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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 80 - A Ridiculous Coincidence That Even the Storyteller Did Not Dare to Make Up
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Chapter 80: A Ridiculous Coincidence That Even the Storyteller Did Not Dare to Make Up


“Are both Human Tools attracted to each other?”

Looking at Qin Jiao’s experience in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, he combined it with Chen Qianxue’s simulation experience.

Bai Yi realized that the two of them seemed to be getting closer and closer.

In the beginning, these two Human Tools’ reincarnated identities had nothing to do with each other.

However, as time passed day by day, as they simulated Immortal cultivation many times, they really got closer and closer.

Chen Qianxue’s current identity in the simulated Immortal cultivation life was the little princess of the Great Wei Dynasty.

The place where Qin Jiao was now… Was also the Great Wei Dynasty!

Also, when Chen Qianxue was simulating life, she heard that in the Great Wei Dynasty, there was a cultivation clan called the Qin Family. In one night, all the family member disappeared without a trace.

Qin Jiao was on this remote island overseas. She had also heard that many princes and princesses of the Great Wei Dynasty had died.

Most importantly, Qin Jiao had obviously lived longer than Chen Qianxue this time.

After Chen Qianxue died, Qin Jiao was still alive.

From the information that Qin Jiao had obtained, it could be seen that the Great Wei Dynasty had fallen into a huge internal conflict a few years after Chen Qianxue’s death. The huge dynasty had started to collapse.

In other words…

Chen Qianxue’s death caused quite a large butterfly effect, causing a huge storm.

This storm even affected the Qin family, which was far away on a desolate island overseas.

It also affected Human Tool Number 2, Qin Jiao.

Of course… Qin Jiao did not know about this.

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

At this moment, Qin Jiao had already entered deep into the bronze door. As she had brought Whitey along, this demonic beast had a very special ability — Premonition of Danger.

Through Ah Bai’s special talent ability, Qin Jiao had avoided a lot of potential dangers.


She had seen what she wanted to see the most!


When she saw the scene before her eyes, even though Qin Jiao had long been mentally prepared, she still sucked in a breath of cold air. Her face was filled with disbelief. “This… This is a spirit vein? An Open-air Spirit Vein?!”

In front of her eyes.

A large amount of spirit stones were emitting a brilliant light, illuminating her exquisite face with a different color.

This light was not dazzling, but it almost made Qin Jiao’s eyes turn into the shape of spirit stones.

This was an Open-air Spirit Vein!

The reason why there was so much spirit energy in the giant bronze door was because of this Spirit Vein!

The large amount of spirit energy emitted from this spirit vein even gushed out of the giant bronze door.

It even made the nearby deserted island rich in spiritual energy.

That deserted island had been developed by the Qin Family into a family residence.

Simply unbelievable!

Other than these two words, Qin Jiao didn’t know how to describe her current mood.

She heard the sound of running water in a trance and hurried over to take a look.

Her beautiful eyes widened!

“This is…”

She watched helplessly as the spiritual energy that had turned into liquid formed a stream that flowed slowly. The soil beside the stream of spiritual energy became extremely extraordinary after being washed away for many years, becoming a top-tier weapon refining material!

Qin Jiao felt that if a mortal who had not cultivated before came here and casually grabbed a handful of soil and ate it, he would probably be stuffed to death by the large amount of spiritual energy contained in the soil!


This Open-air Spirit Vein had become hers.

At this moment… Qin Jiao actually felt a little uneasy.


As the saying goes: An ordinary man is innocent, but a rich man is guilty. It was like a poor man suddenly obtaining a mountain of gold. Anyone would think that he was a robber.

Qin Jiao could be considered to have seen the world in real life. After all, she was the daughter of the Zhengxin Palace Master.

However, she had never seen such a scene before her eyes.

Although Zhengxin Palace was a famous Orthodox sect in the cultivation world, it was not to the extent of controlling a Spirit Vein!


This was an Open-air Spirit Vein. There was no need to develop it at all.

If it was directly placed here, it would be able to benefit an Immortal cultivation clan endlessly.

Qin Jiao finally managed to suppress the endless shock in her heart.

Right now, there was only one thought in her mind —

How could she stuff such a large Spirit Vein into her storage bag?

If she could keep it in her storage bag, she would wait until the reward was settled.

Would she have a chance to get it? Would she get a spirit vein as a reward?

“Sigh…” Weighing the space in the storage bags she carried, the myriad of thoughts in Qin Jiao’s mind could only turn into a sigh.

Even if she were given a hundred storage bags that were fused together, she would not be able to hold this thing!

It was indeed too big!

[You really wanted to move the entire Spirit Vein out, but you also knew that it was impossible. However, you still used a few storage bags to store the spirit liquid that had turned into a stream. You were rather reluctant to leave the giant bronze door.]

[The internal strife in the Great Wei Dynasty became more and more intense. Some of the powerful civil and military officials broke away from the Imperial Court system of the Great Wei Dynasty and became kings on their own.]

[Age 31, an accident happened — A group of defeated soldiers discovered the Qin Family’s encampment while fleeing. They found that the spiritual energy here was extremely abundant, and the Qin Family’s disciples who occupied this island were weak, so they had a conflict with the Qin Family.]

[A large number of Qin Family’s disciples died in battle. The enemy’s main general was a Golden Core stage cultivator. They were simply not a match for the Qin Family.]

[Qin Family Patriarch died in battle!]

[The Qin Family Patriarch has died in battle!]

[You fought with all your might to create a bloody path for your pet, Whitey. You instructed it to take all the things in the Qin Family’s treasury and to completely close the giant bronze door. You can not leave the good things to these fellows.]

[You killed a large number of enemy soldiers. You aroused the anger of that general with the cultivation of the Golden Core stage. He charged toward you.]

[You, who had exhausted all your trump cards, are still no match for the enemy.]

[You have been killed in battle!]

[You died at the age of 31 years, 10 months, 1 day]

Qin Jiao’s death was very hasty. She was not able to react in time.

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she might have experienced an exciting life-and-death battle.


In the text prompt that popped up on the simulator, a short dozen lines of text had finished describing this battle coldly.

Even Qin Jiao did not expect that she would encounter such an unlucky thing.

When she opened her eyes again, she had already returned to reality.

Qin Jiao’s expression naturally was not very good.

Damn it!

She had already begun to explore the deeper resources in the giant bronze door cave abode!

Give her another 10 or 20 years. She would definitely be able to harvest more good things, which would make her stronger!

In the end, a Great Wei army appeared out of nowhere, catching her off guard.


That was no longer the army of the Great Wei Dynasty.

According to what Qin Jiao had heard before she died, she knew that the army had betrayed the Great Wei Dynasty and wanted to establish themselves as the king.

However, the other party had obviously overestimated themselves. They were beaten into a pulp.

After being defeated, they hurriedly fled.

Coincidentally, they thought of crossing the sea to escape, and that was when they met.

The storyteller did not even dare to make up such a ridiculous coincidence, but she actually had such a coincidence!

“Damn it!!”

Qin Jiao gritted her teeth!

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