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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 28 - You Would Not Be Able To Leave Today
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Chapter 28: You Would Not Be Able To Leave Today

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Upon exiting Sky Treasure Pavilion, Song Qi took out a flying sword from his storage bag. He touched it lightly with his fingertips, infusing it with spirit qi, and the flying sword floated in front of the two of them.

Song Qi could tell that Su Zimo had no spirit qi. Since he had a bow and saber with him, he must know martial arts. It should not be a problem to get onto the flying sword.

Song Qi said, “Young Master Su, get on the flying sword. Don’t be afraid. I will protect you while on the sword. I won’t let you fall down from the sword. We will reach Ping Yang Town in no time.”

Su Zimo’s eyes swept over Song Qi’s flying sword, shaking his head. “Let’s walk, we will see how it goes when we exit the city.”

There was no spirit pattern on Song Qi’s flying sword. It was a pseudo spirit weapon.

Su Zimo himself, with the Sanguine Crystal Bow and Cold Moon Saber would weigh an entire ton. Given Song Qi’s Level 7 Qi Condensation realm, he would not be able to carry all of them.

Su Zimo did not point out the truth. They walked out of the city with long strides.

There were not as many pedestrians outside the city. Su Zimo was about to execute Plow Heaven Stride to get to Ping Yang Town when he noticed something.

“Mmm, someone is following us?”

Su Zimo did not turn back to check, but he could sense it.

Su Zimo did not say anything but maintained his usual speed, walking toward Ping Yang Town. Song Qi frowned, not saying anything.

In no time, there was the sound of clothes flapping in the wind. The person was moving at a very fast speed!


Song Qi was alarmed. He placed his hands on the storage bag as he turned to check.

Not far away was a cultivator dressed in a black Taoist robe. He was speeding forward on his flying sword. There was a murderous look in his eyes. Obviously he had evil intentions!

Level 8 Qi Condensation!

Song Qi let out a low shout, before he pulled Su Zimo to a side. He prayed fervently that the person was only passing by.

In the blink of an eye, the black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior stopped in front of them. He leaped down from his flying sword, smiling coldly at Song Qi. “Comrade, you had better step aside. Don’t be a busybody. I have an enmity with this man.”

Song Qi glanced at Su Zimo, noticing that he had no expression on his face. Perhaps he was in a state of shock or that he did not know that there was danger.

Song Qi cupped his fists. “Comrade, you must be joking. My friend is a mere mortal. Why would you have any enmity with him?”


The black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior touched his flying sword lightly. A beam of light shone from the flying sword. The sword’s aura intensified.

Inferior-grade spirit weapon!

Song Qi had sweaty palms. The other party’s cultivation realm was one level higher than him and he had an inferior-grade spirit weapon. If they engaged in fights, he had no chance of winning.

“Since you are dense, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” The black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior said coldly.

“Young Master Su, you should run for your life!”

Song Qi hurried to whisper to Su Zimo before he slapped his storage bag and a flying sword landed on his hand.


Song Qi controlled the flying sword, making the first move so that he could take the other party by surprise.

The flying sword turned into beams of lights, speeding toward the black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior. They reached him in no time.

“It was merely a pseudo spirit weapon. How dare you act arrogant in front of me!”

The black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior sneered before he took his time to tap his sword, sending it flying forward, colliding with Song Qi’s flying sword.

Sparks were flying everywhere as the swords clashed into each other!

Song Qi’s flying sword was not as powerful. It almost flew off from the collision.

The Qi Refinement Warrior’s body was relatively weak. This posed a danger to them when in fights. If one was not careful, one might be injured by the other party’s spirit weapon, and one would have no chance of surviving.

Song Qi seemed to be on the losing end after sparring for a few rounds. He had no way to attack but could only defend himself.

Fortunately, Song Qi was composed. He used all his energy to spar with the other party. His flying sword circled him, forming an impenetrable defense.

Su Zimo nodded as he watched the scene from the side.

Song Qi could have left under such circumstances. After all, he had gotten the one thousand inferior-grade spirit stones. There was no need to put his life at risk for a mere mortal.

Even though Song Qi knew that he could not defeat the other party, he did not leave by himself. It proved that he was a man of his words. Su Zimo could be reassured that Song Qi could be left in charge of protecting the Su family.

Song Qi and the black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior was still in an intense battle.

They were one level apart in terms of cultivation realm and their spirit weapons were of different grades as well.

Song Qi’s defenses gradually weakened in no time. The flying sword was not as steady as before. He had used up too much of his spirit qi and he was weakened.

Right then, Su Zimo asked, “Why do you want to kill me?”

The black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior felt that he had the situation under control. He cast a sideways glance at Su Zimo, before saying in a pitiful tone, “I will tell you the reason so that you will know what caused your death. You are just a mortal yet you had the Sky Treasure Badge. This is why you must die!”

Song Qi turned to check in the midst of the battle, realizing that Su Zimo was still standing on the same spot. He could not help but be anxious, shouting out to Su Zimo. “Why didn’t you leave?”


Song Qi was distracted and the other party made use of the chance to cut through his defense with his flying sword. The flying sword was right before him. It was chilling!

Song Qi had no time to steer the direction of his flying sword. He panicked and could not be bothered with maintaining his dignity. He had no choice but to roll on the ground, barely escaping from death. He was muddy all over, looking like a terrible sight.

Su Zimo smiled but did not say anything.

Song Qi was helpless, saying through clenched teeth, “I am not his opponent. Young Master Su, you should leave as soon as possible, or it will be too late!”

“No one will be able to leave today!”

The black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior hollered, and the flying sword sped up, hitting Song Qi’s defense. Sound of metal clashing against one another could be heard.

Right then, the two of them who were in a fierce fight heard a long sigh.

“Yes, you would not be able to leave today…”

Both Song Qi and the black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior were shocked. Before they could figure out what Su Zimo meant by that, they saw a terrifying sight from the corner of their eyes!

Su Zimo was standing forty feet apart from them.

But Su Zimo reached them within two to three strides. There was a murderous glint in his eyes. He was like a human-devouring beast that had the single intent of killing the person in front of him!

Song Qi who was by the side felt a sense of fear, let alone the black-robe Qi Refinement Warrior who had been targeted by Su Zimo.

“It’s not good!”

The black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior’s heart jumped a beat. He retreated while he maneuvered the flying sword, thinking of changing its direction to kill Su Zimo.

However the black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior was too slow and in Su Zimo’s eyes, he had too many weaknesses.

Su Zimo had a cold glint in his eyes. He had a backhand grip on Cold Moon Saber, swinging it in front of him.

There was a flash of light from the saber, it was blinding.


A large head was hurled off and it was cut neatly at the neck area. Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Song Qi opened his mouth slightly. He was confused. He stared at the scene, dumbstruck, unable to recover himself.


A Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior was dead from one single slash of the saber!

By luck? Down on his luck? Careless?

“Good saber!”

Su Zimo looked at the Cold Moon Saber. It did not have the slightest drop of blood on it. He praised the saber and put it back into its scabbard with a backhand motion.

Song Qi could not help but swallow his saliva.

What kind of man would be so calm after killing a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior?

In Song Qi’s eyes, Su Zimo had turned out to be a mysterious man. He was a different person from the frail scholar that he knew previously.

Song Qi could not help but think of the scene just now. The more he thought about it, the more terrifying it was. He broke out in cold sweats thinking of it.

He realized to his horror, that if Su Zimo used the saber on him, he would have no way to dodge it!

Su Zimo took the storage bag that was tied at the waist of the black-robed Qi Refinement Warrior. He did not take another look before he threw it to Song Qi, “Take it.”

“I-I cannot take it.” For some unknown reason, Song Qi seemed to be nervous around Su Zimo.

Su Zimo smiled. “Keep it and cultivate to Level 8 Qi Condensation as soon as possible.”

When Su Zimo smiled, he seemed to look like the frail scholar again. Song Qi relaxed slightly, no longer feeling as stressed, accepting the storage bag from him.

Su Zimo continued, “You can concentrate on maneuvering the flying sword to reach Ping Yang Town as soon as possible.”

Song Qi agreed and was about to ask where was Su Zimo going when he realized that he was no longer in the same position. He strode forward, covering twenty feet at one time. His speed was amazing!

It was not until now that Song Qi realized that his employer was no simple man…

Song Qi hurried to maneuver the sword to keep up with Su Zimo.

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