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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 11 - Massacre
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Chapter 11: Massacre

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The two sides fell into a stalemate. Anyone could tell that Lee Xiangtong was in a state of confusion and did not know what to do.

Lee Xiangtong looked toward her brother, Lee Yuanmao automatically, wanting to seek help from him.

Lee Yuanmao was about to say something when there was a drastic change in his expression. There was terror and fear in his eyes.

Lee Xiangtong’s heart plummeted at the sight of Lee Yuanmao’s odd expression. She exerted force in her dagger, wanting to slice Su Xiaoning’s throat.

“You have no chance anymore.”

This was the last sentence that Lee Xiangtong heard.

Lee Xiangtong felt that someone had a death grip on her wrist. It was close to being squashed to pieces. She had no idea since when Su Zimo had reached her side.

That was a pair of cold and murderous eyes, causing palpitations to whoever who saw it!


Lee Xiangtong was sent flying into the air by Su Zimo’s kick. She was already dead when she was mid-air.

The turn of events was so fast that no one had time to react.

When Lee Xiangtong glanced sideways at her brother, Su Zimo had already exerted force in his fingers, squashing Lee Xing’s throat, and executed Plow Heaven Stride to come next to Lee Xiangtong, saving Su Xiaoning from her.

Lee Yuanmao was scared stiff.

This was supposed to be an ambush on the two brothers of the Su family. They were very sure of success. But in the blink of an eye, among the three late-stage Connate Experts, one died and one was injured, Zeng Yao was the only one left.

Su Xiaoning trembled slightly. She sobbed as she stared at Su Zimo. There was fear, panic and a distant look in her eyes.

Su Zimo’s eyes turned soft, a smile on his face. He tore a piece of cloth from his clothes and covered Su Xiaonings eyes gently.

He turned the cloth for a few rounds before he tied them together.

“Don’t be afraid, I will bring you home.”

Su Zimo spoke softly in his sister’s ears.

Zeng Yao witnessed the scene. He was not in a hurry to attack, instead he felt more assured.

If Su Zimo chose to fight his way out, Zeng Yao believed that no one would be able to stop him including the hundreds of Postnatal Experts at the courtyard.

After which, Zeng Yao would return to Cang Lang City as soon as possible, leaving Ping Yang Town with his family, so that Su Zimo could not take revenge on him.

But right now, seeing how Su Zimo highly valued Su Xiaoning, his chances of escaping here alive was smaller.

To Su Zimo, Su Xiaoning was his burden and weakness!

“Everyone, don’t panic. He has been injured by me just now. He won’t be able to hold out for long. Let’s all target the lady!” Zeng Yao sneered.

Everyone present had years of experience in the pugilistic society. They knew right away what Zeng Yao meant by saying that.

In fact, the injury at the area under Su Zimo’s rib was not as serious as what other people imagined.

If Su Zimo looked at the wound, he would be shocked to discover that the muscles around the wound had hardened and he had stopped bleeding.

Body Petrification would not only strengthen Su Zimo’s defense, it was also effective to stop bleeding and conserving one’s energy!


Zeng Yao shouted and everyone roared in return, charging forward.

Su Zimo protected Su Xiaoning in his embrace, exposing his back to all the pugilistic experts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There was the smell of blood in the air, with flying arms and limbs everywhere. The sabers and swords were broken to pieces, scattered all over the ground.

Mountain Reliance!

He released all his power at one go, executing the powerful killing style of the Tri Rock Bear Style!

Everyone who was blocking Su Zimo from behind was sent flying. Some of them were scattered into pieces instantly!

There was a path streaked by blood in the chaos.

Although Su Zimo cultivated The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness for half a year, and he only practiced the first section, the power and strength of his flesh had already reached an unimaginable level.

Although he stood at the same spot, ordinary Postnatal and Connate Experts were unable to injure him!

The reason why Zeng Yao was able to hurt Su Zimo was because of the Thunderbolt Saber in his hands.

With the impact and power of Mountain Reliance, Postnatal Experts became completely useless in front of him!

Su Zimo stopped for a second after knocking people away for more than ten feet.

More than ten Connate Experts led by Zeng Yao followed him around. They had arrived right in front of Su Zimo. They had swords and sabers ready, there were glint and flash of cold steel everywhere, dazzling and glaring.

The most important thing was that the swords and sabers were all directed at Su Xiaoning.

Su Zimo only had one pair of hands, he was unable to block the advancing weapons from more than ten experts.

There was a vicious glare in Su Zimo’s eyes. He changed his stance, with his back facing the experts, protecting Su Xiaoning as he tried to fight his way out. He executed Ground-rupturing Palm with his left hand while his right hand executed the killing technique of Bovine-tongued Saber.


No one was spared with the use of his Ground-rupturing Palm.

Su Zimo’s right hand might seem soft, however, as he waved his hands in the air, more than ten weapons were shattered to pieces, scattering all over the ground.

Su Zimo looked domineering and imposing. He was like a man-eating beast. He was too aggressive and powerful.

Pierce him!

Su Zimo staggered, uttering a small sound. There was blood on his back.

Although the Connate Experts were unable to hurt Su Zimo, Zeng Yao made use of the chance to make a slash on Su Zimo’s back. The wound was more than one foot long, it was gruesome and hideous.

Su Xiaoning’s eyes might have been covered, but she could sense what was going on.

“Brother, you should leave. Don’t bother about me.” Su Xiaoning sobbed.

Su Zimo clenched his teeth, a murderous gleam in his eyes as he said coldly, “Everyone who stop me shall die!”


Su Zimo executed Plow Heaven Stride. He exerted strength in his legs and there were two chasms on the ground, gravel flying everywhere.

The gravel contained the force of Plow Heaven Stride as well. When the gravel hit onto the people in the crowd, it would cause a huge destruction. Many of the broken weapons were being kicked into the crowd by Su Zimo.

In a blink of an eye, Su Zimo had dashed to the surrounding wall of the courtyard of Zhao family’s residence.

Along the way, Su Zimo sustained two more wounds on his body.

One of them was in the middle of his back. It was a close shave. If it was a few inches closer, Su Zimo would have died.

Su Zimo finally appreciated the power of Body Tempering Sutra, He gradually understood the benefits of soaking in the dark liquid for the past three months.

If it was someone else, they would be exhausted from the loss of blood.

However, Su Zimo’s wounds were not as serious as it seemed. Every wound had began to harden and he did not lose a lot of blood from it.

Of course, if Su Zimo was able to achieve initial success at Body Petrification, the Thunderbolt Saber that Zeng Yao had would not be able to hurt him!

Su Zimo protected Su Xiaoning by standing in front of her, they leaned against the wall, facing the crowd. His green robe was torn and tattered and stained with blood. He swept his gaze over the crowd. There was a burning and murderous glitter in his eyes. He was fearless.

The crowd could tell Su Zimo’s intention from his position.

Su Xiaoning stood with her back facing the wall. Su Zimo no longer had to worry about the enemies attacking her from the back and was able to launch an aggressive attack on the enemies.

As long as Su Zimo remained standing, no one could hurt Su Xiaoning!

“He won’t be able to last for long. Kill him!”

Zeng Yao gave a loud shout and launched his attack.

Su Zimo squinted his eyes, fixing his gaze on Zeng Yao.

Zeng Yao was the only one among the crowd who posed a threat to him. To be exact, it was his Thunderbolt Saber that was able to threaten him.


The long saber broke through the crowd, it was a fearsome sight. Su Zimo was oblivious to all the other weapons. He stretched his palm and held the Thunderbolt Saber. Wrap, hit, pull!

Zeng Yao’s countenance changed. He yelled before the Thunderbolt Saber was grabbed away from him.

If other weapons were being shrouded by the power of Bovine-tongued Saber, they would have shattered to pieces. But Thunderbolt Saber was still intact and it landed in Su Zimo’s hands.

Su Zimo grabbed the saber with the back hand, waving it around, blocking the advancing weapons.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

All the advancing weapons were cut into two pieces by Thunderbolt Saber.

“Good saber!”

Su Zimo laughed loudly. He took a big stride forward, swinging the saber at Tang Mingjun who lunged toward him.

Tang Mingjun’s pupil constricted, there was no way to dodge.

Blades of light flashed. Tang Mingjun was cut into two pieces by Su Zimo, blood spewing everywhere.

Su Zimo did not know any saber techniques, but the Body Tempering Sutra was meant to cultivate one’s body.

If his body was powerful and fast enough, although he did not know of any proper strokes, he would be able to cause great damage.

After striking with the saber, Su Zimo returned to his spot right away, guarding Su Xiaoning.

Zeng Yao lost his Thunderbolt Saber, but there were still hundreds of people advancing on Su Zimo. However, they could not pose any threat to him.

The situation had changed subtly.

No matter how the crowd attacked Su Zimo, they could not hurt him at all. Whenever Su Zimo had the chance, he would take the initiative to attack and kill one or two people.

Su Zimo was invincible when he had no weapons. Now that he had Thunderbolt Saber with him, his power was redoubled.

The people who besieged Su Zimo gradually reduced. Initially, there were a dozen Connate Experts, but right now only four of them were trying their best to hold off Su Zimo’s attack.

The reason why they did not retreat was because they hoped that Su Zimo would be drained of his energy eventually. After all, one would not have endless amounts of energy.

Moreover, everyone had witnessed it for themselves that Su Zimo had several wounds on his body.

This fight had lasted for nearly four hours. If it was someone else, given that he had several wounds on his back, and he had been engaging in intense brawls, he would have died from excessive blood loss.

But Su Zimo did not seem the least exhausted.

All along, Su Zimo had a ferocious gleam in his eyes. Even after engaging in the fight for four long hours, his gaze seemed to be burning and he was stronger after more fights.

Not knowing how long had passed, Su Zimo held Su Xiaoning’s hands after chopping yet another man. Together they advanced toward the crowd slowly, looking awe-inspiring.

While Su Zimo advanced, Zeng Yao and the rest retreated step by step, fear and terror evident in their eyes.

All of a sudden, the crowd realized that the predators had become the prey.

Su Zimo lowered his head, looking at the long saber that was still dripping with blood, saying softly, “All of you shall not leave today.”

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