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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 56 - You’ve Learned It Again?
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Chapter 56: You’ve Learned It Again?

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After that, the other scores were displayed one by one.

They were all the cream of the crop of the martial artists. The worst results were one that shot the 7-point ring once. The majority of them were either 8-points or 9-points. The result was considered decent.

However, everyone was waiting for Ye Lingchen’s score. He did, after all, left quite an impression on them, and finally—

[Ye Lingchen, one 3-point ring, three 2-point rings, five 1-point rings, and one missed the target. Total score 14-point.]

“F*ck! How far off was that?”

“Is this for real? Is he faking it again?”

“Look, that kid is walking towards the instructor!”

Both Lin Ao and Fang Hong stared at Ye Lingchen, displaying funny expressions.

“Brother Ye, you… you need me to teach you again?” asked Lin Ao.

“That’s right. I would like to have Big Brother Lin to teach me how to shoot,” Ye Lingchen nodded in reply.

Lin Ao felt his heart racing. To be honest, he was starting to feel afraid of teaching Ye Lingchen.

“In shooting, you must first learn how to hold the gun. This is a pistol. You support it with your arm, holding it tight with both hands. The key to aiming is to focus. When you’re shooting, your grip must be tight and not let the recoil affect you…”

‘Received guidance from Lin Ao, shooting proficiency +1.’

‘Received guidance from Lin Ao, shooting proficiency +1.’

‘Received guidance from Lin Ao, shooting proficiency +1.’

This time around the proficiency level only went up to 50 percent. Ye Lingchen thought that it had to do with the gun type.

After all, Lin ao had only taught him how to shoot a pistol.

However, that should be sufficient.

Just five minutes later, Ye Lingchen nodded and walked back towards the shooting range.

“You’ve learned it again?” asked Lin Ao.

The others also had their attention on Ye Lingchen as their hearts raced.

“I guess so,” Ye Lingchen replied casually. “I’m ready to give it a try.”

“I don’t believe that you can learn how to shoot that quickly!” shouted Wu Yue.

Ye Lingchen’s performance had pushed his worldview to its limits. He was trying his best to protect what was left of his understanding of this world.

“Chief Fang, please let me compete with Ye Lingchen in shooting!”

“You still want to compete with me?” asked Ye Lingchen in astonishment.

Wu Yue kept a stern face, “Compete! I must compete!”

Both of them reached the shooting range at the same time. That moment, the entire world turned silent. Everyone, including Fang Hong, observed the shooting range with great anticipation, trying to keep their breathing quiet.

“Who do you think will win this time?”

“Logically it should be Wu Yue, but I feel that the kid was just acting dumb, as he had done before.”

“I have that feeling too. That kid is just too abnormal!”

“Lin Ao, what do you think?” asked Fang Hong while standing on the observation platform.

Lin Ao kept his silence for some time, then shook his head.

“Brother Ye’s quick progress on the obstacle course might be due to his ability to fight. He’s a martial arts practitioner after all, so his physique gave him an advantage. However, shooting and martial arts are two very different things. This time, the improvements might not be as much.”

Fang Hong nodded in acknowledgment, “He won’t be in contact with guns under normal circumstances. He’s a greenhorn at this. No foundation, no advantage. This time, the results should be obvious.”

Shooting may seem simple, but it required a variety of knowledge, especially when it came to details that require regular practice. It was not something that could be achieved with just a few words or within a short time.

Bang, bang, bang!

Right at that moment, gunshots were heard…

Ye Lingchen did not move. It was Wu Yue that fired first.

This time, Wu Yue’s eyes did not blink at all. He adjusted his breathing and mentality to its absolute peak. That was a battle with his honor on the line!

His goal was to be the king of martial artists!

Losing was not an option!

After every shot, he would take a deep breath. It was to calm his nerves so he could be in peak condition. Wu Yue did not hurry, firing one shot after another.

“Wu Yue is definitely good martial artist material.” Fang Hong nodded in acknowledgment. In this troop that he led, however, Wu Yue was the one he was most satisfied with!

This person had a natural advantage in terms of physique, and his learning speed was promising. There were always obvious improvements after every instruction given. Most importantly, his passion to be the king of martial artists!

Talent and effort added together was an incredibly terrifying thing.

“Ye Lingchen’s impact on him was great. It triggered his competitiveness. Hopefully, after winning this shooting competition, he would be able to readjust his attitude,” continued Fang Hong.

Lin Ao kept quiet. He felt that the script would be quite different from what Fang Hong had expected.

Finally, the shooting stopped.

Wu Yue let out a breath of relief and wiped his sweaty forehead. His eyes staring directly on the screen.

The rest were also holding their breath, awaiting the results.

[Wu Yue, eight 10-point rings, two 9-point rings. Total score 98-points.]


In an instant, everyone was stunned, followed by cries of amazement.

“Amazing! This is just too amazing! This result is worthy of the title of a sharpshooter!”

“That’s Wu Yue for you. That’s setting a historical record right there!”

“As the saying goes, there will be no motivation without pressure. A serious Wu Yue is terrifying!”

Both Fang Hong and Lin Ao nodded. This kind of result was sufficient to make it into the four special training camp of the Warrior’s Department.

“Kid, just admit your loss!” Wu Yue finally let go off the burden within him. In high spirits, he threw a smile at Ye Lingchen.

He felt that he had finally cleared his previous humiliation.

“My turn.”

Ye Lingchen did not make any reaction but instead wiped the pistol in his hand.

‘Hmph, stubborn!’

‘I want to see how you can turn the situation around now!’

With such wonderful scores in front of them, none had any confidence in Ye Lingchen.

Pistol raised, aimed!

Bang, bang, bang!

Ten consecutive shots without a moment’s pause in between, one right after the other.

“He must be crazy. Every shot has its recoil and he did not pause in between. The following shots would be impossible to aim straight!”

“No matter who fired the gun, there should be at least half a second’s pause to realign. He seems to be half-hearted. Was he playing around?”

“I think he just gave up. After all, Wu Yue’s score was impossible to beat!”

Fang Hong too shook his head and sighed. Such half-hearted shooting was an insult to all martial artists. ‘Ye Lingchen’s attitude was still lacking.’ he thought.

However, when he shifted his gaze to the score on the screen, it made him jump. His eyes widened so much his eyeballs almost popped out.

The rest were similarly shocked. Their bodies trembled and jaws dropped.

[Ye Lingchen. Nine 10-point rings, one 9-point ring. Total score of 99.]

“F… f*ck!”

Wu Yue’s lips trembled, his eyes bloodshot. He had started to doubt his own life.

Nevertheless, Ye Lingchen frowned slightly. His hand started feeling around the pistol as though he was disappointed with his score.

Finally, his gaze fell upon the crosshair of the pistol.

He shook his head, calmly stating, “This pistol’s crosshair is defective. It’s inaccurate!”

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