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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 25
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“Bad Aunt Feifei, you cannot talk badly about my daddy!”

Zhang Han did not have any expression but Meng Meng herself was not happy about it as she said towards Zhou Fei with an angry face.

“You this little traitor!” Zhou Fei petulantly rolled her eyes, redrawing back the words that she wanted to continue ridiculing Zhang Han with.

“Alright, Xiao Fei, don’t mess around already.”

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhou Fei. Taking off her wig and sunglasses, she undid her hair bun, dispersing her long hair, then shook her hair.

Long fluttering hair, adding on her with eye-catching body, it made even Zhang Han raised his eyebrows.

‘Indeed very beautiful.’

Zhang Han couldn’t help but muttered in his heart.

“Wow oh, mommy is so beautiful.” The little princess praised with her small voice, not knowing when she would also be to shake around with her long hair.

“You are also very beautiful.” Zi Yan stroked Meng Meng’s head with a smile, then took a look at Zhang Han and said, “Let’s go upstairs. Upstairs is where Meng Meng, I, and Zhou Fei sleep at. At the first floor, other than Aunt Wang’s room, there is still 2 guest room available. You can stay in one of the guest room today.”


Zhang Han nodded his head, then followed Zi Yan upstairs.

The space on the second floor was not small, there was a big living room. A carpet was spread on the staircase and below the handrail of the staircase, fence that was the shape of a net was installed.

“Daddy, daddy, put Meng Meng down.”

Upon coming upstairs, Meng Meng began wriggling around within Zhang Han’s embrace.

After Meng Meng stood on the floor, her expression was very happy, as she ran forward excitedly. On the sofa, there were a bunch of small rag dolls, and on the coffee table that was at the front of the sofa, there were also a lot of toys.

“Daddy, come quickly.”

Meng Meng began sharing each of her toys with Zhang Han.

“Wow, this one is really pretty. Wow, this big tiger is really scary. What is this? Mickey Mouse?” With a slightly exaggerating tone, Zhang Han played around with Meng Meng.

Meng Meng chuckled non-stop, “Pretty isn’t it? Does it look like Meng meng? Daddy, I tell you, this, this tiger won’t bite people, you see……Daddy, this is not Mickey Mouse, this is Donald Duck, daddy is so silly……”

“Tsk, he sure knows how to coax a child!” At the door of the room that was in the back corner, Zhou Fei curled her lips and mumbled.

“You cannot speak badly about him in front of Meng Meng anymore in the future. Right now, Meng Meng is very fond of him.” Zi Yan who was changing inside the room opened her mouth and said.

“Big Sister Yan.”

Zhou Fei walked into the room, closed the door, and then asked in a small voice, “Why did you let that fellow come here?”

Zi Yan slightly went into a daze, then replied, “Because Meng Meng was crying very badly, so I let him come here.”

Meng Meng’s crying was perhaps only the small part of the reason she let Zhang Han come to her house. The bigger part of the reason was because Zi Yan saw the things that Zhang Han did for Meng Meng, saw his change, and also the abundant of fatherly love he had on him.

Towards Meng Meng, he had truly done his utmost effort.

She herself also never thought that only after seeing each other for a few days, Zhang Han would actually be that doting towards Meng Meng. Perhaps this was the family love of the so-called, blood is always thicker than water.

“Big Sister Yan, this won’t do!” Zhou Fei said with a trace of nervous in her tone, “If you let that fellow come in touch with Meng Meng for too long, what will you do if he snatches Meng Meng away? You do not have much time to accompany Meng Meng because of your work. It won’t be good if that fellow took the opportunity to snatch Meng Meng away from you. Big Sister Yan, you think about it, what if he finds a stepmother for Meng Meng in the future? Towards someone who was not her own child, that stepmother will definitely not treat Meng Meng well!”

After Zhou Fei finished speaking, Zi Yan’s gaze congealed.

Zi Yan began letting her imagination run wild. When the image of Meng Meng being beat by the stepmother appeared in her mind, her body couldn’t help but trembled. With a resolute tone, she said,

“No! I will definitely not allow this kind of situation to happen!”

“Oh, that’s right.” Zhou Fei rolled her eyes around, then said, “There is a method that is feasible!”

“What method?” Zi Yan asked.

“If worst comes to worst, Big Sister Yan you will just have to sacrifice yourself for a bit and get together with that fellow. This way, since the both of you are Meng Meng’s biological parents, there will be no more worries!” Zhou Fei said while holding back her laughter.

“What are you anyhow talking about.”

Zi Yan petulantly gave Zhou Fei a push, then rolled her eyes and said, “I do not like Zhang Han this kind of rigid brain.”

The prince charming in her heart was the kind of gentle that was both handsome and refined, and must also be multi-talented and have a kind heart.

Zhang Han was far apart from the prince charming in her heart.

“I think so too. He is not even comparable to that Prince Li.” Zhou Fei nodded her head, agreeing deeply with Zi Yan..

“Don’t anyhow say.”

Zi Yan’s brows slightly wrinkled. From the bottom of her heart, she somewhat dislike Prince Li that kind of flirty person.

After changing into a relaxing night clothes, Zi Yan walked out of the room and saw Meng Meng was currently happily playing with Zhang Han.

Carrying the little princess into the bedroom by force, after helping Meng Meng change into her night clothes, when she let go of her hand, Meng Meng immediately rushed out of the bedroom to continue playing with Zhang Han.

If it was normal times, this house would not be very noisy, even more, at this timing, the little princess would have already have fallen asleep. But because of Zhang Han’s arrival, this house immediately became lively.

In the living room, it was filled with Meng Meng’s bell-like juvenile laughter, and also Zhang Han’s bright laughter occasionally. Even Aunt Wang who was in the bedroom on the first floor was able to hear their laughter.

All the way until 11.30pm, the little princess was still playing happily, but she was however told by Zi Yan solemnly to go to sleep.

“Humph! Bad mommy, Meng Meng still haven’t played enough.” The little princess said angrily.

Zi Yan was helpless towards Meng Meng, thus she glared at Zhang Han. Under Zhang Han’s persuading, then did the little princess agreed to go to sleep, but her daddy has to tell her a bedtime story first.

Thus, Zhang Han walked into Zi Yan’s and Meng Meng’s bedroom.

Meng Meng’s bed was a small bed, and Zi Yan’s bed was a normal bed. There was a small and big bed, but both of the bed had the same characteristic, which was that there were quite a few hairy dolls on both of the bed.

Seems like Zi Yan still had the heart of a young girl.

Zhang Han lightly smiled.

After telling story to Meng Meng for a while, Meng Meng deeply fell asleep.

After gently covering Meng Meng with her small quilt, Zhang Han walked out of the bedroom quietly.

Just after opening the door, he heard Zhou Fei’s somewhat angry words coming from the living room,

“We have already finished choosing the song, so I went to the manufacture department, but in the end, the people in the manufacture department said that the quality of the song was not good and will not spend too many resources and energy to shoot the MV, and can only shoot a simple and ordinary MV! This is truly angering me to death! After that, I went to see the old witch. But do you know what happened in the end? She didn’t even care at all and even said: ‘If you are not satisfied with the MV’s quality, you can spend your own money to go and hire a good team!’ What kind of words are those? Are you not one of the company’s performing artist”?

Zi Yan’s brows slightly wrinkled, as she said lightly, “I will go and find Big Sister Mei to try and talk about it tomorrow.”

“Big Sister Yan, even if u go, it will also be useless. You are no longer favored by that old witch anymore. Furthermore, the people in the manufacture department are right too, the quality of the song is indeed not good. How about you reconsider about the album?”

“If we don’t release the album and continue dragging on, there won’t be any chance coming to us too.” Zi Yan shook her head.

She had also somewhat understood some things. The company temporarily did not intend to spend resources on her. Perhaps it was because has-been celebrity was hard to make a comeback, or it could also perhaps be that Prince Li meddling about. No matter what reason it was, the end result was that Zi Yan will be not getting any resources any time soon.

Rather than dragging on, she might as well just straightforwardly release out an album first.

Although the quality of the song was a bit lacking, at the least, by releasing the album, it would be able to awaken others’ memories of her. Furthermore, Zi Ya believed in her heart that her huge amount of fans in the past were still fond of her!

“Release album?” Zhang Han sat on the corner of the sofa, took a look at Zi Yan and said, “Didn’t you changed from a singer to an actress? Why do you still need to release an album?”

“I have not appeared in people’s view for 5 years already. I’m not as popular as I am back then now. Isn’t all this because of you?” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han and said.


Zhang Han became speechless.

This woman always seemed to be eating gunpowder when talking to him!

“If your album’s song is not good, how about……”

Zhang Han still hasn’t finished speaking and Zi Yan’s face immediately became cold as she said, “I don’t need you to care about my matters!”

After finish speaking, Zi Yan stood up and walked towards her bedroom.

Seeing Zi Yan’s expression, she seemed to be panting with rage.

“Tsk, who told you to shoot your mouth off, serves you right!” Zhou Fei curled her lips and said, then walked towards her bedroom.

Zhang Han’s brows slightly wrinkled as he stood up and went downstairs.

While walking down the stairs, he mumbled,

“Truly, good intentions being treated as donkey’s liver and lung. If you were not Meng Meng’s mother, I would not even bother to ask you anything.”

(好心当成驴肝肺 – Good intentions being treated as donkey’s liver and lung: During ancient time, donkey’s lung and liver were not worth anything. Not sure about now though.)

Zhang Han originally had good intentions when he asked Zi Yan about her album. The development course of this life was slightly different from his previous life. Some celebrities totally did not appear in this life at all. But Zhang Han was somewhat familiar with the works of some of those celebrities. Adding on, he also had knowledge regarding music. Therefore, it was not very hard to reproduce the songs from his previous life that did not appear in this life.

Originally, he wanted to give Zi Yan a small help, but the other person didn’t seem to be interested at all. Thus, Zhang Han felt that there was no need for him to stick his warm face to a cold butt.

((热脸贴冷屁股 – Sticking warm face to a cold butt: To describe warm feelings meeting with cold rebuke.)

However, how would Zi Yan have known Zhang Han’s thoughts?

Zi Yan still very clearly remembered the words Zhang Han said during the last time they quarrel. She thought that the words Zhang Han was going to continue saying were, ‘How about you just immediately retire and forget about it. What is good about being an actor on the television screen?’

Zi Yan subconsciously did not want to talk to Zhang Han about this topic, and also dislike talking about this topic with Zhang Han, therefore she coldly interrupted him just now.

Even more, when Zi Yan returned to her bedroom and lied down on her bed, she still mumbled some words angrily in a small voice.

Those words were simply words like ‘scoundrel’, ‘rigid brain’, ‘bad temper’, and so on.

Zhang Han walked into the spare bedroom that was downstairs. The structure of the bedroom was similar to that of a hotel. There was a bathroom, and the bedding and other items were brand new. Zhang Han took off his clothes, then lied down on the bed and fiddled with his phone. After a while, he also deeply fell asleep.

Originally, with his way of thinking, he was not willing to stay here. His identity was relatively awkward. He was not Zi Yan’s husband, but he had a child with ZI Yan. In this kind of situation, he also felt somewhat awkward spending the night at Zi Yan’s house.

However, he wanted to bring Meng Meng out to play during the next day, thus he endured the awkwardness and stayed the night here.

Next day, morning 8am.

Wang Juan already prepared breakfast. The breakfast was relatively simple. There was the sweet potato porridge which Meng Meng and Zi Yan like to eat, a plate filled with 7 boiled eggs, some small steamed bun which was bought at the supermarket and some salted vegetables.

Zhang Han sat in the living room that was on the first floor and casually watched the television. When it was 6am+, he had already woke up, but there was not a bit of movement upstairs at all. All the way until 8am, then did the 2 muddle-headed adults and Meng Meng came downstairs.


Meng Meng rushed forward while jumping and running, then threw herself into Zhang Han’s embrace while with a look of happiness on her face.

This was still the first time she had experience waking up from bed and being able to see both her daddy and mommy together at the same time.

“Aiyo, what a little traitor. Ever since she had met up with that fellow, she wouldn’t even let Aunt Feifei kiss her. Tsk, tsk.” Zhou Fei said with a face of jealousy.

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