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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 5 - Specially Recruited Student
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Chapter 5: Specially Recruited Student

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Ethereal Dao College was extremely large, especially with the Lower Academy Island, which was truly majestic. It could accommodate a hundred thousand students during their studies. In the southeastern area of the Lower Academy Island, dozens of gigantic hot-air balloon cruisers were parked in an aerial port.

There were countless students filled with curiosity and excitement. They were getting off the cruisers with their luggage in tow. Although it was noisy, it was mostly filled with joyful laughter.

These people came from different regions of the Federation. They were the new batch of students that had been accepted into the Dao Colleges.

On one cruiser’s deck, Wang Baole and company, who had come from Phoenix City, were carrying their luggage. All of them looked excitedly at the white clouds in the blue sky and the mountain peaks of the different faculties in the distance. They felt refreshed and were brimming with an indescribable sense of anticipation.

However, compared to their youthful spirits, the old physician and the other teachers who walked out from the main hull had strange expressions. They were already very familiar with the students who had come from Phoenix City.

They were especially familiar with Wang Baole. They could not help but glance at him a few more times.

Being accustomed to taking cues from the words and countenance of people, Wang Baole naturally noticed it. Although he was among a crowd of people, he was still concerned about the results of the test. He was constantly paying attention to where the teachers were. Only then did he notice that something was amiss.

Why are they looking at me like that? Are my results too heaven-defying? Haha, that must be the case. Wang Baole immediately turned excited. However, there was a sense of curiosity amid the excitement. The reason was that among the teachers, there was a man with a goatee whose eyes appeared both angry and sad when he looked at him.

What’s the situation? Wang Baole was perplexed. He found Goatee problematic, but before he could think through things carefully, all the teachers, including Goatee, walked straight for them.

As they approached, a person sped up among the teachers and said to the red-dressed youth, “Chen Ziheng, come here. I’ll show you to the registration booth.”

Chen Ziheng had a thought before he nodded and walked over before being taken away by the teacher. As they walked, they conversed. The teacher appeared to be giving him recommendations enthusiastically.

When Wang Baole saw this, his eyes lit up. Immediately, his breathing hastened. He had a guess. Would the results from the test begin showing their effects from this moment forth?

His heart raced as it filled with anticipation. He puffed his chest out, afraid that the teachers did not see him.

“Xu Liushan, follow me.”

“Liu Daobin, come.”

Soon, the teachers began shouting one name after another. The people called were taken away.

This scene made the hearts of people race. They could also tell that those who were named had done well in the test. They had won the favor of the teachers and were taken away ahead of the rest. They were offered olive branches from the respective faculties.

Wang Baole felt complacent. Although he did not hear a teacher shout out his name, he was very confident about his results in the test. He felt that the later one was called, the more excellent the students were. He even strongly looked forward to meeting the teacher who thought highly of himself.

What should I do if I caught the eye of all the teachers? Man, how troubling. I wonder how I should choose. Wang Baole felt happy deep down as he raised his head and puffed up his chest. However, after waiting all day, with even Du Min called away before, only about eighty percent of the hundreds of students were left beside him; he was somewhat dumbfounded.

No way… Wang Baole wiped the sweat from his forehead, finding it impossible to maintain his composure.

The teachers constantly took other students away until there were almost left. Almost all the teachers were gone, with the old physician leaving after taking a glance at Wang Baole. The only person left was Goatee, who looked like someone owed him a fortune. Wang Baole felt a little faint seeing this.

At that moment, the nasty-looking Goatee’s chest puffed up a few times. He looked extremely unwilling but was forced to do something out of no choice. It was as though he had to finish going down a path he had chosen. Only then did he shout, “Wang Baole, why aren’t you coming over yet?”

The words seemed to have been forced through his clenched teeth. After saying that, Goatee turned and disembarked the cruiser.

Wang Baole instantly became excited. He felt the voice was as beautiful as a lark’s. He did not have the time to consider the expression Goatee had. He ran over hurriedly and very obligingly followed Goatee. It appeared as though he would not hesitate to help carry any luggage he had if he had any.

As they left, the remaining disciples were made to disembark the cruiser. These students without anything special about them would choose their own faculties in the coming days.

Goatee was taking wide strides away from the Lower Academy Island’s aerial port, his face grim. There was a small cruiser parked in front of him, and standing by it were students from previous cohorts. They were waiting excitedly while decked in their blue college uniforms. Whenever they saw pretty girls walk past, they would immediately run over to introduce themselves warmly and show concern. When they saw Goatee arrive, they quickly acted reverently.

“Teacher, walk slowly. What faculty are we from?” Wang Baole’s breathless voice sounded from behind Goatee. Goatee was an expert himself, so he walked fast. Wang Baole, who had yet to cultivate any ancient martial arts, found it difficult to keep up.

Goatee was utterly depressed. He took out a purple jade pendant, threw it to the approaching Wang Baole, and snorted, “Report to the Dharmic Armament faculty by yourself. I have something to tend to and will be leaving first.”

With that said, he stepped into the small cruiser and quickly flew off.

Wang Baole was equally depressed after catching the jade pendant. He could also tell that something was wrong with the way the teacher had treated him.

Was my performance so good that it was seen through? Sigh. What faculty is the Dharmic Armament faculty? Wang Baole smacked his head and stood there with the jade pendant in hand. He felt vexed. He subconsciously took out a bag of snacks and began munching.

He felt that Goatee was just too unreliable. Helplessly, he could only seek out answers himself. Since it was matriculation day, there were many people on Ethereal Dao College’s Lower Academy Island. There was a sea of people at the aerial port, and their body heat only accentuated the hot weather.

Although there was a lake breeze, it only blew hot air over. Wang Baole stood there wiping his sweat. He saw a hawker stall selling ice water a distance away. It was advertised as Ice Spirit Water. Although it was expensive, Wang Baole was not the kind of person who would deny his wants. Even though it was expensive, he ran over and bought a few bottles before putting them in his luggage.

As he drank the chilly Ice Spirit Water, Wang Baole looked around. He looked at the bustling aerial port and even saw a few people live streaming the matriculation of the freshmen. He could also vaguely hear them requesting virtual gifts.

After asking around, Wang Baole did not waste too much time. He gained some understanding of the Dharmic Armament faculty and immediately felt pumped. He sat on a small cruiser that was headed for Dharmic Armament Peak.

There were many people at Dharmic Armament Peak as well. Some were visiting to make an informed choice of a faculty. Some had long made up their minds and were there to submit their applications.

There was also quite a number of volunteers, seniors of the Dharmic Armament faculty. They were responsible for welcoming the students. They showed the freshmen, who came in waves, around the faculty. There were heads bobbing up and down far into the distance. It was quite a lively scene.

As the crowd proceeded forward, Wang Baole heard a female senior with an oblong face give an introduction with great excitement and seriousness. It matched what he had heard about the Dharmic Armament faculty. He felt that it was quite an impressive faculty.

“The Dharmic Armament faculty might appear to be about the refinement of artifacts, but there is some difference to it. It’s about refining all items in the world into treasures!

“Our Ethereal Dao College’s Dharmic Armament faculty is considered the cream of the crop in all of the Federation. We are skilled in everything from Dharmic artifacts and combat artifacts to day-to-day artifacts used by commoners. Also, every student who graduates is greatly sought after.” The excitement in the senior’s voice showcased her pride in her faculty.

“Back when you were in the sky, you must have noticed the three massive platforms of my Dharmic Armament Peak. They represent the three main halls, where Spirit Stones, Inscriptions, and Spirit Kernels are studied!

“Unlike the foundational schools in our hometowns, there is relatively more freedom in the Dao College. There is no fixed curriculum for each faculty. From freshmen to seniors, they can enter any class to be instructed. As for the rest of the time, most people spend their time cultivating by themselves. Although there are exams every year, they are not very strict. Only the placement exam for the Upper Academy is critical.

“If you are unable to advance into the Upper Academy within five years, you will be asked to leave the Dao College.”

Wang Baole kept the tidbit in mind when he heard the female senior mention the placement exams. The people around him did the same.

“However, you need not be too worried. Advancing into the Upper Academy is still something very far off for you. Alright, this is where freshmen can apply to join the faculty.” Noticing that everyone was looking at her, the guide smiled. She stopped by a stone mirror about a hundred feet tall by the mountainside.

The stone mirror looked ancient, and it appeared as though it had experienced the vestiges of time. There were what seemed to be runic patterns on it. It looked very daunting.

“Place your application card on it, and you can descend the mountain. It will take the Lower Academy a maximum of three days to notify you of your acceptance. Each faculty will reveal their admission list too,” said the female senior before she wiped her sweat. Her mouth was a little dry from all the talking and heat. She stood by the side, looking at the students. She turned wistful as she seemed to see herself from yesteryear.

I wonder how many of them will be admitted. But then again, it can’t be many. After all, not more than four thousand are accepted per batch. As she sighed, Wang Baole immediately noticed that she was wiping her sweat. He scurried over, took out a cold bottle of Ice Spirit Water from his luggage, and handed it to her.

“Senior, it must have been tough on you. I would like to thank you on behalf of all us freshmen for explaining so much to us. You should drink some water in this scorching heat.” Wang Baole had an honest expression, and his voice sounded sincere. She could not help but size up the fatty in front of her. She immediately had a liking for him. His thoughtfulness was truly rare among all the freshmen she had guided.

The other schoolmates also looked over. After all, Wang Baole had not only represented himself, but all of them. It also gave them a good impression of him.

Wang Baole was pleased with himself when he saw how a bottle of Ice Spirit Water had garnered him good impressions from so many people. He felt that his potential as an official had risen once more.

Soon, the students approached the stone mirror with a sense of anticipation. One by one, they took out a blank jade card and placed it on the stone mirror. Light shot out from the jade card, signifying the completion of the imprint.

Everyone had one jade card. The teachers who accompanied them had handed the cards out after they arrived at the Lower Academy Island. However, Wang Baole was somewhat dumbfounded when he saw the jade cards in their hands.

What the heck? Why don’t I have one… Wang Baole quickly asked around, and after learning of the situation, he once again came to realize how unreliable Goatee was.

Wang Baole was the only one left after everyone else had imprinted their jade cards. The guide could not help but look at him and ask out of concern, “Junior, do you have any questions?”

“My card is a little different from the others.” Wang Baole hesitated for a moment as he fondled the purple jade pendant close to his chest. He carefully placed it on the stone mirror.

The instant the jade pendant touched the stone mirror, it suddenly released intense purple light. Even the stone mirror was illuminated in its entirety as a rumbling boom resounded throughout Dharmic Armament Peak.

There was a shock wave that blasted outwards. All the surrounding students felt their hearts jolt as they retreated in shock.

“What’s the situation?”

“What’s the matter?”

Even Wang Baole was given a fright.

That was not even the end. Even more astonishing were the majestic bells that resonated on Dharmic Armament Peak along with the soaring light. It seemed to reach a crescendo, as though it was about to announce something to the entire Dharmic Armament faculty!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Instantly, every student on Dharmic Armament Peak, be it the students ascending the mountain, the students in the lecture halls, or those cultivating in various buildings, looked up.

Beside the rock mirror, the senior with the oblong-shaped face felt her mind buzzing. She widened her eyes as they filled with disbelief. She exclaimed in shock, “Specially-recruited student!”

“What did you say?” Wang Baole was even more perplexed.

At the same time, a gong reverberated. On Dharmic Armament Peak, in a hall filled with Spirit Qi, Goatee was sat reading an ancient text. His originally calm heart turned restless once again.

Why did that little bastard come so quickly? He felt vexed. The thought of him losing the mandate that could only be used once in five years made him terribly regretful.

It would have been fine if no one had disturbed him, but the bell was reverberating loudly. Immediately, a few figures flew into the grand hall. They were the other teachers from the Dharmic Armament faculty.

“Daoist Zhang Youde, I heard you specially recruited a very promising student for our Dharmic Armament faculty!”

“Haha, Old Zhang, I always knew that you had a good eye. Where’s that good seedling? Quickly summon him and let us meet him.”

As teachers entered with excited looks, Goatee’s face turned ashen. The feeling was akin to having to tearfully finish eating the shit that he had just bought. He could only force a smile.

“That’s right. He’s a… good seedling! I have an artifact to refine. I’ll be making a move first…” With that said, he left quickly. He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would not be able to stop himself from smacking the good seedling to death!

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