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Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training
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Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training

Huang Ming sneers inside as he looks at Huang Peng who turns around and walks away. He naturally does not believe Huang Xiaolong will run into another incredible dog shit luck to be able to defeat his son a second time during next year’s Clan Assembly.

Therefore, the so-call one hundred pieces of Battle Qi dans is basically grasping at smoke, absolutely impossible!

Inside the Main Hall, the elders secretly look at each other, none daring to speak out.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong is in the Eastern Courtyard, and he barely sits down, Huang Peng returns in a sullen mood.

“Dad, what happened?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Su Yan also stands up and walks towards Huang Peng.

Guilt gnaws at Huang Peng’s conscious as he looks at his son; walking straight into the main hall, he sat down without saying a word; head bend down but the anger his heart flares up even more instead of subsiding.

“This is blatant bullying!”

“Blatant bullying!”

Recalling Big Brother Huang Ming’s mocking and his father’s favoritism towards Huang Wei; Huang Peng couldn’t help but let out an angry scream, a palm hits a chair beside him, shattering it into pieces.

Su Yan frightened by Huang Peng’s action, smashing at the chair.

“Peng Ge, what’s wrong? What happened?” Su Yan asks anxiously.

Lifting his head, Huang Peng looks at his wife Su Yan, and his son then sighs inside his heart. In the end, Huang Peng recounts what happen in the Main Hall, when he reach the part where Huang Qide gave the quota to enter the Spirit Pool away - which supposedly belongs to Huang Xiaolong to Huang Wei, his anger rise once again; one of his palms slap at another chair beside him.

“Dad’s action is simply too bias! In his eyes, only Huang Wei is his grandson!” When Su Yan heard everything, her almond shaped eyes widened in anger, said indignantly: “Does he still regard our Xiaolong as his grandson?!”

Huang Xiaolong didn’t say anything but snickers inside, although he defeated Huang Wei a few days ago during the Clan’s Assembly; and although he revealed his Second Order strength, but it seems his Grandfather Huang Qide actually bears no concern for him in the least. Probably in Grandfather Huang Qide’s eyes, he was able to advance to Second Order warrior was largely due to some dog shit luck and can’t be compared to Huang Wei’s achievement.

“And that Zhou Guang dares to belittle our Xiaolong, even dare to say our Xiaolong will waste the potency of the Spirit Pool he is the one to go in!” Su Yan continues heatedly: “This dog-like slave, if not for Huang Ming backing him, he wouldn’t dare to utter such words!”

Although Zhou Guang is an ‘elder’ of Huang Clan Manor, his privileged status and authority are only a trifling higher compared to the elite guards, he, at the end of the day is still considered a slave.

“Xiaolong, forgive Dad.” Looking at his son, his voice sounds down and fill with guilt. “It’s all because Dad is useless, not only I lost this year’s place to enter the Spirit Pool but actually to lose it to Huang Wei!”

When Huang Xiaolong heard this, he just smiles callously: “Dad, Mom, don’t worry; at next year’s Clan Assembly, not only I will hit him until his Dad can’t recognize him, I will hit him till even Grandfather can’t recognize him!”

Since Grandfather Huang Qide treasures his darling grandson Huang Wei so much, then this ‘seven grade’ martial spirits grandson will show his Grandfather that his dog shit luck only gets better and better, stronger than ever!

Not only during next year’s Clan Assembly, at every coming year’s assembly he will ‘revamp’ Huang Wei into super pig-head.

Huang Peng and Su Yan thought their son was trying to comfort them, willing them not to worry; Huang Peng’s feeling of guilt increases.

Under the notion that their son is only a grade seven martial spirits talent, the gap between him and Huang Wei will only increase as time goes by; in one year’s time Huang Wei could breakthrough to Third Order, maybe even higher. Their son, however, possessing only a grade seven martial spirits, their son would need at least two years to breakthrough from Second Order to Third Order.

At next year’s Clan Assembly, can their son defeat Huang Wei?

Unless his son is lucky enough to swallow another three pieces of Yang fruit or similar elixir, otherwise… Huang Peng sighs, would his son be fortunate enough to come across elixirs similar to Yang fruit a second time?

Looking at the expressions on his parents’ face, Huang Xiaolong can guess that his parents’ aren’t optimistic about him defeating Huang Wei next year.

“Dad, Mom, I plan to train in the back mountains for some time.” Huang Xiaolong said after thinking about it for a moment.

This arrangement allows him to practice the Body Metamorphose Scripture conveniently; running back and forth all the time is actually an inconvenience, furthermore, for the time being, Huang Xiaolong doesn’t want Asura Tactics to be exposed.

“No!” The moment the words left Huang Xiaolong’s lips, Su Yan objects strongly without even needing to think.

Huang Peng also said: “Xiaolong, I know you’re going to the back mountain so that you could practice peacefully but your strength is only at Second Order, it’s too dangerous!”

Huang Xiaolong had expected his parent would object, ultimately in their eyes; he’s just a seven-year-old child; no parents will willingly allow a seven-year-old child to leave the safety of home just for training.

“Dad, Mom, I will only be at the outer edge of the back mountain; as long as I don’t enter into the deeper parts, there’s no danger!” Huang Xiaolong said: “You don’t have to worry.”

But despite what Huang Xiaolong said to persuade them, Huang Peng and Su Yan vehemently rejects it.

“What if I can defeat Huang Wei during next year’s assembly?” Huang Xiaolong who was feeling powerless changed his tact and asked.

“Defeat Huang Wei?” Both of them looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“If you are able to defeat Huang Wei during next year’s sparring event, I will allow you to practice in the back mountain!” Huang Peng finally agreed in a solemn voice after musing over it for a while: “We can discuss this again after you defeat Huang Wei next year.”

“Okay!” Huang Xiaolong agrees, since there’s no way around it, he could only wait one year.

And at this time in the Northern Courtyard, listening to his father describing the situation where his Grandfather made the announcement; Huang Wei’s face blossomed into a bright smile: “Grandfather indeed is wise, knows if that kid is allowed into the Spirit Pool it will only lead to wastage!”

Since his return to Northern Courtyard from the Main Hall, Huang Ming’s in a good mood, laughs as he listens to his son’s words: “Since your Grandfather had given you this chance, you mustn’t disappoint your Grandfather and me; though your talent is excellent, you must still put effort into your practice!”

Huang Wei smile and said: “Dad, rest assure; once I enter the Spirit Pool and practice there, I definitely will breakthrough to Third Order in less than one year!” Speaking up to here, both Huang Wei’s pupils emits extreme hatred: “During next year’s Clan Assembly, I will make that little doggy kneel before me, and I will cripple both of his arms and legs!”

Returning to his small yard from the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Xiaolong did not continue with his practice like always. Instead, he takes out a piece of paper from Asura Ring.

Now that he’s a Fourth Order warrior, he could start practicing battle skills.

Recorded on the piece of paper, a set of sword attack battle skill as if created especially for the Blades of Asura, and another set of battle skill called Asura Demon Claw.

There’s a total of eighteen styles to the Asura Sword Skill, and each style contains three moves whereby Asura Demon Claw have slightly less, only five styles.

Going through both set of skills once, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were attracted to a small drawing of Asura Sword Skill, which prompts his decision first to practice the sword skill.

Coming out from his room to his small yard, Huang Xiaolong called out the Blades of Asura. Recalling the drawing depicting the first attack’s movement, mood and the qi circulation inside the body; with a wave of the blades, dozens of blade images emerge out of nowhere, rotating and gathering into two small cyclones, zigzags within the perimeter of the small yard.

Asura Sword Skill, First Style: Tempest of Hell.


Peng Ge; Ge lit. Brother, but in this context, it’s an endearment term - Dear, Honey (or Babe –depending on the subject)

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