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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 25 - Trouble
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Chapter 25: Trouble

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After stepping out of the Sky Treasure Pavilion, it was already close to noon.

Su Zimo turned and looked at Yao Xue. He said sincerely, “I must thank Miss Yao Xue for today’s matter.”

“Call me Yao Xue.”

“That… Okay then.”

Su Zimo hesitated slightly before he agreed.

At the sight of Su Zimo nodding, Yao Xue pursed her lips and smiled. She said immediately, “I’ll call you Zimo then.”

Su Zimo, “… ”

Yao Xue took a sideways glance at Su Zimo and asked, “Where will Zimo be going next?”

Su Zimo pondered deeply and said, “I have to stay in Cang Lang City for a few days to wait for the two spirit weapons to be refined. At the same time, I will check out if any Level 8 Qi Refinement Warriors are taking up the mission.”

After thinking, Yao Xue said, “I’ll return to my clan then. I won’t keep you company.”

“Have a good trip. We will meet again if we have fate.” Su Zimo nodded.

Yao Xue jumped onto the flying sword. When she was about to leave the Sky Treasure Pavilion, she suddenly looked back and gave a charming smile. “Not if we have fate. We will definitely meet again.”

Upon finishing her words, Yao Xue leaped onto her sword and left. She disappeared from Su Zimo’s sight soon after.

Su Zimo did not think much of it. He left the small alley of the Sky Treasure Pavilion and looked for an inn nearby to stay at.

Three days later, in the mansion of the City Lord.

Cao Gang, the wolf guard, stepped in and bowed to pay his respects. He said in a low voice, “City Lord, my subordinate’s guard saw Su Zimo in the city. The strange thing is that… this lad seemed to have appeared out of thin air. No one saw him entering the city.”

Luo Tianwu, the City Lord of Cang Lang City nodded and said, “Yes, perhaps we have been negligent. No need to worry. I have long received news of this and sent someone to test him. Since we are making use of him to kill, we have to test if this blade is sharp enough!”

“I heard that, some time ago, Su Hong had a narrow escape from death in the capital of the Country of Yan. 16 years of preparation work fell short in the last battle. He nearly lost his life. Now, the capital of the Country of Yan is tightly guarded. Many Qi Refinement Warriors were gathered near the King of Yan. What can this Su Zimo do?” Cao Gang frowned slightly.

Luo Tianwu smiled and said, “Su Hong has black armored cavalry under his wings. He was powerful but also too ambitious. It is expected that his assassination of the King of Yan would fail. But this Second Young Master Su is different… No one views him as a threat. The more you neglect one’s existence, the easier it is for him to carry out a successful assassination.”

Su Zimo had been in Cang Lang City for three days but did not hear any news from Sky Treasure Pavilion.

The hiring of Qi Refinement Warrior was not as easy as he expected it to be. Furthermore, he wanted to hire a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior.

Su Zimo felt a little vexed. He was prepared to have a meal at the first floor of the inn.

Just as he arrived downstairs, he could hear people sneering. Someone said in an eccentric manner, “Yo, isn’t this Second Young Master Su who has been reduced to an inferior commoner? Why do you still have the shame to come to Cang Lang City?”

Su Zimo slanted his eyes and saw a seemingly wealthy young man with a graceful bearing waving a fan. Sneering continuously, he had a look of contempt on his face.

Two middle-aged men were by his sides. They were bright-eyed and had a restrained aura. They were seemingly guarding the young man who was sitting in between them.

This young man’s name was Chu Liang. He could not take the hardship of learning martial arts but was also reluctant to focus on his studies quietly. With the power of his family clan as his backing, he lounged around all day long, bullying the young and weak.

Su Zimo had some impression of this man as he had been his classmate back then when studying in Cang Lang City previously. Although he could not see eye to eye with this man’s conduct, the two never had any animosity between them.

Su Zimo cast a faint glance at Chu Liang. His gaze was calm and his expression normal. He then turned back and ascended the stairs.

The Su family already had enemies on another land. Su Zimo did not wish to attract more trouble. It was pointless to make more enemies.

Chu Liang sneered. “Boss Lee, when did your inn start to take in inferior commoners? Break both legs of this inferior commoner and throw him out, in case he affects my appetite!”


The boss of the inn looked like he was in a difficult position.

“Yes? You want to break both my legs?”

Su Zimo halted his steps and turned gradually, his gaze sweeping across the main lobby.

The guests in the inn did not seem to be ordinary commoners. They had weapons on the table beside them. Although they were also eating and drinking, their gazes inadvertently landed on him. Moreover, there were traces of hostility in their eyes!

This was not a chance encounter. The other party deliberately came here to seek trouble!

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had figured it out.

Su Zimo strode towards Chu Liang. The two middle-aged men by Chu Liang’s side showed obvious signs of nervousness. The muscles tightened as they lowered their palms placed them on the weapon on the waist.

Su Zimo smiled and sat on the seat opposite Chu Liang.

“Who told you to sit down!”

Chu Liang hollered. Bang! He slammed his hands on the table.


One after another, the surrounding diners rose from their seats, unsheathing their weapons.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged. Without looking sideways, he did not seemed bothered as he took Chu Liang’s wine jar and poured himself a cup of wine.

The two middle-aged men opposite him looked grave and solemn. They moved towards the middle, blocking Chu Liang behind them.

Su Zimo had not made any moves and did not even reveal any trace of murderous aura. Yet, the two middle-aged men felt uneasy and had chills running up their spines.

“The two of you are Perfected Connate Experts, right?”

Su Zimo lifted the wine cup and asked casually.

“So what if we are?” One of them responded.

“The two of you… ”

Su Zimo raised his head and drained the strong wine in his cup. He then shook his head. He continued to say, “Won’t be able to protect him.”

The moment he put down the wine cup, Su Zimo made his move.


The wine cup dropped on the table top. The fall was neither hard nor soft but the entire table suddenly split open!

Su Zimo closed in and flipped his palms, enshrouding the top of heads of the two Perfected Connate Experts.

His moves were sudden and he attacked two people at the same time!

The two middle-aged men were terrified.

The aura of Su Zimo’s palm strike was powerful and suffocating. They could even smell a gust of bloody stench at the wave of his palm.

In the blink of an eye, the graceful scholar had transformed into a man-eating beast!

The two men unsheathed their weapons immediately to block the attack.


There was a deafening and crisp sound.

Two extremely sharp weapons had actually been slammed to pieces by Su Zimo’s palm. They were scattered on the ground.

Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo moved forward and kicked both his legs casually. The two Connate Experts were hurled outside. Horror filled their eyes. Their chests were crushed and they were vomiting fresh blood. They were almost dead.

In comparison to the spirit beasts in Cang Lang Mountain Range, the close combat techniques of the two men before him were really too poor.

If Su Zimo were to use all of his strength, the two of them including their weapons would be crushed instantly with the pressure of this palm!

Chu Liang was so scared that his face was drained of all colors.

Never did he expect that the two Connate Experts that he relied on most would turn invalid in the blink of an eye!

Furthermore, Su Zimo was already nearing him. Su Zimo grabbed his neck and lifted him up in the air.

It was too fast!

When Chu Liang landed in Su Zimo’s hands, the surrounding diners had not even recovered from their shock.

No matter how much they wanted to dash forward, they were fearful of the consequences and full of reservations.

“What are you doing?!”

“Release my family’s young master!”

A loud and stern voice rang from the surrounding. Su Zimo did not seem to have heard it. He just looked at Chu Liang with an imperceptible smile on his face. “I heard that you want to break both of my legs?”

“Ee.. ”

Chu Liang’s neck was strangled. His face turned purplish blue as he let out a weird sound from his mouth.

Su Zimo’s gaze gradually turned cold. He swung his legs.

Pa! Pa!

Sounds of bones cracking could be heard coming from Chu Liang’s knees. They had been crushed by Su Zimo’s kick in that instant.

Chu Liang was in so much pain that beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. His entire body was shivering but he could not bring himself to say a word.

“Who told you to come?” Su Zimo pressed him.

Chu Liang could not catch his breath. He rolled his eyes and looked like he was going to faint at any point in time.

At this very moment, a loud shout could be heard from outside the door.


A man clad in armor with a firm and resolute face was standing at the entrance of the inn. He was leading numerous guards. He dashed in with large and vigorous slides. This man was none other than Cao Gang, one of the Five Wolf Guards of Cang Lang City.

“Fighting is forbidden in the city. Su Zimo, quickly release that man!” Cao Gang stepped forward and hollered.

A the same time. Cao Gang also moved forward two steps and whispered into Su Zimo’s ears. “Second Young Master Su, the City Lord would like to meet you.”

Su Zimo narrowed both his eyes. A thought flashed in his mind and he vaguely understood what was happening.

Su Zimo waved his hands and flung Chu Liang aside nonchalantly.

“Bring criminal Su Zimo back to the City Lord!”

Cao Gang shouted again. Numerous guards behind him moved forward and surrounded Su Zimo. Yet, no one cuffed him up.

Su Zimo was expressionless but he sneered in his heart. He followed Cao Gang and the group and left the inn.

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