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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 33
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Two dogs, price of 5.5k and 6k, 11.5k bill! The male’s face became much happier.

“This and this.”


Every few steps Zhang Han took, he would point at two dogs.

Zhang Han further on bought the shining white Bichon Frise, black and white intertwining Border Collie, Pomeranian, purebred Teacup Poodle which was worth 10.8k, sheepdog and poodle.

Choosing up till here, they had already strolled through half of the place. Meng Meng who was within Zhang Han’s embrace said somewhat anxiously, “Daddy, daddy, it’s my turn to choose!”

“Alright, alright, it is Meng Meng’s turn to choose. Look at this, this is known as husky, commonly referred to as silly husky. Huskies are much mischievous when they are small, and when they grow big, they would be much sillier instead. Husky also has a nickname which is ‘disappear once let go’, it is quite an interesting dog. Meng Meng, you can choose two of them.” Zhang Han pointed at the 8 huskies in front and said.

(Context of ‘disappear once let go’: Seems like when you let go of the husky’s leash, the husky would always run off.)

“Oh…oh….daddy, they, they are all the same.”

Meng Meng hesitated for quite a while, not knowing which two to pick. In the end, she chose the two most active huskies in the cage that were continuously sticking out their tongue, wanting to lick her little palm.

“Oh, this, and also this.” Meng Meng pointed at the two most active huskies.

“Meng Meng, those two are both female dogs, you have to change one of them to a male one.” Zhang Han couldn’t help but smile.

“Eh? What do we need a male dog for?” Meng Meng did not understand.

“If there is a male dog and a female dog, they would be able to give birth to baby dogs.” Zhang Han stretched his hand out and pinched onto Meng Meng’s cheek.

“Alright, alright then, is that one a male dog?” Meng Meng pointed to the best-behaved husky among the huskies.

“Correct, this one is a male. We will take this two then.”

After choosing the huskies, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng to choose the next different breed of dog.

Small and exquisite Chihuahua, docile and adorable Golden Retriever, Welsh Corgi which has small legs, Meng Meng liked all of them very much. After choosing for a very long time, then did she finally managed to pick out two from each of the different breeds.

However, when they reached the area where the dachshunds and Bull Terriers were at, Meng Meng’s little mouth pouted and said,

“Uh-huh, don’t want, I don’t want those, they look so fierce and not nice looking……”

Zhang Han smiled and carried Meng Meng to the back to continue looking. Seems like the dogs that they were followingly going to be buying were bound to be dogs that were adorable and attractive looking which little girls were fond of.

At the back, they chose two Japan’s purebred Akita which was worth 30k each, Japanese Spitz which had hair that was like snow, Samoyed dog, Shar Pei, and the aloof Chow Chow.

“Roughly those first for now.” After finish choosing, Zhang Han turned his head around, took a look at the spectacled male and said.

It could be seen, the male was currently excited to the point that even his hand was trembling. With a face full of excitement, the male said trembling,

“Mister…mister, you bought a total of 36 purebred dogs. The total…total is 235.8k rmb.”

While speaking, the male looked at Zhang Han’s expression both excitedly and scared at the same time, being afraid that the expensive price would cause this customer to give up on buying the dogs.


Zhang Han could be seen nodding his head indifferently, having no billows in his expression at all, seemingly as if spending 200k was like spending 20 rmb.

“Mister, how do you want to pay?” The male asked excitedly.

“Credit card.”

“Alright, this way mister.”

The male brought Zhang Han back to the main store.

The female at the counter took a look at the bill and immediately went into a daze.

She totally did not expect that a bill alone would be able to sell out 36 dogs. 230k rmb, this was not a small bill!

Thus, her smile became passionate in every possible way. After helping Zhang Han swipe his credit card, she said sweetly,

“Mister, can I know where is your address? We will send the dogs that you bought to you in a little while. That’s right, mister, do you need to buy some other things like pet foods and toys?”

“Toys?” Meng Meng went into a daze for a while. Looking around with her big eyes, at the most left side, she discovered a row of cupboards where a bunch of dog toys was arranged. Upon seeing the dog toys, she raised her little arms and cheered happily, “Alright, alright, buy toys! Buy toys for Xiao Hei and the adorable dogs to play!”

“Let’s go choose the toys.” Zhang Han smiled and carried Meng Meng to the pet toys area.

Meng Meng wriggled around within Zhang Han’s embrace, hinting her father to place her down on the floor.

Zhang Han placed Meng Meng down on the floor and with a woosh, Meng Meng went to pick the toys for the dogs.

There were rubber ball, twine ball and so on other things.

“This, this, and also this, I want them all…Daddy, what do I do?” Meng Meng began choosing the toys happily, not knowing which one to choose.

“We will buy all of them then.” Zhang Han laughed faintly.

“Really?” Meng Meng’s eyes lighted up.

“Of course.” Zhang Han rubbed onto Meng Meng’s head and smiled.

“Wow, hooray, which this many toys, the doggies will definitely be very very happy!” Meng Meng giggled happily.

“You can buy a bit more then.” Zhang Han nodded his head, then looked towards the female beside him and said, “Those few toys, give me 20 of each of them.”

“Sure thing mister. Because you bought that many dogs, those toys will be treated as free gifts. Not sure where you would like us to send the dogs to?” The female asked passionately with a smile.

“You can send them to Crescent Mountain. You all can start heading there two hours later. Before you all begin heading there, do give me a call first.” Zhang Han said after muttering to himself for a while.

“Alright mister, can I know what is your phone number?”


After leaving his phone number, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and left.

“You are truly incredible. Your bonus this year is most likely going to be able to reach 5 digits.” The female stuck up her thumb at the spectacled male.


Zhang Han drove towards the livestock farm which was located at the South District. This was the second location that he wanted to come to today.

Zhang Han originally wanted to buy some cats at the pet store, but after thinking about it, after spending 230k rmb, there was only 450k rmb left in his bank card. He still needed to buy some other things, thus he could only give up buying the cats for now.

Of course, Meng Meng also thought of this problem, she suddenly exclaimed, then said, “Daddy! We seemed to have forgotten something!”

“What is it?” Zhang Han laughed faintly and asked.

“Eh……those, those adorable kitties!” Meng Meng reminded.

“Kitties is it?” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Kitties will have to wait for a while first. We will buy the kitties after the doggies have grown up and become more sensible. If not, wouldn’t the doggies and kitties fight every day?”

“Fight? Eh…then, then let’s not buy the kitties first, let’s listen to daddy.” Meng Meng imagined the image of the kitties and doggies fighting together, her complexion shrunk as she patted on her own chest and said.

“En, don’t buy the kitties first, we will go buy some other things first, like cow, sheep, pig, chicken, duck and goose.” Zhang Han said.

“Alright, buy, buy, buy, let’s go buy.” The little princess said very happily.

Spending money would let one feel delighted, no matter was it an adult or a child, especially females. Under the circumstances where one have money, spending money with no misgivings would always let one feel good.

Although the things that they were going to buy next were not the toys that Meng Meng likes, she still felt very happy.

After driving for about half an hour, they arrived at the livestock farm which was located in the South District. This place was not far from the house that Zhang Han just bought recently.

“What do you want to buy?”

The person receiving Zhang Han this time was a 40+ years old middle age man.

“Cow, sheep, pig, chicken, duck, goose, I am intending to buy a few of each, recommend me some relatively better ones.” Zhang Han lightly nodded his head and said.

“We want the most most most best ones.” Meng Meng imitated Zhang Han and said.

“Alright, I will give you the best ones, pretty little brat.”

The middle age man laughed brightly and said, “The best cow we have here is the Japanese Black. If the Japanese Black is fed well, there is a probability of it becoming Kobe beef. I presume that mister you should have eaten Kobe beef before right? A 500kg Japanese Black only have 6kg of grade A5 beef, and the price of each kg exceeds over 1.5k rmb.”

“Grade A5 beef huh?” Zhang Han muttered to himself.

Zhang Han had of course eaten Kobe beef before. He remembered that he had seen before a piece of news that reported about 200g of Kobe beef being sold for the high price of 888. The output of Kobe beef was very less, but the taste was exceptionally good.

And if this Japanese Black was fed well, there was a probability that it could become Kobe beef. What does it mean by being fed well?

At Crescent Mountain, each and every Japanese Black could become Kobe beef, and all the meat of the cow would definitely be grade A5. Incorrect, the meat would be an existence that surpassed grade A5!

No choice, the environment at Crescent Mountain was just that formidable.

Eat rank 1 spiritual treasure meat grass, drink spiritual water, move about on rank 1 spiritual treasure sweet scent grass, and the soil underneath was actually spiritual soil. Growing up in this kind of environment, grade A5 beef was but a joke only.

“How much does one Japanese Black cost?” Zhang Han asked straightforwardly.

“8k rmb each.” The middle age man replied.

“Give me 10 of this Japanese Black first then.” Zhang Han said, “Recommend dairy cow for me too.”

“If it is dairy cow, then it should be Holstein Friesian cattle. In a year, it can produce milk for 300 days, and there would be a dry period of 60 days. The 60 days is 2 months before the cow give birth. After giving birth, it could be able to produce milk for 300 days again. However, after the cow gave birth, artificial insemination will be needed for 60 days. A cow can be milked 2-3 times a day, with every time being 10-15 minutes. On average, a cow can produce 30kg of milk every day.” The middle age man introduced.

“Oh, give me 2 female cows and 1 male cow then. Separate the 2 months dry period of the female cows for me.” Zhang Han muttered to himself for a while, then said.

“Sure thing.” The middle age man noted down, then said, “However, I recommended mister you to buy only 2 female cows. When you need your female cows to receive sperm, you can just contact me again during that time. If you buy a male cow back, I’m afraid you would also not know how to handle it properly.”

“Alright, give me 2 female cows then.” Zhang Han nodded his head and said, “Introduce sheep and pig for me too.”

“If it is sheep, we have ordinary White Bighorn Sheep. The best sheep we have here is Ujimqin Sheep. If it is pig, the tasty one would be the black pig. At here, we have Taihu black pig which is quite good.” The middle age man introduced.

“For Ujimqin Sheep and Taihu black pig, give me 10 of each. Also, give me 2 dairy sheep.” Zhang Han opened his mouth and said.

“Alright.” The middle age man noted down again.

“Give me some chicken, duck and goose too. For the chickens, I want some chickens which can lay eggs.” Zhang Han said.

“Chicken, duck and goose……I only have fully grown ones here, and they have all been fed fodder. I reckon that mister you would not want those. At the most inner side of this street, there is a farmers’ market. There is a lot of home-reared chicken, duck and goose there.” The middle age man said with a smile.

“Oh, I will take all those for now then.”

“Let me calculate for you. 10 Japanese Black, 2 Holstein Friesian cattle, 2 dairy sheep, 10 Ujimqin Sheep, 10 Taihu Black pig, the total is 198k rmb.” The middle age man counted and said.

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