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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 42
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Chapter 42: Beyond You!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Grandmaster Ye, are you troubled? Do you need my help?” Lin Shanhe asked with a smile on his face.

Ye Lingchen quietly glanced at the Lu family duo, “Trouble wise… yes, slightly.”

“Grandmaster Ye, we’re sorry! Please forgive our insolence against you earlier.”

Lu Tianxiong trembled with fear. With a thud, he knelt on the floor and started kowtowing towards Ye Lingchen.

To kneel in public was humiliating, especially when one had the position and power of Lu Tianxiong.

Yet Lu Tianxiong knew full well that he had to kneel. Not only that, but he also had to present it as sincerely as possible!

Lu Hao followed suit. His tears flowed as he kowtowed and begged, “Grandmaster Ye, I was blind to not recognize your greatness. Please show your generous grace and let me off as a passing wind!”

Ye Lingchen mischievously looked at the two of them.

He must admit that Lu Tianxiong had some capability to have made it this far in life, knowing when to yield when necessary.

As for the others, their eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets from staring, mouths agape, unable to remain shut.

This twist and turns of this plot proved to be beyond their brain circuitry to follow.

The Lu family father and son duo was begging on the floor like a pair of dogs. This situation was something they could not even dream of.

Director Li stared at Ye Lingchen, his heart washed over by a wave of anxiety, thanking the heavens, “To think that he had such a powerhouse backing him. Luckily I’ve treated him courteously all these while.”

Xiao Feifei’s pretty eyes opened wide and placed her hand over her mouth in astonishment, amazed by the revelation.

“Young Master Lu, I remember that you mixed a glass of liquor.” Ye Lingchen shifted his gaze to Lu Hao.

“Grandmaster Ye, you can just call me Lil’ Lu,” Lu Hao replied while trying to squeeze out a smile on his swollen pig-like face.

“Go fetch it over!”

Lu Hao immediately retrieved the glass of liquor from the table in a respectful manner, not daring to delay for the slightest bit.

Ye Lingchen observed Lu Hao calmly, “This liquor… who was it for?”

Lu Hao’s head was filled with cold sweat, his hands trembled as he held onto the glass. “This is for me, just the way I like it.”

“Show me!”

“Of course. Thank you, Grandmaster Ye, for the liquor.”

Having said that, Lu Hao immediately tilted his head backward and shoved the entire glass’ contents down his throat.

The extreme burn from the alcohol assaulted his throat, causing him intolerable pain.

Yet he did not dare stop, nor let a single drop leak from his mouth.

His face scrunched up as he drank the entire glass clean!

“Grandmaster Ye, I won’t do this again. Can you please forgive me, please…” Lu Hao continued to kowtow, his head knocking hard on the floor’s surface. Just from the knocking sound, one could feel the pain.

He knew that Lu family’s survival depended on Ye Lingchen’s whims at that point. If at that moment they showed any signs of insincerity, the Lu family would be done for.

“Why are you guys standing there stupidly? Your knives had frightened Grandmaster Ye. All of you kneel!” Lu Tianxiong shouted at the twenty over underlings he brought along.

In the next moment, twenty over people knelt down at the same time, spoke up together, “We humbly ask for Grandmaster Ye’s forgiveness!”

The scene was majestic, a stunning sight that silenced many.

“It’s too bad that we don’t have a camera here. Even in a movie, you could not create this majestic aura!” Director Li sighed in resignation.

“That’ll be all for now. If you dare harass Xiao Feifei in the future, then you’ll have to pay with your life!” said Ye Lingchen with a wave of his hand.

“I’ll never do that again! Grandmaster Ye can rest assured. From now on Xiao Feifei will be my grandaunt!” Lu Hao breathed a sigh of relief. Even if someone were to lend him all the courage in the world, he would never do this again.

“Oh, right. What’s that Wu family troupe thing. It offends me. You settle it as you see fit,” Ye Lingchen reminded him as he turned around and left.

“Rest assured Grandmaster Ye. I will deal with Wu Feng with a heavy hand. The Wu family troupe will cease to exist!” Lu Tianxiong immediately guaranteed with his eyes locked on Wu Feng. A big part of this incident was started by Wu Feng.

Even if Ye Lingchen let Wu Feng off the hook, he would never let him off!

Wu Feng’s expression was ashen, hopelessly despairing on the ground.

Ye Lingchen nodded in acknowledgment, then followed Lin Shanhe out of the door.

On the other hand, Lin Ao walked up to Lu Tianxiong and his son. In a mischievous tone, he asked, “Lu Tianxiong, what’s wrong with your son’s face?”

“I slapped him. This good for nothing always causes trouble, clearly lacking discipline. This was my doing!” Lu Tianxiong replied quickly.

“This is my first time seeing someone being hit to this extent. Could you give me a demonstration?” Lin Ao said coldly.

Ye Lingchen may have gotten over this, but he had yet to.

This Lu family father and son duo delayed Ye Lingchen’s treatment for Grandfather Lin. It was no different from seeking death.

If anything were to happen to Grandfather Lin, even the destruction of the entire Lu Group would still be insufficient to make up for it!

To let them live was already an extremely generous act.

“Yes, yes!”

Lu Tianxiong nodded his head repeatedly and without any delay, started slapping away at Lu Hao!

Smack, smack, smack!

He dared not go easy on the slaps. Lu Hao’s face swelled up yet another 30 percent.

“Next time, keep your eyes open. Grandmaster Ye is a VIP of the Lin family. He is beyond you!”

Lin Ao finally left after leaving the message.

Outside Capital Restaurant, there were three cars.

These three cars were different from others. They did not park at the parking lot but instead parked right outside the restaurant’s front door with impunity.

The restaurant owner dared not do anything, but instead personally stood guard right beside the three cars.

These three cars were not some high-class sports car. However, their license plate all started with the ‘Wu 1’ character. One of them was an off-road Jeep.

“This car… it’s fearsome!” Ye Lingchen exclaimed while looking at the Jeep.

This type of car was definitely had a tyrant like existence on the road. It would be considered a tank when compared to other cars. Even Lamborghinis and the like would have to make way for it.

“I’ve purposely remodeled this car. Acceleration, off-road ability, and durability are all excellent. I’ve tested it. The wall of a normal house could be rammed straight through without suffering a scratch!”

Lin Ao asked with pride, “Grandmaster Ye, would you like to try riding in it?”

“Why not,” Ye Lingchen nodded, then hopped into the car.

The car was tall. When sitting within, it gave off an elated feeling of looking down on smaller cars. Moreover, the inside was spacious and not cramped.

“Sit tight!”

Lin Ao not only showed off his car, but also his driving skills. He sped all the way, with the scenes on both sides rushing into a blur streaking pass. The cars on the road all gave way, none daring to be in the way of this behemoth.

“Nice. Nice car!”

Ye Lingchen was astonished. Lin Ao drove at crazy speeds, and he even chose to go through inner roads for shortcuts.

However, within the car, it was surprisingly steady without any bumpiness despite driving through bumpy roads. He guessed that even if this car had to go uphill it would feel like flat land.

Sitting in the car provided him a sense of security.

This car’s durability was top of the line, it was very likely for it to be bulletproof as well.

“Oh right. Grandmaster Ye, since you’re so good at fighting, have you thought of joining the Warrior’s Department?” Lin Ao asked suddenly, staring at Ye Lingchen with passion burning in his eyes…

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