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A World Worth Protecting
Chapter 94 - Why Are You Making Me Angry?
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Chapter 94: Why Are You Making Me Angry?

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At dusk, the sand was showered in a warm, red glow. The students could faintly see some beast bones. The unending heat kept rushing at them, as though wanting to purge the land of all its water.

A more shocking suppressive force seemed to come off in waves from the sand, causing the cruiser to lose its stability, shaking from side to side—especially the outer layer, which seemed to be a burning omen.

The temperature was so high that it seemed to be setting the earth on fire. If anyone left the cruiser’s protection, it seemed like they would immediately lose all the water in their body, and their life would be in danger.

This scene shook the hearts of the students on the cruiser. Zhuo Yifan’s eyes flashed, Zhao Yameng appeared calm, but her eyes quivered. Other people had similar reactions.

Wang Baole’s breathing also grew fast, and he retreated a few steps, unconsciously stepping away from the cruiser’s handrail. The good thing was that there was a sudden breeze in the midst of the heat, counteracting the temperature. The burning in the cruiser also stopped, and the air automatically returned to normal, causing everyone’s heartbeat to slow down.

Gradually, at the edges of their vision, they could vaguely see a large oasis!

The boundary of this oasis was huge, like it had formed a space in and of itself. There seemed to be mountains and rivers inside, with a mountain right in the middle. But overall, the look of the area was not very clear. It was as though there was a strange power surrounding this oasis, affecting one’s vision, causing everything to appear distorted and to prevent True Breath from entering.

Beside this oasis, there was a small aerial port with a public square. At that moment, the aerial port had white, black, and orange cruisers. There were also about a thousand people, wearing the same white, black, and orange robes, gathering at the square.

There was a screen surrounding the public square. When the heat wave pushed aside the sand, there was a small road connected to the oasis. It seemed like this was the only safe way to enter the oasis.

As for the area outside the public square not protected by the screen, the temperature was still high, and no ordinary person could survive there.

Beside the public square, there was a stone monument dozens of feet high with three words carved on it.

Spirit Breath Village!

This place was the largest shattered fragment on Earth under the control of the four Dao Colleges, Spirit Breath Village!

The three cruisers that were already there contained people from the other three Dao Colleges. Because Ethereal Dao College was the furthest away, they were the last to arrive. Just as the cruiser from Ethereal Dao College neared, all the students and teachers from the other three Dao Colleges raised their heads to look.

Under their gazes, the cruiser from Ethereal Dao College slowly entered the protective screen and finally landed on the empty spot. With the Dao College teachers making arrangements, all the students descended from the cruiser.

“Look carefully. Those wearing white are from White Deer Dao College. Those in black are from its branch college, and those in orange are from Holy River Dao College.” As the students got off the cruiser, Ethereal Dao College teachers started their explanations.

Wang Baole walked among the crowd, looking curiously at the protective screen. After listening to the teachers, he looked at the people from the other Dao Colleges, his gaze sweeping across them and searching for the students whom he had seen on the jade slips. Soon, he found White Deer Dao College’s Li Yi, who had the fire spirit body.

This Li Yi was petite and beautiful, with a ponytail and wearing a snow-white Daoist robe, which made her look just like a fairy. Right now, however, she was not paying attention to the people from Ethereal Dao College. Instead, she was looking at a small mirror and applying powder on her face…

She even occasionally adjusted the angle of the mirror, her expression filled with satisfaction and admiration. Wang Baole and many others saw this, surprised. Wang Baole frowned.

How can a student from my generation be so narcissistic! Wang Baole could not help but shake his head, feeling that White Deer Dao College was just like that. Caught in his emotions, he also could not help but take out a mirror to look at himself before quietly putting it down. He continued to observe the people from the other three Dao Colleges.

Very soon, he saw Wu Fen from White Deer Branch College and Sun Yun from Holy River Dao College. He even noticed the tall and straight figure of Zhuo Yixian, who looked extremely similar to Zhuo Yifan.

They are really related. Some people did not have pictures in the jade slips given out by Ethereal Dao College, and Zhuo Yixian was one of them. Right now, when Wang Baole saw his face for first time, he was shocked and turned to look for Zhuo Yifan.

But Zhuo Yifan had already disappeared into the distance. Hidden from Wang Baole’s view, he glared at Zhuo Yixian, clenching his fists again.

At the same time, just as Ethereal Dao College was sizing up the other Dao Colleges, the other Dao Colleges were also watching them. Similar to the jade slips from Ethereal Dao College, the other three Dao Colleges had similar items. Right now, other than watching the older students, the three Dao Colleges were also watching Zhuo Yifan, Chen Ziheng, Li Nan, and the others, but especially… Zhao Yameng and Wang Baole.

Being attracted by Zhao Yameng was very normal. Zhao Yameng’s indifference and ultimate beauty made it so that no matter where she went, she would immediately be noticed by people. It was as though she was naturally attractive, stunning all the boys from the other three Dao Colleges.

Even Du Min attracted many looks. After all, as her body developed, her originally pretty face and tall height made her even more outstanding.

As for Wang Baole, his fame had spread too far. Furthermore, he had an extremely special figure, so there was no way he would be unnoticed. Even Wang Baole himself had a clue. He blinked and sighed helplessly at the older students from his Dao College.

“Handsome people will always be noticed no matter where they go. Look at how low-key I am, yet they still look at me. Tell me, should I stand with Zhao Yameng? Like that, the other Dao Colleges won’t have to worry about whether they should look at her or me.”

As Wang Baole sighed, the older student next to him looked strangely at him. The older student shook his head and laughed bitterly, ignoring Wang Baole.

Just as the students from the four Dao Colleges looked at each other and solidified their own impression, the Chancellors, teachers, and cultivators of the four Dao Colleges had also gathered together. After talking and laughing, they noticed the time. The Chancellors from all four Dao Colleges grew serious.

“There isn’t much time left. We should also prepare. When the magnetic tide rises, open the mystic realm!”

After discussion, the four Chancellors gave the orders. Soon, the cultivators who had followed the four Dao Colleges immediately spread out. Numbering about a hundred in total, they all sat cross-legged around the square, silently waiting.

Seeing everyone’s movements, the four thousand students from the four Dao College all grew quiet. As night fell, the distortion in front of and around the square intensified and became even stronger. It covered the entire area of vision, and the ground actually started giving off light.

Under the night sky, this light grew stronger until it actually exploded into resplendence. It spread out in all directions, covering the night sky. From afar, it looked like a fireball rising toward the firmament!

The entire sky had been painted. With the colors, the sky took on a dream-like appearance.

This happened too suddenly, shocking many students. The Chancellors from the four Dao Colleges all raised their heads, each of them making finger gestures during the incantation. Among them, White Deer Dao College Chancellor suddenly spoke.

“Fellow Daoists, take off!”

As his words traveled out, a roar erupted from the square. The hundred cultivators all made finger gestures during the incantation, the spirit energy exploding in their bodies. In that moment, the power from the array formation rose to the skies, as though dissolving the tempest. It swept across the area and then moved along the place where the square met the green ocean, rolling toward the green ocean!

Wherever it passed, the roaring would shake heaven and earth, the sound echoing endlessly in the ear. The moment the tempest and the fire from the green ocean met, the fire tilted, as though a flame blown around by a gust of wind. While it leaned toward one direction, the place where the tempest stood started to show some weakness.

“Still not going in?” The Chancellor from Ethereal Dao College stared at them with wide eyes. He shouted at them lowly, his voice exploded like thunder.

The four thousand students in the square inhaled deeply and suppressed their inner shock. Each of them increased their speed and rushed toward the oasis in confusion.

“Huang Gui!” Wang Baole was pleased. His joy at seeing someone familiar had washed away his previous shock. The person beside him was someone whom he had met at the gathering from his hometown, who had entered Holy River Dao College and became the Vegetation Head Prefect.

Huang Gui had long noticed Wang Baole. It was just that the student gathering had been awkward, so he had been too embarrassed to greet Wang Baole. Right now, seeing that Wang Baole had actually come up to him and called his name, he wanted to speak to him. Just at this moment, however, they heard a disdainful voice.

“You are Wang Baole? You can’t even control your own weight, seems like you’re nothing much then.” The person who spoke was a tall, thin youth, wearing White Deer Branch College’s black Daoist robe. He did not hide the scorn and provocation in his eyes.

Being targeted for no reason, Wang Baole glared.

“Getting jealous of other people’s good looks. Who is this clueless idiot? Huang Gui, do you know him?”

Huang Gui furrowed his brows. He was closer to Wang Baole, and seeing someone mock Wang Baole in front of him made him uncomfortable. After all, all those who could get into other four Dao Colleges would not usually be so stupid as to speak without mincing their words, unless they held a grudge against the other person.

The tall and thin youth heard Wang Baole’s words and sneered.

“I wanted to tell you that Ethereal Dao College’s Triple Head Prefect is nothing compared to White Deer Branch College. So, don’t act like you’re really good. If not, I will teach you a lesson!” As he spoke, he raised his head arrogantly and wanted to leave.

But he did not understand Wang Baole.

Just as he turned to leave, Wang Baole glared and took a big step forward. As the youth froze, Wang Baole raised his right hand and grabbed the youth’s finger, twisting and roaring.

“Call me Daddy!”

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