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Eternal Sacred King
Chapter 36 - The Enemy's Arrival at the City Gate
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Chapter 36: The Enemy’s Arrival at the City Gate

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At the foot of the city gate, the leader of the guards was alone and holding a steel saber. Although he could not hide the endless terror in his eyes, and the arm holding the saber was trembling slightly, he did not move half a step back!

When the Imperial Army and guards dared not step forward, when they were fleeing everywhere, he stood his ground and guarded the city gate. Neither did he once leave or waver.

His name was Guo Lian and guarding the city gate was his responsibility.

He would not cower as long as he was alive.

“Come on, step over my dead body!” Guo Lian glared and shouted hysterically.

He was using this kind of method to vent the fears in his heart.


A strong stench of blood hit his face. Su Zimo was already in front of him.

After getting a clear glimpse of Su Zimo’s face, Guo Lian’s jaws dropped slightly. There was a flash of surprise followed by endless regret in his eyes.

Earlier on, Su Zimo was covered in blood in the crowd. Even his face was splashed with many drops of blood. He looked like a slayer that had just stepped out from hell. Hence, Guo Lian could not recognize Su Zimo.

It was only when the two faced each other did Guo Lian vaguely recall that he was the one who let this person into the city!

That green-robed scholar with delicate features and carrying a bow and saber, who was mocked ruthlessly by his underling…

At the same time, Su Zimo also recognized this man.

The Cold Moon Saber that had just landed on the top of Guo Lian’s head moved away suddenly. Without halting his steps, Su Zimo brushed shoulders with this man and said softly, “You are the one who let me into the city. I will spare your life.”

Having encountered a close brush with death, Guo Lian felt drained of energy. He collapsed onto the ground, kneeling, panting heavily and drenched in his own sweat.

Guo Lian’s mind were resonating with Su Zimo’s words. He could not help muttering softly, “If I had not let him enter the city, given his powers, could he not fight his way in? Perhaps this is karma?”

Guo Lian could not resist the urge to look back. In the next moment, an even more appalling and terrifying matter happened.


A deafening noise.

The tall, wide and sturdy gate of the city had actually fallen apart under the impact of Su Zimo’s collision!

Su Zimo left the capital like a ghost, his feet barely touching the ground. In the blink of an eye, the capital of the Country of Yan was far behind him.

Dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors from Joyful Clan followed chased him out of the capital. Looking at the diminishing view of Su Zimo, they did not choose to pursue him any further.

On the one hand, they had almost used up all of their spirit qi when they fought with Su Zimo in the air earlier.

On the other, these Qi Refinement Warriors could tell that their speed was no match for Su Zimo even if they were in their best condition.

“How exactly did this person train his body till this extent?” Someone could not help asking. The shock and terror in his eyes had not gone away.

A person beside him said, “I heard from the clan master that some top clans have geniuses with heaven spirit root who can cultivate at a faster rate. Coupled with sufficient resources from the clan, before Core Formation, they would integrate spirit qi into their body to temper their flesh, blood and veins, refining both qi and body simultaneously. However, this person is clearly not a Qi Refinement Warrior.”

“The body of that kind of cultivator is indeed stronger than us but they are far from reaching this stage. The body of this person is even more terrifying than spirit beasts!”

“Don’t feel discouraged. When the clan masters rush over, we will kill him together! I just found out that the Su family has been hiding in Ping Yang Town all these years. They are all mortals and can’t run too far away.”

“Yes, when the time comes, we will annihilate the entire Su family not even sparing the fowls and dogs to vent all our hatred!”

On the seventh day of the King of Yan’s death.

In Cang Lang City, a pigeon carrying a message fluttered its wings and flew into the residence of the City Lord.

It took about seven days to send a pigeon from the capital of Country of Yan to Cang Lang City.

Soon after, an order was passed down from the residence of the City Lord. “Pass down orders to the entire army. Prepare to attack the Country of Yan!”

Luo Tianwu wore a golden armor with a long saber hung on his waist. He strode out of the residence of the City Lord in a dignified manner, as if he was the ruler of a country. Looking far in the direction of the Country of Yan, he could not help smiling, “I didn’t expect Su Zimo to really kill the King of Yan. This is heaven’s will! Heaven wants me, Luo Tianwu, to become the king. This is where the events are leading to. Who else can stop me!”

“Congratulations, your highness.”

The gray-robed old elder standing beside Luo Tianwu said smilingly, “Su Zimo is quite smart but he still fell into your highness’s scheme of killing with a borrowed knife. After murdering the King of Yan, he will also die in the capital of the Country of Yan.”


Luo Tianwu laughed complacently, “This is an open scheme. Su Zimo knows that I am making use of him but he still fell into the trap and helped me kill the King of Yan. Su Zimo, haha. He is just an ordinary man without any major use. He has wasted his time studying for more than 10 years.”

“Mister, don’t worry. When I become the king, I will definitely confer you the title of the country’s advisor.” Luo Tianwu said in a deep voice.

The gray-robed elder bowed slightly, cupped his fists and said, “Thank you, your highness.”

Luo Tianwu waved his arms and said loudly, “Let’s go. Follow me into battle. Success and dominance is happening right at this moment!”

Luo Tianwu had long waited for this day. The troops in the city sharpened their swords and were long prepared. Within 15 minutes, 50,000 soldiers and horses led respectively by the Five Wolf Guards of Cang Lang City had already gathered.

The army left the city, detoured Cang Lang Mountain Range and entered the borders of the Country of Yan. The nearest city to the borders was Jian An City in the Country of Yan.

In a deserted village not far away from Jian An City, not a soul could be seen. This place was termed as the ghost village.

The Su family had moved to this place more than ten days ago. None of them were residing in Ping Yang Town anymore.

These days, using elixirs refined by Song Qi to nurse his health, Su Hong’s body gradually showed signs of improvement. He had recovered much.

However, as predicted by Uncle Zheng, it was easy to heal the body but difficult to heal the heart.

Su Hong was still bedridden and had lost his appetite for food. His eyes were empty and soulless. Each time he thought about the Su family losing all hopes of avenging the blood feud, his heart ached unbearably.

Uncle Zheng and the rest were also at a loss over what to do.

Looking at Su Hong recovering physically but becoming more dispirited as the days passed, everyone in the Su family mourned and sighed.

On this day, Liu Yu, the head guard of the Su family suddenly rushed into the courtyard with a complicated expression mixed with sadness and joy. He said loudly, “Mr Zheng, something serious has happened!”

“What is the matter?” Uncle Zheng’s heart sank.

Liu Yu said, “Luo Tianwu and his Five Wolf Guards are leading an army of 50,000 to attack Jian An City. They have already arrived at the foot of the city gate!”


Uncle Zheng drew his brows together and said in puzzlement, “Luo Tianwu has been plotting for a long time. But why did he suddenly send out his troops? There must be some reason. Otherwise, he won’t act rashly.”

“Mister’s conjecture is correct.”

Liu Yu nodded and said, “According to the information from the spy, Luo Tianwu claimed that the King of Yan is already dead and the Country of Yan is in great chaos. It is just that the news has not spread outside the capital. As long as the City Lord of Jian An City surrenders, he will be conferred the post of Premier or other additional titles.”

Uncle Zheng frowned, carrying a grave expression. He pondered deeply and said, “Since Luo Tianwu has already sent his troops, this news is very likely true! However, the King of Yan had the protection of dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors. How did he die so easily? Who killed the King of Yan?”

Suddenly, Uncle Zheng seemed to have thought of something. He exclaimed in shock, “Second young master! Where did second young master go recently? Did anyone see him?”

Liu Yu shook his head and said, “Second young master is indeed very powerful but I don’t think he will be able to sneak into the capital and kill the King of Yan before the eyes of dozens of Qi Refinement Warriors?”

Uncle Zheng let out a long sigh. He gradually calmed down before nodding and saying, “That’s also true.”

After hesitating for a moment, Song Qi, who was beside them, could not help saying, “But, I am afraid that your family’s second young master might really be the one who killed the King of Yan!”

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