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Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly
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Chapter 4: The Annual Clan Assembly

Seeing Huang Wei and the several boys behind him walking their way, Huang Min swiftly hid behind Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong stood there, his expression indifferent to Huang Wei and the others who are approaching.

Huang Wei came to a stand in front of Huang Xiaolong, and looked at him with condescending eyes saying, "Huang Xiaolong, do you think you can protect your sister for a lifetime?”

Hearing this Huang Xiaolong revealed a sinister evil smile, his eyes dotted red with a lust for blood, and retorted lightly: "So what, do you want to fight?" His heart was already fuming coming out of the Eastern Courtyard.

The eldest son of Elder Zhou Guang, Zhou Xuedong was standing behind Huang Wei and was unhappy with Huang Xiaolong’s attitude, “D*mn it, who do you think you…!” Before his sentence finished, a pitiful cry rang out, and it was due to Huang Xiaolong kicking Zhou Guang in the belly so hard that he flew out, curling like a cooked shrimp.

Since Huang Xiaolong’s heart was on fire, so the power he exerted in this kick was naturally not light. Zhou Xuedong flew out, dropped to the ground and rolled six to seven meters before coming to a stop; his hands clutched his belly and his mouth was wide opened but no sound came out – it was as if all his internal organs were burning in a sea of fire

After gasping a few breaths, Zhou Xuedong cried and d*amn, it was an earth-shattering, ugly-looking looking of cry. Huang Xiaolong glanced at the dust-covered Zhou Xuedong, his face wet with tears coming down like a waterfall, Huang Xiaolong curled his lips thinking; A little brat is a little brat, tears just like piss, just touch it a little and it will start leaking.

“You!” Huang Wei and his gang reacted at this moment. All of them stared at Huang Xiaolong with shock and panic in their eyes. Huang Wei didn’t expect Huang Xiaolong to be so ruthless, even more so compared to two years ago.

"What about me?" Huang Xiaolong looked directly at Huang Wei and the boys behind him, a brilliant smile surface "You also want me to give you a kick?"

Hearing this, Huang Wei and the rest retreated a few steps by reflex, looking warily at Huang Xiaolong’s right leg.

Huang Xiaolong laughed watching this scene, and Huang Xiaolong’s laughter caused Huang Wei’s face to turn beet-red with anger and shame; Fire raged in Huang Wei’s heart and he shouted at Huang Xiaolong in order to cover to his embarrassment, "Huang Xiaolong, you dare to assault an Elder’s son without good reason, just wait for your punishment!”

“Assault without reason?" Huang Xiaolong’s cold eyes swept across Huang Wei, sharp as a knife.

Huang Wei did not dare to look directly at Huang Xiaolong eyes, declared weakly with false bravado: "You, just you wait until the end of the year’s annual assembly; I will let you look good!" Then, Huang Wei left with the boys trailing behind him in quick, panicky steps, not forgetting to bring along Zhou Xuedong who is still clutching his belly.

"Big Brother, you hit Zhou Xuedong, if Huang Wei complained about it to Eldest Uncle, at that time will he…?” Huang Min asked with a worried expression, thinking how their Eldest Uncle Huang Ming whipped people during punishment, Huang Min couldn’t help but feel afraid.

"It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it." Huang Xiaolong said without any concern as he looked at the awkward retreating backs of Huang Wei’s group.

He was confident that his kick would not leave any detectable bruises or injuries, even if Huang Ming or Zhou Guang checked Zhou Xuedong’s body, they will not find any evidence. Even if his Uncle Huang Ming wants to punish him, he would still need to have some evidence-- just like two years ago when Huang Xiaolong beat up Huang Wei and that several Elders’ children miserably yet Huang Xiaolong received no punishment.

At the end of the year’s Clan Assembly]]]]]]]]], Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself after Huang Wei and his group disappeared from view, a sharp light glinted in his eyes.

At the end of every year, the Huang Clan Manor will hold a clan assembly where young people of Huang Clan Manor of similar ages were allowed to spar with each other as a learning experience.

It seems Huang Wei was planning to go against him during the Clan Assembly at the end of the year, by doing so Huang Wei will not only display his strength and talent in front of everyone but also settle his grudge with Huang Xiaolong in public.

There was still five months from now until the Clan Assembly, and five months was enough for with Huang Wei’s talent to reach late-First Order. Moreover, Huang Wei has Grandfather Huang Qide’s support and advice in cultivation.

Huang Xiaolong could not help but to laugh, albeit a little sinisterly-- in that case, five months later he would beat up Huang Ming’s son right in front of his face until even he couldn’t recognize his own son.

"During the Annual Clan Assembly, Grandfather would probably come to watch." In Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, since Huang Wei was his valued grandson and under his personal tutelage, he will certainly make an appearance.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong sent his sister back before heading to the back mountain.

At the back of the mountain, Huang Xiaolong practiced the Body Metamorphose Scripture before returning to his small courtyard.

The Body Metamorphose Scripture was Hua Xia’s secret martial art from his previous life. Even if Huang Xiaolong does not cultivate battle qi, he will continue to train in the Body Metamorphose Scripture. It was rumored that once trained to the highest level, there was a mysterious force hidden in the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

During last night’s battle qi practice, Huang Xiaolong noticed the internal force inside his body circulated along his meridians the same time as battle qi, complementing each other. Huang Xiaolong reaching mid-First Order warrior is due to his training in the Body Metamorphose Scripture for four years, otherwise, even if Huang Xiaolong has a superb talent martial spirits, it is impossible to reach mid-First Order warrior in just one night.

Back in his small courtyard, Huang Xiaolong started running the Xuan Qin’s cultivation technique and continued his battle qi practice.

Three days passed quickly.

In these past three days, apart from eating and answering nature’s call, every minute was spent in practicing. From practicing battle qi in his yard and running to the back mountain to train the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

On the fourth day.

The silvery moonlight shined in the dead silence of the night.

Like the past three nights, Huang Xiaolong sat on his bed practiced according to the Xuan Qin cultivation technique. The double-headed serpent martial spirit emerged behind him, devouring heaven and earth’s spiritual energy at horrifying speed and channeled them into Huang Xiaolong’s body, converting into battle qi. Compared to three days before, the thickness of Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi inside his body had increased by ten folds. Running the cultivation technique, battle qi surged along the meridians rapidly.

After three days of non-stop practice, Huang Xiaolong reached the peak of late-First Order; he had a hunch that tonight he will be able to breakthrough to the Second Order.

About one hour later as battle qi surged in Huang Xiaolong’s meridians, the speed became faster and volatile like waves stormy waves, inducing pain as they crashed against the meridians but to Huang Xiaolong this level of pain was nothing to him.

As battle qi crashed violently in his meridians, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling of breakthrough but was it was blocked a barrier, unable crossover akin to a giant wave crashing against a solid wall, blocked.

Huang Xiaolong was not discouraged-- he knew it was important to remain calm and continued to run the Xuan Qin cultivation technique, circulating battle qi along his meridians when suddenly, a sound that only he could hear spread out from his body: the second barrier finally broke!

The first layer meridian broke like a cork unplugged, battle qi instantly gushed into the second layer’s meridians enthusiastically.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted; finally, after a few days of hard work he broke through to the Second Order Warrior.


1. will let you look good - read as I will let you suffer (tremendously) / You’ll for pay the consequences.

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