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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 20
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At the front of the mountain, flowers after flowers withered down very quickly. But afterward, just like a phoenix being rebirth, those flowers were rebirth. After blossoming once again, the color of those flowers was much more penetrating and the shape of the petals of the flowers was much more perfect looking. Compared to before, the flowers right now could be said to have practically transformed into the king of flowers.

The bunch of flowers were gorgeous and pulled onto the heart of others, while at the same time attracting the gaze from others.

“Only left with meat grass now.”

Zhang Han’s consciousness moved. At the tree trunk of Thunder-Yang Tree, a bunch of meat grass seeds flew whistling towards the poultry area and pet area.

The meat grass seeds landed on the inner side of both of the areas. As soon as the seeds were seeded into the ground, within after 2 seconds, they germinated out of the ground, then 5 seconds later, a white color bud that was as big as a glass sphere was formed on the top of each of the meat grass.

Looking from afar, the meat grass looked just like the enlarged form of the ear of wheat.

Meat grass belonged to rank 1 spiritual treasure. The purpose of meat grass was to be used as the fodder of animals. When eating it, there would be a vegetable kind of fragrant. But when chewing it, it tasted like meat. After chewing for a bit, the taste somewhat tasted like red braised pork.

This was also known by Zhang Han because of him tasting the meat grass out of curiosity. However, Zhang Han also only took a bite. After all, meat grass was a fodder. Just knowing how it tasted like was enough.

After finishing with the meat grass, the first transformation of the land had also come to an end.

However, from the total amount of energy that the Thunder-Yang Tree could release for the first time, there was still half of it left. Of course, those energy were for Zhang Han to promote to Qi Refining Realm.

“Open meridians!”

Zhang Han tightly closed his eyes as he moved his right hand away from the Thunder-Yang Tree, then raised both of his hands up high.

At this time, the rural dog which was at one side was looking at Zhang Han confusedly.

If it was able to speak, it would definitely say:

“What is this stupid person doing?”

However, it did not have the high level of thought process of a human after all, thus it was only confusedly looking at Zhang Han.

However, the image at the next moment scared the rural dog, causing it to quiver from its head to foot.

It was seen that the Thunder-Yang Tree suddenly emitted out a faint serene light. At this moment, every piece of leaf was just like jadeite. Strands of gentle multicolored light continuously gathered together, then formed into a light beam in the end as it shot towards Zhang Han and entered into Zhang Han’s body.


Zhang Han felt as if he heard the sound of thunder. Within Zhang Han’s body, the energy of the Thunder-Yang Tree transformed into a sharp sword and continuously opened access to one meridian after another.

In wuxia novels, eight extraordinary meridians were paid particular attention to. People who were able to open all eight extraordinary meridians were counted as a genius.

But right now, after Zhang Han opened up all the eight extraordinary meridians, the rest of the energy was beginning to continuously strengthen the twelve meridians of the human body.

(Eight extraordinary meridians are supposed to be hidden from the normal human body and the twelve meridians seem to be the meridians which connect from the hand to feet. The twelve meridians flow in a full circle.)

The eight extraordinary meridians did not directly subordinate to the inner organs and also did not have a content list to match with, thus was thereby called extraordinary. The use of the eight extraordinary meridians was its function of being able to revolve qi and blood circulation and adjusting of the twelve meridians.

After the meridians were opened, the strands of energy of the Thunder-Yang Tree gathered into the meridians.

At the start, the energy was frantic, causing Zhang Han to feel as if his body was going to burst.

At this time, what Zhang Han needed to do was to revolve the cultivation technique and refine all those energy, turning all those energy into his own spiritual strength!

“Should I still cultivate Treasure Hunting Technique this time?”

Zhang Han muttered.

In his previous life, he had countless treasures and relied too much on treasures. Thus later on, during time for the Heavenly Tribulation, he was not able to withstand the attack from the Nine Heaven God Thunder!

Right now, Zhang Han was hesitating.

“Or not, how about I cultivate Five Phase Technique? In the future, after I finish cultivating into Five Phase Sage Body, I suppose that I would be able to smoothly overcome the Nine Heaven God Thunder right?”

“Actually, Green Wood Monarch Technique is okay too. The recovery strength of Green Wood Monarch Body is much more frightening and is known as the undying body. It would definitely be able to overcome the Nine Heaven God Thunder.”

Zhang Han was somewhat hesitant.

Cultivation technique was very important, as it concerned one’s strength growth. In the big Cultivation World, cultivation techniques were split into ranks of 3, 6 and 9. Treasure Hunting Technique was a cultivation technique which Zhang Han created after he had researched about cultivation for 300years and got a sudden moment of enlightenment.

The use of Treasure Hunting Technique was not small at all. It was even the main reason that Zhang Han was able to get X amount of treasures.

For example, Treasure Hunting Technique was able to power-up Concealing Technique. The Concealing Technique that was power-up afterward was known as God Concealing Technique. Not only was God Concealing Technique able to let Zhang Han’s body become completely concealed, it was even able to cause mighty experts in the Tribulation Realm to not be able to detect Zhang Han.

The effect of Treasure Hunting Technique was that it was able to power-up other techniques that were used for treasure hunting, like for example, speed, breaking formations, concealing and so on. However, Treasure Hunting Technique’s biggest effect was that it was able to power-up Treasure Smelling Nose, which was also the reason why Zhang Han did not want to give up on cultivating Treasure Hunting Technique.

“Forget it, I should just cultivate Treasure Hunting Technique. It could be said that I am starting all over again this time. Worst come to worst, I could just spend a bit more resources to attain Sage Corporeal Body. Treasures are still after all the fundamental for cultivating!”

After hesitating for up to less than a minute, Zhang Han made up his mind.

Sat down cross-legged, Zhang Han started revolving Treasure Hunting Technique. The energy within Zhang Han’s body was slowly being refined and beginning to go in a cycle according to Treasure Hunting Technique’s directions.

At this current moment, a smear of morning sun slowly raised up from the east, while a human and a dog were quietly sitting under Thunder-Yang Tree, revealing a warm image.


At Yunyin Garden, within Zi Yan’s house.

“Big sister Yan, are we going to work? It is only 7 am right now.” Zhou Fei yawned.

Normally, she would sleep until 8 am.

“Let’s go to work earlier today and pick finish the songs. Tomorrow we will accompany Meng Meng to Ocean Park to play for a day.” Zi Yan said calmly.

“You can leave me out. I will be at the company tomorrow planning out the music videos according to the songs.” Zhou Fei shook her head.

“You are not going?” Zi Yan was slightly dazed.

“I go for what? To be a light bulb? I am not going to come along with you family of three.” Zhou Fei said petulantly.

“Who is a family of three?” Zi Yan lightly spat. (Not literally spitting, just a simple light gesture.)

“Tsk, big sister Yan, it is not that I am saying nonsense, just take a look at you right now, continuingly saying Meng Meng, Meng Meng, Meng Meng. Meng Meng was the name that that fellow thought out. Also, yesterday when that fellow said to go Ocean Park, you didn’t even reject all and had a total look of a wife who was obedient to all of her husband’s requests. Those few years when we were at North America, you have never been like this.” Zhou Fei pouted her mouth and said.

“Don’t anyhow speak nonsense!” Zi Yan glared at Zhou Fei.

Zhou Fei was well-behaved this time and did not continue speaking.

After coming downstairs, they entered black color Mercedes-Benz S600L. The total cost of this car was close to 3million rmb. It was the car that Zi Yan used when she was working. Most of the time, Zhou Fei would be the one driving.

Sitting at the back of the car, Zi Yan’s gaze was looking outside the window, seemingly somewhat absent-minded.

A family of three going to Ocean Park huh……

Just what is my attitude towards Zhang Han?

In the beginning, Zi Yan thought that her heart treated Zhang Han as a total passer-by. However, the fact was that it wasn’t the case!

It seems that, when facing against Zhang Han, she who was always tranquil and even-tempered would always not able to remain calm. All of Zhang Han’s words and actions did indeed had some influence on Zi Yan.

“Perhaps it is because of Meng Meng……”

Zi Yan lightly sighed in her heart.

Only this kind of explanation was able to convince her. Because Zhang Han was Meng Meng’s father, therefore she was not able to be indifferent towards him.

“This is definitely not romance.”

The romance in Zi Yan’s heart was not like this. No matter which women, all of them would have a perfect prince charming in their heart.

The prince charming in Zi Yan’s heart was much more inclined to someone who was multi-talented, elegant, refined in manner, possesses both talent and virtue, and also have a passable appearance.

It was not someone like Zhang Han this down and out big young master who has a bad temper and also thought that my performing career was…what was that again that he said?

‘A mere celebrity on the TV screen, it is nothing but an actor that could be casually invited with money.”

What kind of words were those? Just thinking about it was enough to make Zi Yan become angry. Especially when they were fighting, that fellow even said, ‘if you want to stay in this messy entertainment industry, it is impossible for me to be together with you’.

Please, when did I said that I wanted to be together with you? Who would ever like a rigid brain who has a bad temper?

Zhang Han’s figure flashed pass Zi Yan’s mind, and as she recalled of those words, in a moment, an obscure flame of anger raised up in her heart!

“Big sister Yan? Big sister Yan?”

Zi Yan only reacted after Zhou Fei called out to her a couple of times.

“Ah?” Zi Yan was in a daze.

“What were you thinking about? We have reached the company already!” Zhou Fei said speechlessly.

“Oh, let’s go then.”

“I am not going to think of that rigid brain, time to go to work!” Zi Yan thought to herself in her heart.


The sun gradually raised, and people left their home in succession to begin their either busy or leisure day.

As for Zhang Han, he sat under the Thunder-Yang Tree for an entire day.

All the way until it the sky gradually became dark, Zhang Han then finally turned those energy into his own and advanced to Qi Refining Realm.

And during this day, that Chinese rural dog was running back and forth around the Crescent Mountain which was now just like a public square. It strolled around at each of the different areas, ate the meat grass which just grown out not long ago and walked around every doghouse in a circle for a few times as it wagged its tail back and forth excitedly.

Under Thunder-Yang Tree, when Zhang Han opened both of his eyes, a trace of radiance flashed across his eyes.

As he stood up, the bones in his entire body started making cracking sounds. At this moment, he had been reborn!

Although it was only the Qi Refining Realm, but Zhang Han had the strength of easily close to 500kg. Also, when using spiritual qi, his speed would become very fast, becoming able to immediately surpass those famous sprinters or long distance runners.

Although Zhang Han had this kind of strength, he would not compete against them. Cough, cough, be low-profile. There would be no pleasure in striving over victory with a bunch of insects!

“Woof, woof, woof……”

Suddenly, the sound of the barking of a dog could be heard.

Zhang Han’s gaze congealed as he said in a deep tone:

“Which insect dare to bark in front of me?”

Turning his head over, Zhang Han saw the Chinese rural dog who wanted to save him back then was barking behind him.

“Haha, so it is you!” Zhang Han smiled faintly.

He had known that it was this dog from the start. Those words that he spoke just now were merely but a joke he made to celebrate himself ‘entering into cultivating for the first time’.

“Woof, woof.”

The Chinese rural dog went up to Zhang Han’s foot, displaying a boot-licking image.

Zhang Han looked at the dog and muttered to himself, then shook his head and said, “Forget about it, you had a kind heart towards me, and also have fate with me. From now on, you will be my domain’s little housekeeper who helps me look after and protect the domain!”

Zhang Han’s words had decided that this dog would become very capable in the future.

“Never thought that Pure-Yang Water would be used by you this little fellow first.” Zhang Han shook his head, then stretched out his hand and touched the Thunder-Yang Tree. Suddenly, Zhang Han expression paused for a moment, followed by him laughing out involuntarily, “Your luck sure is good!”

After a day had passed, Thunder-Yang Tree would soon enter into silent, which meant that it would not be able to release out energy anymore. However, ‘soon’ means that Thunder-Yang Tree still had not yet entered into silent yet!

“Housekeeper…seems like I will have to use up some capital.”

Zhang Han lightly took in a breath, then pressed both his hands onto the Thunder-Yang Tree. Spiritual strength continuously gathered within Thunder-Yang Tree.

Suddenly, a strand of white crystal water droplets floated out from Thunder-Yang Tree. The water droplets were like a string of necklace, floating towards the forehead of the Chinese rural dog. When the water droplets reached the dog’s forehead, the water droplets turned into dots of starlight as it entered into the dog’s forehead.

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