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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 469 - Be Good! Mahayana! (1)
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Chapter 469: Be Good! Mahayana! (1)

[Age 60,000, Chen Qianxue’s cultivation was getting closer and closer to the seventh level of the Mahayana stage. However, perhaps it was because her current cultivation was too high, Chen Qianxue realized that her cultivation speed had slowed down to the point that it was like a snail crawling. Her current cultivation speed… to put it in an exaggerated way… was even slower than a snail crawling.]

[Age 65,000, after 5,000 years of bitter cultivation, although Chen Qianxue’s cultivation had indeed increased, the increase in her cultivation was not that much. This made Chen Qianxue realize… that her cultivation was about to reach the ceiling that this body could reach.]

[Although she knew that she would very likely reach the ceiling of her cultivation in the future, and that she would not be able to make any further progress in her lifetime. But taking advantage of the fact that she could still make a little progress now, Chen Qianxue still chose to immerse herself in cultivation.]

[Age 70,000, the same year, under the circumstances that Chen Qianxue had no idea about, Fu Shuangni, who was many miles away, had already broken through to the first level of the Mahayana stage.]

[Age 78,000, the same year, Qin Jiao broke through to the fifth level of the Mahayana stage.]

[Age 82,000, after a long period of arduous Immortal cultivation, Chen Qianxue finally reached the breaking point. After making all the necessary preparations… Chen Qianxue began to break through to the seventh level of the Mahayana stage!]

[Age 83,000, this breakthrough was incomparably arduous for Chen Qianxue. The time needed to break through this time was also the longest time she had spent in all her Immortal cultivation simulations. It took a full thousand years.]

[Fortunately, after spending so many years, she finally succeeded in breaking through.]

[Chen Qianxue has reached the seventh level of the Mahayana stage!]

“It’s a little too extreme, and a little too forced…” After breaking through to the seventh level of the Mahayana stage, Chen Qianxue let out a heavy sigh. She knew that her breakthrough this time was too forced, and she had barely reached a dangerous situation where she was on the verge of death.

But she had no other choice!

According to her cautious personality, unless she had the confidence to do something, she would usually not choose to break through.

But the current situation… had reached the point where she was unable to do it with full confidence no matter what.

Under such circumstances, there was a 30-40 percent chance of breaking through.

Chen Qianxue had to seize it!

She could not let it go!

This was because a 30-40 percent chance was already the greatest chance of a breakthrough. If she waited any longer, there was a chance that there would not even be a 30-40 percent chance. There was a greater chance that it would drop to 10-20 percent.

There was even a high chance that the chance would drop to zero.

Fortunately, the 30-40 percent chance allowed her to gamble correctly. Perhaps this time, it was really due to her good luck.

“My cultivation base has already reached this stage. Can I continue to break through next?” Chen Qianxue was not particularly happy, because this time, she was simulating Immortal cultivation. She was going to transcend the tribulation and Ascend.

But judging from the current situation… Let alone transcend the tribulation and ascend, it was not even certain that she would be able to break through to the eighth level of the Mahayana stage.

“The chance of breaking through to the eighth level of the Mahayana stage… is infinitely close to zero.” Chen Qianxue shook her head. He felt that thinking about these things did not seem to be of much use.

Could it be that as long as he kept talking about these things, his talent would increase by a level? Could he break through to the eighth level of the Mahayana stage in the blink of an eye?

Obviously not!

[Age 85,000, Chen Qianxue continued to cultivate. After 2,000 years of bitter cultivation, she realized that her cultivation had not made any progress at all. This made Chen Qianxue realize that the situation was not quite right, but after careful consideration, she still chose to continue her bitter cultivation.]

[Because to her, she had already lived in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator for 85,000 years this time. It was not a problem to wait another 10,000 to 20,000 years. It was worth it to spend 10,000 to 20,000 years to see if she had really reached the cultivation ceiling of this body.]

[Age 86,000, Chen Qianxue once again cultivated arduously for a year. What made people feel helpless was that her cultivation did not move much during the 1,000 years. Fortunately, Chen Qianxue’s personality was very good, so she did not care too much about it.]

[Moreover… She had already decided that she would stay in the simulator for another 10,000 to 20,000 years to see the situation.]


Just when Chen Qianxue was in an awkward situation where she could neither advance nor retreat, Qin Jiao was in the same awkward situation.

On the other side, Qin Jiao was also in the same awkward situation.

“Damn it…” Qin Jiao’s face was full of confusion and confusion. “It has been thousands of years since I broke through to the fifth level of the Mahayana stage… why did my cultivation progress become so slow that it almost stopped moving?”

“If it was just a few hundred years of not moving, it would still be acceptable, but this is thousands of years! Thousands of years of cultivation without moving, isn’t that a bit too ridiculous?”

“Even if it’s a bottleneck in cultivation, it shouldn’t be like this, right?”

Qin Jiao felt that this was too torturous.

If she had not been in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator and was used to living for tens of thousands of years, she would have been tormented by thousands of years of cultivation.

What exactly went wrong… Qin Jiao herself was not very clear.

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