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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 47
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Chapter 47: I Challenge You!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

That fist was extremely quick!

Closing the three feet distance within an instant.

Warrior’s Fist!

A fundamental fist technique that all martial artists had to learn.

It focused on the instant takedown of an opponent, especially in close quarters. Many students could only witness a blur, their eyes unable to follow the action.

Ye Lingchen’s body swayed. His arms were raised, left hand blocking the fist, while the right hand held onto the upper arm from the side.

Right after that, his body bent over for an overhead throw!

Sun Chao, flung into the air, performed a somersault and landed on his feet.

“This moron dared to fight back!” The crowd finally recovered from their shock and looked at Sun Chao in astonishment.

“Lil’ Ye, that’s amazing!” exclaimed Xiang.

Quite a number of girls glued their eyes on Ye Lingchen, their beautiful eyes revealing their amazement.

“So you know a thing or two about martial arts. No wonder you’re such a busybody!” Sun Chao turned around, his icy glare fixed on Ye Lingchen, giving off a sadistic aura.

Ye Lingchen tightened his lips, then spoke out slowly, one word at a time: “I. Challenge. You!”

A soft voice with just simple words, yet each word, when it reached the student’s ears— sounded like a thunderous roar. Their pupils contracted to the edge of their eyes.

After a short moment, they finally came to, unable to believe their ears.

Ye Lingchen challenged an instructor!

That was as though a newborn infant was trying to challenge an adult.

“Lil’ Ye, that’s crazy! He’s an instructor. To be an instructor, you would have to be the cream of the crop in the Warrior’s Department. That’s a real martial artist!” Xiang took in a deep breath and tried to persuade his friend.

“That’s right, Lil’ Ye, quickly take back your words. This is not a joke!” Potato added quickly.

“Lil’ Ye, calm down! At worst we will just leave this be. There’s no need to risk your own life for a joke.” said Lil’ Gen.

Others in class were showing odd expressions too.


That was just too shocking!

Capital University had a rule. Within the martial training period, students are allowed to challenge the instructors.

If the student succeeds, they could make any request at the university.

However, even though the rule existed, nobody ever paid it much heed. It was instead treated as a joke.

For one to enroll in Capital University, that person was not a National Defense student, nor an athlete. How would one challenge an instructor in such circumstances? That’s a martial artist! Wanting to win a challenge, that was just impossible!

Unexpectedly, someone issued a challenge this day!

“You want to challenge me?”

Sun Chao was equally astonished, though it was more from excitement than shock.

He curled the edge of his mouth and licked his lips. His eyes were filled with eagerness!

Once the challenge was issued, it was treated as a duel. Along with fights comes risks. Nobody would be responsible for any injury and permanent disabilities that result from the battle.

Under normal circumstances, he would have to bear with certain consequences if he wanted to do anything to Ye Lingchen, but in this challenge, he could act as he liked towards Ye Lingchen without consequences!

“Lil’ Ye, don’t be impulsive. Don’t agree with it!”

Nevertheless, Ye Lingchen took two steps forwards and walked straight up to Sun Chao’s face. Taking advantage of the higher ground, he looked down towards Sun Chao, “I challenge you. Do you accept?”

“Hahaha, why would I not!? Walk while you still can, before you end up becoming paraplegic!” Sun Chao laughed out loud while walking away.

Following the issuance of the challenge, there was one hour of preparation time.

Very quickly, the news spread like wildfire across the entire university.

“What? That kid wants to challenge an instructor?”

In the office, He Yuan jumped up, his face brimming with excitement.

“He’s asking for death, asking for death! At first, I was still thinking about how to exact my revenge on that kid, but now he’s looking for death all on his own. Hahaha, that makes things easier for me!”

He got more excited as he thought about it, “Come on, let’s head over. I must witness that kid suffer the beating of his lifetime!”

On the field, martial training came to a halt.

Students and instructors alike were all stunned by the news.

At the same time, they all shifted their focus onto that young man.

Mundane in appearance and dressed in casual clothing. He had nothing striking on him.

“Lil’ Ye, I’ve brought my fleece jacket along earlier. You should put it on. Its padding should provide some form of protection,” suggested Lil’ Gen.

“We can take out our long johns for you. Lil’ Ye, put them on as well,” added Potato.

Ye Lingchen shook his head in rejection with a smile, “Relax, I am well trained. The victor has yet to be decided.”

“Lil’ Ye, you’re the man! From now on you will be the head of our dormitory. We as your followers will be quite prestigious too,” Xiang jested, trying to relieve the tense situation.

At that moment, the instructor they met earlier that afternoon came by again.

He was staring at Ye Lingchen with a scowl. “Just earlier this afternoon I told you to hold it in, yet you guys just ignored my advice.” He shook his head helplessly, “Sun Chao was a thug in the past. He always carried that ruthlessness with him. Ever since he entered the Warrior’s Department, his ruthlessness only increased, famed for his combat capability within the Warrior’s Department.”

“Instructor, there are some things that a man could not let by,” replied Ye Lingchen with a smile.

“How can you still be smiling at a time like this,” The instructor felt even more helpless, developing some respect for Ye Lingchen’s mental state.

Being long-winded with his advice, he added, “Later when the fight begins, you should immediately surrender. Once you surrender, that would be the end of the challenge. Kid, your dignity is not that important. You must understand that!”

“Thank you for your reminder. Relax, I know what I can do,” Ye Lingchen thanked him.

Time passed bit by bit.

The field was no longer just filled with year one students there for martial training. It was then filled with many seniors wearing casual clothes. They gathered there due to the rumors, trying to have a look at this heaven-defying junior of theirs.

Ever since the founding of Capital University, there was never any precedence of a student challenging the instructor. To think that this year would be the first for such an incident.

“Oh, the new students these days sure are scary. To challenge an instructor!”

“His bravery is commendable. Too bad he acts without thinking. What an idiot.”

“The outcome doesn’t matter. I’m just here for the show.”

They gathered up, discussions of all sorts started amongst the students.

That afternoon was destined to set the record for Capital University’s for a day with the highest truancy rate. Some even leaked that teachers skipped class as well.

Within an hour, the three inner and outer levels of the field were filled with people.

Within the crowd, two young women were similarly waiting.

One of them had light makeup on, cooly standing there while the other had her hair dyed bright scarlet. The foundation on her face altered her face from its original form. All that could be seen was her large eyes and her disorderly demeanor. The first impression one would get from her was that of a female gangster.

However, unlike the rest, these two young women had an open clearing around them. No guys or girls dared to approach them.

An observant person would realize that many guys would constantly look at them from the corner of their eyes.

When they looked at the cool young woman, their eyes were entranced. While they looked at the female gangster, their gazes revealed signs of fear.

“Xiaomeng, you brought me here just to see this?” Li Muxue rolled her eyes. “What’s so nice to watch about a fight?”

“This is the first case of a student challenging an instructor in the history of Capital University! If we missed this we will regret it for life!” blurted Huang Xiaomeng excitedly.

With that, she tip-toed to observe the field. Unfortunately, her stature was short, so all she could see were just heads moving about.

“Those in front, I’ll kick your balls if you dare block my view!”

In an instant, Huang Xiaomeng’s roar silenced the bustling noises.

The next moment, shuffling noises could be heard as those in front of her crouched down uniformly.

Li Muxue placed her hand on her head, blushing, “Xiaomeng, can you stop being such a butch?”

“Li Muxue, people will bully you if you’re weak. If you’re like me, do you think that thug from that time would be able to take advantage of you?” Huang Xiaomeng replied, then swung her little soft fist around, “He stole your first kiss and made you suffer for such a long time. Just wait until I meet him. I’ll avenge you!”

At that same moment, the crowd started moving.

Ye Lingchen had stepped foot on the main stage.

“It’s him!” Li Muxue saw that familiar figure, trembling slightly in surprise.

“Who?” Huang Xiaomeng raised her head, “You are acquainted with the brave soul that challenged the instructor?”

“That’s the guy I told you about!” Li Muxue gritted her teeth.

“F*ck, no wonder he had the gall to kiss you! I must meet him!” Huang Xiaomeng was boiling with excitement.

Li Muxue stared at Ye Lingchen, then bit her lip, “Why would he challenge an instructor? Isn’t this just asking for trouble?”

“The student council is here as well!”

The crowd immediately moved aside, clearing a path.

He Yuan brought along some people and slowly headed towards the main stage.

“You’re that scum!” bellowed Lil’ Gen immediately.

Not only did He Yuan ignored their pleas, he even alerted Sun Chao about it. If it was not for that, it would not have developed into this situation.

He Yuan’s cold gaze swept across Lil’ Gen and the gang, displaying his displeasure.

He came here just to witness Ye Lingchen getting beat up, then at that moment, he planned to strut in front of him and humiliate him. Just thinking of that scene made him tremble in anticipation.

Tap, tap, tap.

The next moment, a set of uniform footsteps could be heard. The instructors marched up onto the stage in a line.

A martial artist’s challenge must have a strict and serious opening ceremony.

“Wah, the instructors are here. That march is so consistent!”

“These martial artists are just too good looking!”

“A duel between student and martial artist. This would only appear in a novel right? I’m so excited!”

The instructors marched to the bottom of the stage, then stood still.

After that, Sun Chao marched out from the line and headed slowly onto the stage!

He placed his left leg on the step then, his body shot up into the air. With a somersault, he landed steadily on the main stage!

Even though the main stage had only six steps, this manner of entry immediately drew cheers from the crowd.

“Hey, is that kid from your class stupid? He’s biting off more than he could chew!” sneered He Yuan.

“You move aside. Lil’ Ye can do it.”

“Hehe, are you joking?” He Yuan revealed a sarcastic smile, “How long do you think he can stay on the stage? I’ll bet three minutes, oh wait, make that three seconds! I estimate that after three seconds he would be lying on the ground like a dead dog.”

“Shut your f*cking mouth or I’ll show give you such a beating you’ll end up a paraplegic!” Lil’ Gen’s dark and tall figure stepped forward, his expression dark to the extreme.

The rest were also breathing heavily. Their eyes glued to the main stage, nervously gripping their fists…

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