised his right hand suddenly as the muscles on his arm instantly swelled several notches. Wang Baole saw the startling sight of him drawing the huge bow in his hand, aiming at the rock wall to the side. Very quickly, more than ten shots had been delivered.

The strength used was just too great. Cracks appeared in the rocks, and the wall collapsed, crumbling into countless fragmentary stones. With a rumble, the One-Line Sky was completely blocked.

Wang Baole widened his eyes as he looked at the youth’s beefy arm and swallowed the words that he had been about to say.

Everything had happened too quickly. As the One-Line Sky collapsed, the red-dressed youth blinked and carried Wang Baole back to the crowd.

The students not far away felt their minds and hearts quake when they saw this scene. Liu Daobin drew a gasp and opened his mouth, but no voice came out of it.

“The Ancient Martial realm’s second level, Physical Seal!”

“I haven’t reached Physical Seal yet. I have only perfected my first level,” the red-dressed youth explained as he gave Liu Daobin a glance and lowered Wang Baole.

“You already have the might of a Physical Seal even without attaining it. Thank you for saving us!” Liu Daobin quickly cupped his fist to salute him. The other schoolmates rushed to do the same. There were even quite a number of girls who looked at him with reverence. Instantly, the red-dressed youth was the center of attention.

As for Wang Baole, he was lying on the ground, watching all of this in depression. He knew that the red-dressed youth had saved him out of good will, but he felt that he had lost his opportunity to win points. However, he knew that there was nothing he could do about that.

The Ancient Martial realm… Wang Baole sighed inwardly. Ever since the Federation entered the Spirit Inception Era, most citizens had only been able to learn a beginning cultivation technique known as Qi Fostering Art despite it being an era of cultivation.

The technique allowed one to absorb Spirit Qi to extend one’s longevity and use one’s body as a medium to condense Spirit Stones for sale. That was why it was spread widely.

For actual cultivation, the barriers of entry remained very high, and it was difficult to meet the requirements. It also needed a foundation, which was why ancient martial arts had experienced a resurgence.

After the Federation concluded various studies, the three levels of the Ancient Martial realm were formed!

Blood Qi, Physical Seal, Pulse Enrichment!

Only by reaching the perfected stage of the Pulse Enrichment level would one be qualified to vie for the fate of the Dao that was equivalent to a golden opportunity!

However, most of the Ancient Martial realm cultivation techniques were in the hands of the various factions of the Federation. The most orthodox method of obtaining them, for most people, was to be accepted into one of the four Dao Colleges. Apart from that, they could only obtain them by offering their services to various large factions or families.

He’s about my age. He’s likely from a renowned family. Wang Baole sighed. The feeling of having his limelight stolen only made the excruciating pain burn more intensely. He could not help but grunt painfully to attract the attention of everyone. Many people rushed over immediately.

Wang Baole felt a lot better when he realized that people still valued him. However, he found it too painful, and now that his score was likely enough, he decided to simply pass away. Hence, he took a deep breath and spoke in a trembling voice.

“I can’t hold on much longer. Schoolmates, after you become students of my Ethereal Dao College, you must…” Wang Baole had fully gotten into character with his emotions. He was about to deliver his words filled with roused magnanimity.

But at that moment, the red-dressed youth had a solemn expression. He walked to Wang Baole’s side, took out a bottle of pills, and fed him one.

“For a person willing to sacrifice himself for the Dao College, I, Chen Ziheng, will absolutely not let him die just like that! Fellow schoolmate, you can now rest. Leave everything to me!” Chen Ziheng’s words were resolute and decisive. Complemented by his combat strength, he immediately projected a convincing impression into the hearts of everyone.

While everyone else expressed their gratitude, Wang Baole was dumbfounded as he stared at Chen Ziheng in a daze. Once again, he felt like the fellow in front of him had snatched his lines.

He wanted to redeem the situation, but as the medicine spread, Wang Baole turned dizzy, feeling so weak that he could not say a word. All he could do was lie there in anger and sadness. As he looked at the sky, which was gradually brightening, he only had one thought deep in his mind.

He must be like me. He’s cheating!

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