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Chapter 3380: Heavenly Silkworm Gate Bearing Down
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Chapter 3380: Heavenly Silkworm Gate Bearing Down

The sun hung high in the sky as the Shushan Immortal Gate bustled with activity.

Hundreds of thousands of disciples of the Shushan Immortal Gate were running about all over the place.

Decoration filled the area as everyone got to their posts.

“The old ancestor of the Eastern Buddha Immortal Gate is here!”

“The patriarch of the Fang Gan Immortal Gate has arrived!”

“The emperor of the Majestic Dragon Immortal Country sends his regards with a million-year-old zoysia!”

Old ancestors, patriarchs, and emperors started to arrive as the entire area bustled with excitement.

Even though the Shushan Immortal Gate hadn’t been established for a hundred thousand years, Mu Shuihan’s reputation brought everyone together.

All of them were invited to the great hall of the Shushan Immortal Gate, and there were a total of more than five hundred of them!

All of them could cause the Northern Dragon Region to shake with a stomp of their feet!

“Patriarch Wang Lin, why don’t we see your old ancestor?” Liu Yi, the patriarch of the Fang Gan Immortal Gate asked.

Everyone in the hall looked at Wang Lin instantly.

All of them had been there for some time, but Mu Shuihan had yet to appear. All of them were starting to get annoyed.

“Senior Huang is currently guiding the old ancestor’s cultivation. I apologize for any disrespect,” Wang Lin explained. “All of you can rest assured that my master and my junior brother will arrive soon.”

Everyone present stared at each other in shock.

“Patriarch Wang, can you tell us the origins of Senior Huang? I heard that he went to the Holy Pavilion yesterday, and branch director Du Yan personally came out to receive them. He only returned to the Holy Pavilion after they returned to the Shushan Immortal Gate!” Liu Yi continued to ask.

Everyone waited for Wang Lin’s explanation.

Everyone had long since heard about what happened the day before. As such, they were extremely curious about Huang Xiaolong’s origins. They were guessing that he was a high-level Immortal King-level expert.

“This… I have no idea where Senior Huang came from.” Wang Lin laughed, “I only know that he’s like my master. They both ascended from Earth.”

They were shocked to hear that Huang Xiaolong was also from Earth.

“I heard that the Holy Pavilion received a mission yesterday that even alerted their main director!” Lei Hongli, the old ancestor of the Eastern Buddha Immortal Gate said. “I wonder if it had something to do with Senior Huang.”

“What!? Alerted the main director of the Holy Pavilion?!”

“What in the world happened?!”

Commotion filled the hall instantly.

Ordinarily, only extremely important missions could gain the attention of the main director.

Wang Lin stared at Lei Hongli in shock. Chuckling slightly, he explained, “Old ancestor Lei’s information source is really amazing. Even I had no idea what went down. They didn’t tell me anything when they left for the Holy Pavilion yesterday.”

A disciple of the Shushan Immortal Gate interrupted them all of a sudden. “Region Master Song Zhipeng and the experts of the Region Master Manor have arrived!”

Silence filled the hall.

Wang Lin didn’t expect Song Zhipeng to personally congratulate them.

Getting to their feet, they ran out of the hall to welcome the region master.

As soon as they emerged, they saw a group of experts walking towards them.

Wang Lin bowed respectfully. “Wang Lin greets Lord Region Master!”

Everyone else bowed in succession.

Song Zhipeng nodded slightly and allowed them to recover. Sweeping his gaze across everyone present, he didn’t notice Mu Shuihan, and a frown formed on his face. Song Qianqian snapped all of a sudden, “Patriarch Wang, where is your master?”

An awkward expression appeared on Wang Lin’s face. “This… Lord Region Master, Princess, my master is currently in the immortal region, and he’s cultivating with Senior Huang’s assistance. However, he should be out soon.”

Song Qianqian snorted in response. “Cultivating? Does he know that it’s his apprenticeship ceremony today? Does he not know that all of us will be here to attend the celebration? Humph. He’s definitely putting on airs by pretending to cultivate. Go call him out here right now! Tell him that my father is here!”

An awkward expression appeared on Wang Lin’s face. “Lord Region Master, Princess, Senior Huang has given his order. He will be here before the ceremony begins.”


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“Are you telling me that even my father’s presence isn’t enough for you to call him out here?” Song Qianqian continued.

Many experts who came looked at Wang Lin with mocking smiles on their faces.

All of them were already annoyed by Mu Shuihan’s actions. However, they were unwilling to mention it for fear of offending the Shushan Immortal Gate. Now that Song Zhipeng had arrived, someone could finally vent their frustrations for them.

“This…” Wang Lin muttered.

“Patriarch, we’re in trouble!” an elder yelled all of a sudden. “The old ancestor of the Heavenly Silkworm Immortal Gate is leading their disciples over to our faction. They’re killing everyone they see! Hundreds of disciples have already died at their hands.”

The faces of Wang Lin and those from the Shushan Immortal Gate changed.

Lei Hongli and the others found it weird. It was the day Mu Shuihan accepted his successor, but the old ancestor of the Heavenly Silkworm Immortal Gate came over for a massacre. What in the world was happening?!

“How many of them came?” Wang Lin growled.

“All the inner disciples, core disciples, elders, grand elders, and doyens are here!” the elder gasped.

The faces of everyone present changed. The Heavenly Silkworm Immortal Gate was clearly going all out!

“Gather all our disciples! Everyone else, follow me! We’ll stop them before they go too far!” Wang Lin roared as he suppressed the anger in his heart.

Miserable cries filled the skies as a group of experts changed towards the great hall. They surrounded the area instantly, and Wang Lin’s expression changed.

How in the world did they arrive so quickly?!

The old ancestor of the Heavenly Silkworm Immortal Gate, Lu Ming, appeared before them.

Everyone from the Shushan Immortal Gate retreated to Wang Lin’s side as they glared at the members of the Heavenly Silkworm Immortal Gate.

“Immortal King Chen Keyu!” someone in the crowd yelled all of a sudden. Their gaze landed on the young man standing quietly beside Lu Ming.


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