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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 45
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Chapter 45: Can’t Help You!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Lingchen’s turned gloomy as well. From Lin Ao, he could see the shadow of a Chinese martial artist, raising his respects for martial artists.

Unexpectedly, there was also scum in the Warrior’s Department!

This instructor was also a martial artist. At first, Ye Lingchen did not want to antagonize him, but now he was hesitating if he should have Lin Ao settle this issue.

“Zhu Changdong sure had it hard. He’s only on the fifth lap and he’s already almost burnt out,” Xu Yiyin sighed.

On the field, everyone was having a break. Zhu Changdong, on the other hand, was quietly jogging along the track, covered in sweat and his eyes barely able to remain open. It seemed that he may just pass out from exhaustion at any moment.

Ye Lingchen took out a bottle of water, stood up, then walked up to Zhu Changdong.

“Here’s some water. If you can’t manage then just stop the jog,” Ye Lingchen told him.

“Thank you, ” replied Zhu Changdong thankfully then gulped down half a bottle in one go.

“That b*stard of an instructor. I will report him to the student council!”

“The student council has jurisdiction over such matters?” Ye Lingchen was surprised.

Zhu Changdong took another sip of water, “The student council in a university has quite some influence. It’s mainly used as a channel for the students to communicate with the school authorities through suggestions. At the very least, if we have a strong enough demand, it should be no problem to switch instructors.”

“Sure, let’s go together later in the afternoon,” replied Ye Lingchen happily.

However, at that moment, Sun Chao rushed over like a mad dog.

“F*ck your mother! Who allowed you to stop?” He came ready to kick Zhu Changdong, but it was unexpectedly intercepted by Ye Lingchen out of the blue. Ye Lingchen then spoke in a soft tone, “Sir, Zhu Changdong has already run five laps. He has reached his limit. If he were to continue, he might develop some serious conditions.”

“Who the f*ck are you, daring to interfere? I’ve already told you that I despise people showing off in front of me!” Without any warning, his hand moved to slap Ye Lingchen!

A sharp gleam flashed through Ye Lingchen’s eyes as he raised his hands to intercept Sun Chao’s hand and sneered, “Instructor Sun, it is written in the martial training rules that instructors cannot use unjustified physical violence against students.”

*F*ck! What’s your name? Don’t think that I wouldn’t give you zero points for your martial training grade!” shouted Sun Chao.

Zhu Changdong returned the water to Ye Lingchen, “Forget it, I’ll continue running.”


Sun Chao slapped the water out of the way, “Who permitted you to pass him water? You sure are a busybody. Fine! I’ll have you run 10 laps as well!”

Ye Lingchen’s expression remained unchanged, replying to him calmly, “I’ll do 15 laps. Let him rest.”

“It’s ok, I can still move,” Zhu Changdong immediately shook his head in refusal.

Ye Lingchen stared at Sun Chao.

“Hehe, you want to play the hero right? He can have his rest, but you will have to do 20 laps without breaks! Go now, immediately!” Sun Chao roared, “Get out of my sight!”

Ye Lingchen tapped Zhu Changdong’s shoulders, then proceeded to jog around the field.

The commotion attracted quite a bit of attention. The crowd looked at Ye Lingchen’s back, filled with both sympathy and respect at the same time.

20 laps. That’s a total of eight kilometers. Even when driving it would take 15 minutes.

“What are you looking at? Go back to training!” Sun Chao went back to terrorizing the class. “Now, boys and girls will split up. The boys will practice standing in attention over here while I bring the girls over there for quick march training.”

“Sir, boys, and girls can train together. Why do we have to split up?” said Lil’ Gen as he could not hold it in any longer.

“Who’s the instructor now? Talking without permission, that’ll be three points off for you!” Sun Chao sneered.

Once the scores are involved, the rest kept their silence as the girls helplessly followed Sun Chao to a corner of the field.

“F*ck, I’ve never felt so oppressed for all my life!” Xu Yiyin fumed.

They all looked at the corner. With the limiting factors out of the way, Sun Chao’s harassment of the girls grew more severe, occasionally bursting into fits of perverted laughter. The guys were unable to figure out what he was talking about.

“After this, I’ll be reporting this instructor to the student council. Who’s coming along?” asked Zhu Changdong.

“I’ll go with you!”

“Me too!”

“If we all go together, that would get the attention of the school!”

Ye Lingchen jogged around the field alone. 20 laps may be an impossible dream for the average person, but for Ye Lingchen, it was merely a warmup, hardly anything noteworthy.

One should know, Ye Lingchen runs 10km for his daily morning exercise, followed by a full set of Arhat Fist and Eight Extremities Fist training.

For these 20 laps, Ye Lingchen pretty much sprinted through the entire course. With that, the morning training session also came to an end.

“Lil’ Ye, how was it? Drink some water,” asked Lil’ Gen as he ran towards Ye Lingchen with the others.

Ye Lingchen received the cup, “It’s fine. I used to train a lot so my endurance is sufficient. Marathons are my forte.”

“Amazing! That was 20 full laps! You’re just too amazing. I think you are much stronger than those in the army!”

The others were flabbergasted too. That was an almost superhuman feat.

Sun Chao too glanced at Ye Lingchen. Seeing how he managed to complete the full 20 laps, his face sank and threw a malicious gaze at Ye Lingchen.

“Right, how was your training?” Ye Lingchen questioned.

“I’m angry just thinking of it!” Potato frustratingly pulled at his hair. “That instructor split the guys and girls up, then proceeded to bully the girls in that corner! One of the girls was pushed to tears and ran back to the dorm mid training. Sun Chao didn’t stop there, and even threatened to deduct her score!”

Xiang too voiced out in anger, “Lil’ Gen merely retorted him once, and his score was deducted too! What logic is this? Is he a martial artist or a douchebag?”

Ye Lingchen furrowed his eyebrows, “I had some dealings with the martial artists before. Discipline is the very core of their being. This is just a black sheep. Don’t let his actions cause a personal bias towards martial artists. Let’s go report him to the student council this afternoon!”

The student council office was very near the student’s dormitory.

At noon, all the students in Ye Lingchen’s class banded together and headed towards the student council.

The large crowd immediately caused quite a ruckus. The student council members dared not delay. A gathering of students at this scale was very rare even in the past.

“Please wait a moment, our president will be here shortly.” It was a senior that welcomed the group. Apart from them, there were quite a number of other students too, most of them were year 2 and year 3 students.

“Senior, our instructor is Sun Chao. He’s a color wolf 1 in human skin! He was molesting the girls in our class, and then inflicted corporal punishment. The student council must do something about this!”

“That’s right. Seniors, can you please report this to the school authorities? That person is a maniac! It’ll be best if you can report that to the Warrior’s Department!”

“Senior, he even had a bad record in the past. Regardless, please help us apply for a replacement instructor!”

The students complained, venting out their frustrations.

“I know why you are here. During martial training, it is easy to have misunderstandings between instructors and students. If the instructor goes overboard, we will help you provide your feedback,” The senior paused, then continued, “However, the instructor is from the Warrior’s Department. Even the school has no authority over them, let alone our student council. Regardless, we will try our best to help you apply for a different instructor.”

“Thank you senior for your efforts.”

The crowd let out a breath of relief. As long as the instructor can be replaced, that would be considered a decent result.

While waiting, sounds of footsteps could be heard from outside the door, followed by someone saying, “The president is here.”

The next moment, a tall male figure with handsome features walked in.

His apparel was much more mature compared to the average student, with a hint of arrogance on his face.

Entering the door, he swept a glance across the crowd. When he saw Ye Lingchen, his gaze lingered in surprise, followed by a curl on the edge of his mouth to form a mischievous smile.

Ye Lingchen, noticing who he was, started frowning as well with a flash of surprise in his eyes.

“This is the president of our student council, He Yuan,” The senior introduced immediately, then proceeded to explain the situation to He Yuan.

“President He, this instructor is the scum of the Warrior’s Department. You have to help us,” Lil’ Gen said immediately.

“That’s right. It’s nothing much if it were just some minor physical suffering for us guys, but the girls are being taken advantage of,” added Potato.

The rest stared at Hu Yuan in anticipation, nervously awaiting his reply.

However, He Yuan’s expression was unbelievably calm. He waved his hand, in a carefree manner, “The student council can’t help you with this incident!”

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