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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 89 - Battling a True Breath Expert
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Chapter 89: Battling a True Breath Expert

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

In the three days before Ethereal Dao College headed to the mystic realm, Wang Baole, who had gone through innumerable cycles of compression and pain, was now dressed in shorts as he sat within the cave abode. He was agitated, looking at his body—which had significantly slimmed down—and staring at his suave looks in the mirror.

This method actually allowed me to lose weight!

In his agitation, Wang Baole also noticed that a golden glow was emanating from his skin. He was extremely excited, especially when the slightest release of his Blood Qi could already warp his surroundings.

I’m so strong! Hah, this must be the Golden Body!

Jumping for joy, Wang Baole quickly entered the hallucination realm and began shouting at the top of his voice the moment he stepped in.

“Little Missy, there is a golden glow from my body! Look at it! Am I within the Golden Body realm yet?”

The moment Wang Baole spoke, the mysterious mask flashed several times. A while passed without any words appearing, causing Wang Baole to grow nervous as he grew uncertain of himself. Then, a few words emerged—seemingly reluctantly—from the mysterious mask.

“Congratulations, you have already entered the legendary Golden Body realm!”

“Really?” Looking at those words, Wang Baole was exhilarated, but he was still slightly suspicious considering the mask’s response.

“Yes, you can now battle that True Breath expert! Go and have your revenge!” The message appeared immediately on the mask.

Reading it, Wang Baole felt encouraged, and he looked to the sky laughing heartily with his hands on his hips.

Gao Quan, the mighty Wang Baole is here for you!

Wang Baole was in high spirits. He tried to estimate his level of cultivation, and though he was unable to do it accurately, he could feel that the aura given off by the elder leading the men in black was not exactly insignificant but was at least ten times weaker than what he possessed now!

That was especially so for his Blood Qi. Even when he was trying to sense it, he was left gawking in disbelief—the viscosity of his Blood Qi was shockingly high, providing protection to his body that far exceeded what he had experienced before.

He could even smell a peculiar scent emanating from his body that was different from all the food and snacks that he had eaten before. This further made Wang Baole think that he had become extremely superior right now.

Both his speed and strength made him extremely agitated. After receiving confirmation from the mask, Wang Baole was even more confident. Shaking his body, he left the hallucination realm and dashed out of the cave abode after a change of clothes.

He had already waited for almost a month and could no longer wait. He wanted to seek revenge from Gao Quan right now!

Well, well, Gao Quan. You have bullied me repeatedly, and today, I will let you experience the prowess of Grandpa Wang!

Wang Baole was raging with power, and with incredible speed, he sped along. As he ran, he actually produced sonic booms, his velocity far exceeding that of someone at peak Pulse Enrichment realm.

The sound that accompanied his movements reverberated, inciting surprise in countless students. Even before they could take a good look at what was happening, Wang Baole had already rushed down the peak, heading straight to the Chancellor’s peak.

Very quickly, as his speed broke the sound barrier, he arrived at the great hall in the Chancellor’s peak, where Gao Quan was located. When he arrived, he began to feel that the air within the great hall was filled with a suppressive force.

Before attaining the Golden Body, he had never experienced this force when he met Gao Quan. Now that his realm had been elevated, his sensitivity to forces around him had also advanced, and that caused him to stop in his tracks.

What if… Little Missy lied to me? Wang Baole blinked several times, a look of steadfastness emerging in his eyes.

I must not withdraw. I have attained the Golden Body, and I will definitely defeat Gao Quan! Furthermore, there are so many people around—he wouldn’t dare kill me!

Recalling that he possessed the Golden Body, Wang Baole’s confidence was regained. However, between his steps, he still retrieved his megaphone and began to call Gao Quan names with a low growl.

“Gao Quan, you bully! I’ll fight you till the end!” His voice exploded, carrying the unlimited Blood Qi power that was stored within his body. His voice was already like thunder by itself, but as it was amplified by the megaphone that he had refined again, his words appeared to be like an announcement from the heavens, blasting through the entire Chancellor’s peak.

Furthermore, it was extremely impactful. In the direction where Wang Baole directed his words, it was as if a hurricane had swept through, uprooting countless plants and hurling them into the great hall, causing it to vibrate. The main gate was immediately thrown open, revealing a Gao Quan who had opened his eyes in shock after being interrupted abruptly from meditation.


Subconsciously, Gao Quan began speaking, but even before he could finish, Wang Baole’s body was like a flash of lighting, rushing into the hall at an unimaginable speed and arriving right in front of Gao Quan. He immediately threw a punch at Gao Quan with his right fist!

The series of events from Wang Baole’s howling to his punch happened too quickly, within the blink of an eye. Gao Quan could not even react in time, nor had he thought that Wang Baole would actually dare lay a finger on him. As Wang Baole’s roar traveled into his ears, he was thrown off the ground by Wang Baole’s punch.

“Kneel and address me as Daddy!” Wang Baole roared. Gao Quan’s body flew off the ground due to the impact of Wang Baole’s punch, and he landed heavily, creating a hole within the great hall as he was thrown outside.

As the entire great hall tremored, Wang Baole revealed a look of ferocity as he swiftly followed behind.

At the same time, a loud boom was heard, alerting everyone on the Chancellor’s peak. The instant the Chancellor experienced it, his facial expression changed, and he immediately rushed out. There were also many teachers on the Chancellor’s peak then, and the moment they heard the noise, they all widened their eyes and quickly rushed out.

The faces of the students who happened to be on the peak turned white with shock as they heard the commotion. They ran from all directions toward the Vice-Chancellor’s great hall.

The moment they arrived, an angry roar immediately erupted.

“Wang Baole, are you seeking death?” Following the angry roar, a savage aura immediately spread out. Instantly, the surrounding plants withered under the impact, and Gao Quan emerged directly from the vegetation.

His hair was a mess, and he looked beaten with his clothes thorn. Rage surfaced in his eyes, his anger capable of scorching the heavens and earth.

He, the Vice-Chancellor, had been attacked by a student, and that made him incredibly embarrassed and angry. It was a difficult feeling to describe, and as he rushed out, he looked at Wang Baole with a strong desire to kill.

“Wang Baole!”

As he spoke, Gao Quan raised his hands, releasing the aura of the True Breath realm that was stored within him. Even though it was not impactful enough to transform the heaven and earth, it was still sufficiently powerful to further wither the surrounding plants. This was especially so for the aura of his True Breath, which had an indescribable suppressive force on a Ancient Martial Arts warrior. As the air spread, he appeared like a god in the eyes of the common man, giving off an extraordinarily scary aura.

Right now, accompanying his rage, the suppressive force from his True Breath charged toward Wang Baole directly, landing impactfully on him.


At this instant, Wang Baole had just rushed out of the hole in the great hall. After seeing Gao Quan and experiencing the suppressive force, as well as the invisible force that had transformed from it pushing directly on his body, his expression changed.

It was like the weight of a gigantic mountain landing on his body, causing him to be completely compressed. Even reflexively, he felt a strong resistance!

That was… the repression of the True Breath realm on the Ancient Martial Arts realm!

That was… the repression of a cultivator on a common mortal!

Ancient Martial Arts meant mortality, while True Breath implied that one was a cultivator. These two terms only differed slightly, but they were fundamentally different and carried a completely different meaning.

True Breath was superior to Ancient Martial Arts precisely because of the repression emerging from the aura, which could cause all Ancient Martial Arts warriors to become incapable of retaliating when facing a cultivator.

Under the suppressive force of the True Breath, his waist was being contorted, and his head was deeply lowered. All his bones were rattling. It was obvious that Gao Quan’s move was not merely aimed at making Wang Baole kneel… he wanted to compress Wang Baole to a state where all his bones had broken!

The moment that Gao Quan’s suppressive force spread to suppress Wang Baole, the Chancellor and teachers, as well as the students who were nearby, all rushed onto the scene. Witnessing everything, their facial expressions changed, and the Chancellor was raging.

“Gao Quan, stop!” The moment he spoke, the Chancellor made his move to prevent things from happening.

However, right at this moment, Wang Baole, who was being repressed by Gao Quan’s True Breath aura, suddenly raised his head, his gaze carrying a look of ruthlessness. An air of resistance and strength was given off as he let out a low growl.

“Thinking of suppressing me?” Wang Baole shouted, and his Blood Qi completely erupted at that instant. Blasts immediately emerged as his frightening Blood Qi shot out. The Blood Qi was intense and viscous, and the moment it spread, an imaginary sea of blood seemed to have formed behind Wang Baole!

In that sea of blood, there were mysterious substances that were produced from the absorption of the black lightning existing within. Even the Chancellor was unable to discern it!

Even though the sea of blood was imaginary, formed by the frightening Blood Qi, the moment it appeared, it astounded everyone. What was even more shocking was that the moment the Blood Qi erupted, it became a resistive force, fighting the might of Gao Quan’s True Breath!

In his resistance, Wang Baole’s body shook, but his bent waist was immediately straightened, and his head was slowly raised as he began to step forward.

“So what if you’re in the True Breath realm?”

This scene instantly threw everyone into astonishment and unbelievable shock!

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