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Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits?
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Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits?

"A grade ten Martial Spirits, it turned out to be a grade ten martial spirit!"

A grade ten Martial Spirits was scarce, not only in Canglan County but the entire kingdom.

Huang Ming looked the three-eyed black tiger floating behind his son; both of his fists were clenched tightly barely able to contain the excitement he felt at this moment, even so, his body trembled slightly.

Huang Qide’s laughter continued to reverberate in the hall for a while. He did not expect his impromptu visit to the Martial Hall would give him such a wonderful surprise!

"Good, good, good!" Huang Qide repeated three times the word ‘good’ with a wide smile. Inhaling deeply, he gathered himself as he tried to suppress the excitement in his heart.

His eyes were full of joy as he looked lovingly at his grandson possessing a grade ten martial spirit. He believed with the support and cultivation from the Huang Clan Manor in regards to his grandson’s practice, Huang Wei surely will surpass him and achieve the realm that he could only dream of in his life.

At this moment, Huang Peng walked towards Huang Ming to offer his congratulations: "Congratulations Big Brother.”

Huang Ming looked at Huang Peng’s sincere face, Huang Ming hand patted Huang Peng’s shoulders and said: "Thank you, Second Brother. Let’s wait awhile, Xiaolong has yet to awaken his martial spirit, there is a chance that he too might possess a grade ten martial spirit.” However, those who heard this understood that they were only words of comfort. After all, grade ten martial spirits weren’t white cabbages.

In the big hall, Huang Clan Manor Elders and some stewards were busy congratulating Huang Ming.

"Wei’er, come here." At this time, Huang Qide at the center of the hall laughed as he waved at Huang Wei.

“Yes, Grandfather." Huang Wei replied. Before arriving at Huang Qide’s side, he passed in front of Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Wei’s eyes inadvertently swept past Huang Xiaolong, carrying obvious complacent and arrogance. This little exchange went unnoticed by others however, it did not escape Huang Xiaolong’s notice.

Grade ten martial spirit, Huang Xiaolong calmly looked back at him.

Although Huang Wei was his cousin, the two of then weren’t close. Two years ago, Huang Wei and several children of the Elders were bullying his sister Huang Min and coincidentally, Huang Xiaolong chance upon this scene. Thus the consequence needed no explanation. Huang Wei and the several Elders’ children were beaten up miserably, ever since then Huang Wei has held a grudge.

Huang Wei came to stand in front Huang Qide, and Huang Qide’s hand reached out to rub Huang Wei’s head, smiling and filled with love. Laughing, he turned to Huang Ming and said, “Huang Ming, you did a good job of giving birth to a good grandson!”

On the other end, listening to his father’s praise, Huang Ming felt a little embarrassed, ”Dad, don’t you think we should first continue with the awakening ceremony?”

Huang Qide nodded in agreement; this was not the proper time to discuss this matter, smiling amicably, he said, “Right, let’s continue with the awakening ceremony.”

After Huang Wei, it was Huang Xiaolong’s turn. When Huang Qide spoke, the elders, stewards, and disciples could not help but turned to look at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Wei as one of Huang Qide’s grandsons has a grade ten martial spirit. What about Huang Xiaolong?

With the assembled clan members watching, Huang Xiaolong calmly stepped into the hexagon-patterned light beam.

Huang Peng and Su Yan could not help but hold each other’s hand nervously, even their heartbeats quickened watching their son, Huang Xiaolong stepping into the hexagonal light beam.

Huang Xiaolong did not stay long inside the light beam area, and just like Huang Wei, a black light also appeared around Huang Xiaolong’s body. Seeing this scene the crowd stared blankly, subsequently, a blue light suddenly appeared next to the black light; two different lights flashed intermittently, giving a devilish feeling.

Then, a black shadow and a blue shadow appeared behind Huang Xiaolong’s head. Everyone saw a serpent-like creature that has two heads − one with a black head, the other a blue head.

The people around exchanged glances with each other.

A double-headed serpent martial spirit?!

Within their knowledge of beast type martial spirits, a double-headed serpent was either red or yellow in color, but this double-headed serpent appeared in black and blue.

Huang Qide looked at the martial spirit behind Huang Xiaolong, his puzzled eyes were tinted with a trace of disappointment. In his opinion, this grandson’s martial spirit was nothing but a variation of the double-headed serpent martial spirit. Some Huang Clan Manor disciples also possess variation type of martial spirits. Therefore, the emergence of variation martial spirit was not uncommon. Even though a grade seven double-headed serpents was considered as high-grade martial spirits, compared to Huang Wei’s Three-Eyed Black Tiger the difference was like heaven and earth.

Huang Peng and Su Yan looked at the martial spirit hovering behind their son and Huang Peng’s expression differed not from Huang Qide. Although compared to the majority of the clan people a grade seven martial spirit’s talent was considered high, Huang Peng was still a little disappointed with the outcome. Which parents doesn’t wish the best for their children?

"Old Manor Lord, what do you think?" Chief Steward Chen Ying couldn’t help but refer to Huang Qide.

Huang Qide declared: "A variation of the double-headed serpent, grade seven martial spirit."

All Elders and stewards present in the temple hall nodded their heads, apparently agreeing with the Old Manor Lord’s judgment.

Grade seven martial spirits, a variation of the double-headed serpent? Huang Xiaolong stepped out of from the hexagonal patterned beam, his face calm. Only he knew his martial spirit wasn’t as simple as a variation of the double-headed serpent.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirit was only a grade seven variant double-headed serpent, Huang Wei’s mouth curved into a mocking sneer, his eyes provoking as they directed at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong naturally noticed Huang Wei’s provoking eyes, but he doesn’t mind in the least for he is too lazy to play a staring game with a little kid.

The child after Huang Xiaolong was Elder Zhou Guang’s son, Zhou Xuedong. Zhou Xuedong was one of the Huang Clan Manor kids Huang Xiaolong beat up for bullying Huang Min.

Shortly, Zhou Xuedong’s martial spirits were revealed, a grade six martial spirit − the Blood-Eyes Wolf. One by one, more than a dozen of the Huang Clan Manor’s children stepped into the light beam and had their martial spirits awakened. Most of them possessed grade four martial spirits, some five, and even a few of grade six martial spirits. There were a number of waste martial spirits and low-level ones.

In this round of martial spirits awakening ceremony, though Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirits came in second, but there were not much of a difference as he and the rest of the Huang Clan Manor children were just a sideshow, overshadowed by Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit.

After the awakening ceremony ended, Huang Qide smiled and said to Huang Ming, Huang Peng, and the present elders: "I will personally be advising Huang Wei’s practice from now on.”

Personally advise? Everyone was astonished.

"Yes, Dad!" Huang Ming’s face bloomed, agreeing immediately.

Looking at his own son, Huang Peng sighed regretfully in his heart after hearing his father’s plan to oversee Huang Wei's cultivation personally.

After a while, the crowd dispersed and the Martial Hall was closed.

Returning to the Eastern Courtyard, Su Yan’s heart was brimming with dissatisfaction, "How could Dad show such favoritism? He wants to oversee Huang Wei's practice personally, what about our Xiaolong, is Xiaolong not his grandson?”

Huang Peng frowned and waved his hand, his voice heavy as he said: “Don’t mention this anymore. No one is allowed to bring up this matter in the future.” However in his heart, he too, felt aggrieved but with Huang Wei’s grade ten martial spirit, it was granted that his father would want to do so.

"Xiaolong, your talent is also good, put more effort into your practice, achieving an Eighth Order Warrior will not difficult for you.” Huang Peng turned towards Huang Xiaolong and comforted.

"I understand, Dad." Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth wanting to tell Huang Peng and Su Yan that his martial spirit shouldn’t be a grade seven, in the end, he could only reply as such, and not say anything more.

Before Huang Xiaolong left, Huang Peng gave him a cultivation technique for training battle qi and explained the important points Huang Xiaolong should focus on during practice. Huang Xiaolong listened attentively and memorized them in his heart.

After leaving the Eastern Courtyard’s main hall, Huang Xiaolong returned to his own small courtyard and began practicing his battle qi according to the cultivation technique his father gave to him. He sat down on the bed and started absorbing the world’s spiritual energy according to the first order instruction.

As Huang Xiaolong ran the cultivation technique, his martial spirits came out of his body; the variant double-headed serpent emerged behind Huang Xiaolong. The so-called grade seven double-headed serpent in Huang Qide’s eyes suddenly stretched its jaw wide and devoured the surrounding spiritual energy at horrifying speed, attracting the spiritual energy around Huang Xiaolong.

The spiritual energy devoured by the double-headed serpent flowed into Huang Xiaolong’s body, traveling along the meridians and gradually transformed into battle qi.

Night approached slowly, and moonlight came shining in from the small courtyard window.

A short while later Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes. His face wore an extremely weird expression. Earlier, he followed the instructions from the cultivation technique his father gave him, the Xuan Qin cultivation technique’s first layer, to condense his battle qi by running spiritual energy along the meridians, and he managed to direct the flow of spiritual energy for one complete turn without obstacles or difficulties.

Within these few hours, not only did he successfully convert spiritual energy into battle qi, he broke through to First Order Warrior!

Huang Xiaolong’s heart was filled with a sense of disbelief; if he remembered correctly, his father mentioned that his grandfather spent nearly six months before successfully breaking through to First Order Warrior!

His grandfather, Huang Qide’s martial spirit is one of the top grade eight martial spirits, the Six-winged Golden Ape!

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